Breonna Taylor Estate
Could The Breonna Taylor Estate Fund The Change They Seek?
September 21, 2020 09:55 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture - Reports have surfaced that the estate of recently-deceased Breonna Taylor came into a large sum of money after a settlement with the city of Louisville. In addition to the $12 million settlement with the family, the city of Louisville will… Continue Reading
Biden on SCOTUS Confirmations
Democrats Threaten Political War and Civil Unrest Over Trump SCOTUS Nomination
September 21, 2020 08:11 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections - Shortly after the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the political battle about replacing her seat has begun. The Presidential nominee for the Democrat Party, Biden, tweeted his adamant opposition to President Trump, attempting to push through a nominee in… Continue Reading
Republicans to Publicize Gamechanging Report on Biden - The Conservative BriefOver the course of Joe Biden’s nearly five-decade political career, various scandals and controversies have found their way to him As the Democrat nominee seeks the presidency for the third time, it’s not a stretch to say that he wants all skeletons to remain the closet Republicans, however, are not going to let this happen […]Posted by: Fhz48 Source: The Conservative Brief - 5 hours ago
Project 2045 Avatars
Sunday Thoughts: Cybernetic Immortality, Transhumanism
September 20, 2020 09:00 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - The dream of the fountain of youth has been ever-present in the human experience. Humans have a finite life. And most people believe life is good - who wants to get old and die? So the dream of immortality has… Continue Reading
Trump Nobel
Op-Ed: Trump Nominated for Nobel Prize but Is the Nobel a Farce?
September 20, 2020 01:12 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Trump - President Donald Trump has been nominated to receive the Nobel Prize for his work with Israelis and Muslims in the Middle East. This possibility has left knees jerking all over America and Europe. Note, they were left knees. Of course,… Continue Reading
NYC’s restaurants fear 25% indoor cap means ‘Armageddon’Big Apple restaurateurs fought tooth and nail for indoor dining, and now that they’ve got their wish — sort of — they’re not so sure it’s going to help them survive Starting on Sept 30, New York …Posted by: Tom Williams Source: New York Post - 7 hours ago
Blacks Owned Slaves
Blacks Owned Other Blacks, Will They Get Reparations?
September 19, 2020 11:56 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Policy - The passage of local reparations in places like Evanston, Illinois last fall, and Asheville, North Carolina more recently are worrisome on many levels, not least of which because they invite potential for inciting even further racial division. Their passage also… Continue Reading
Crying Democrats
Can Democrats Get Us to Forget Reality and Prevent a Trump Victory in November?
September 19, 2020 00:42 by Sgt. Rock Posted in: Elections - A recent Axios Podcast predicated that on election night, it would appear that Donald Trump would win re-election in a major landslide, but not to be too hasty because "mail-in ballots will take longer to count." Translation: the Democrats learned their… Continue Reading
Stephanie Davis and the Supremes | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsMy best guess for who Donald Trump will nominate to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme CourtPosted by: Fhz48 Source: The American Spectator | USA News and Politics - 18 hours ago
Political Bubbles
Are You in a Political Bubble? Take the Liberal vs. Conservative Challenge
September 18, 2020 12:34 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Elections - What political bubble do you live in? Can that bubble be penetrated by new information? Does it truly matter the source of the new information for you to accept it's validity? There have been many recent studies that correlate the… Continue Reading
Joe Biden’s Bodyguards – The Media
September 18, 2020 01:04 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Elections, Media, Trump - The vast majority of the media is both actively and passively campaigning for Joe Biden.  There are few adjectives that can describe the breathtaking depths to which journalism has fallen. The concept of impartiality has long since been abandoned and… Continue Reading
DEW Defense
Sec. Defense Esper Says China and Russia Utilizing “DEW” and “Killer Satellites” to Threaten National Security
September 17, 2020 00:54 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Military, Policy, Trump - Wednesday, Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper spoke at a virtual Air, Space, and Cyber Conference from the Pentagon. What he said was remarkable and chilling. Right Wire Report heard the distinct shift from discussing competing nation's pursuits to achieve a… Continue Reading
The Freedom Georgia Initiative
Legitimate Questions About The Freedom Georgia Initiative
September 16, 2020 10:13 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Policy - Reports came out of Breitbart earlier this week that two enterprising young black women found the answer to America’s alleged failures with regard to and slaughter of the black diaspora. Previously, returning everyone on a boat to Liberia didn’t work… Continue Reading
IMPORTANT – Catherine Engelbrecht of True The Vote Outlines an Election Warning…Catherine Engelbrecht is a subject matter expert on election issues and potential for fraud   CTH anticipated the 2020 efforts of Democrats would include wide-scale voter fraud and back in May stro…Posted by: Tom Williams Source: The Last Refuge - 22 hours ago
Why I Will Vote Trump in 2020 – A Man for All People
September 16, 2020 00:35 by Tom Williams Posted in: Videos - As America decides in November in this year 2020, we gathered Trump supporters together to express their views on why they voted for Trump in 2016 and why they will vote for Trump in 2020. The key theme was that… Continue Reading
WARNING: Mob Rule is Frenzied Rage and Void Of Conscience, Fueled Only By Your Complicity
September 15, 2020 09:27 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Elections, Trump - How do you think the Bolsheviks and the Nazis started? Totalitarianism? Our Founders specifically designed the Constitutional Republic which rejected mob rule. Both Madison and Jefferson meticulously read books on the history of failed democracies in preparation for the drafting… Continue Reading
Maskless California Karen jumps on top of KFC counter and threatens to stab staffer for refusing her serviceThe wild video recorded in the restaurant sees the woman screaming and hurling abusesPosted by: Tom Williams Source: MEAWW - 1 day ago
Race Matters
I Guess Race Explains Every Bad Thing In History
September 15, 2020 08:29 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture - Ask most Americans right now how important race is, and you’re likely to encounter a long-winded diatribe against systemic racism and white supremacy. So, super important. All those dastardly white founders you learned about in grade school were actually monsters.… Continue Reading
Tax the Rich
Will Taxing the Rich Bring Us Prosperity?
September 14, 2020 08:41 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy, Policy - Us News and World Report - the United States is often presented by the Left as a horrible shift away from the high levels of tax progressivity that characterized the tax system in the mid-20th century. This conventional account points… Continue Reading
POLL: Just 22% Of Americans Think 2020 Presidential Election Will Be ‘Free And Fair’President Trump isn’t convinced that the 2020 election will be on the up and up — and neither are most Americans In fact, just 22% of Americans believe this year’s presidential election will be “free and fair,” according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll The survey, conducted Sept 15-17, found that both Republicans and Democrats […]Posted by: Tom Williams Source: The Daily Wire - 1 day ago
Why I Will Vote Trump in 2020 – Promises Made Promises Kept
September 14, 2020 08:16 by Tom Williams Posted in: Featured, Videos - As America decides in November in this year 2020, we gathered Trump supporters together to express their views on why they voted for Trump in 2016 and why they will vote for Trump in 2020. The key theme was promises… Continue Reading
Pope Francis
Sunday Thoughts: Pope Francis Says Gossip Worse Than COVID?
September 13, 2020 08:42 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Elections, Media - Pope Francis said Sunday that gossiping is a "plague worse than COVID" that is seeking to divide the Catholic Church. Francis strayed from his prepared text to double down on his frequent complaint about gossiping within church communities and even within… Continue Reading
Trump Is Dismantling The Cabal!! High Profile Arrests You Didn't Know About!!!! (Must Watch Video) | New World Order | Before It's NewsHigh Profile Arrests are happening right under our noses and The Fake News MSM will not tell us the Truth!!! This video will open your eyes to so much that Pizzagate will look like an after thought!!!Posted by: Fhz48 Source: Before It's News | True News | People Powered News - 1 day ago
Portland Antifa Camp
Antifa Loves To Endorse What It Alleges To Hate
September 12, 2020 09:57 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture - A common statement of leftists is that if they did not have double standards they would have no standards at all. The latest such example comes from an intrepid YouTuber who did some exploration in the failed city of Portland.… Continue Reading
Media Lies
Racism, Rebellion, and Revolution Promoted by Prissy Prostitutes of the Press!
September 12, 2020 04:59 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture - It seems the only standard now used by the media is a double standard. I remember when reporters (in all media) took pride in their independent, balanced, and accurate reporting. You know, the hard-hitting reporter who could not be bought,… Continue Reading
262 Arrested, 5 Missing Children Found in Gang Sweep in Oklahoma CityThe U S Marshals Service said Thursday that 262 suspects were arrested and five missing children were recovered inPosted by: Tom Williams Source: NTD - 2 days ago
Remember 911
Remembering September 11th
September 11, 2020 09:26 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Events - It has now been 19 years since the horrible events of 911 occurred. Americans are commemorating 9/11 with tributes that have been altered by coronavirus precautions and woven into the presidential campaign, drawing both President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger… Continue Reading
Act Blue money
Biden Suddenly Flushed With Cash, But Where Did It Really Come From?
September 11, 2020 08:20 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Featured, Trump - In the vein that money is speech, one needs to have a discussion on campaign financing. Who and where is campaign financing coming from in our elections. Less than a year ago, there was a narrative that the Democratic National… Continue Reading
Momentum growing among Republicans for Supreme Court vote before Election DayMomentum is growing among Senate Republicans for a Supreme Court confirmation vote to take place before Election Day, something that GOP strategists say would rev up conservative voters and deliver a huge accomplishment for President Trump beforePosted by: Tom Williams Source: TheHill - 2 days ago
Macron Removes Mask
VIDEO: France’s President Macron, Cough Cough, Can’t Breath – Requests a Lighter Mask
September 10, 2020 13:14 by Tom Williams Posted in: Events, Policy - French President Emmanuel Macron appears to struggle to breathe under his COVID19 mask. Some criticized Macron for not taking his own government's mask mandates seriously after he was filmed removing his face-covering to cough while speaking to students. Macron took… Continue Reading
Woodward’s Spin Can’t Erase All the Times Biden and Democrats Downplayed The Virus – See Timeline
September 10, 2020 09:01 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - The Left is once again is salivating like Pavlov's dog. But this time, with an assist from Bob Woodward, they hope to avoid what has become their familiar role of Wile E. Coyote as Trump successfully evades their traps. The… Continue Reading
Obesity among US adults hits all-time high, report saysThe report also found that childhood obesity is on the risePosted by: Tom Williams Source: https://www wvlt tv - 2 days ago
Saint Pete
The Cross-Examination of Peter Strzok’s CBS Interview
September 9, 2020 08:55 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Events, Trump - Nauseatingly predictable, fired FBI agent Peter Strzok is hawking a book, and no, Right Wire Report will not pimp for the likes of Strzok by linking to the title. Saint Pete sat outside across from CBS National Security Correspondent, David Martin, in… Continue Reading
African American Cannon Fodder
African Americans, the Democratic Party’s Cannon Fodder?
September 7, 2020 08:07 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Elections, Policy - Have you seen a pattern recently in the American media? There seems to be an endless stream, almost every day, of African Americans getting shot by police - seemingly for no reason. Afterward, the community protests and subsequent riots ensue.… Continue Reading
Atlanta Bureaucrat Indicted for Illegal Machine Gun Possession - GunsAmerica DigestThe former chief financial officer for the City of Atlanta is in hot water this week for allegedly possessing illegal machine gunsPosted by: Fhz48 Source: GunsAmerica Digest - 2 days ago
The Stupidity Challenge
Sunday Thoughts: The Stupidity Challenge
September 6, 2020 07:55 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - It is about 60 days until America goes to the polls and decide the future of the country. But the election process is already underway. Campaigning and presenting one's views before the American people is most important because the agenda… Continue Reading
BLM Abortion
Aborted and Murdered Black Lives Matter, Too
September 5, 2020 08:14 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Policy - In the past five years, ever since the Washington Post began recording every fatal police encounter (to date, they have not established any digital repository for the deaths of police officers), there has been increasingly more data to debunk the… Continue Reading
Rochester shooting: At least two dead, 14 injured in ‘tragedy of epic proportions’Two people were killed and 14 others hurt after a shooting in Rochester, New York, in what police are calling “a tragedy of epic proportions ” Shots broke out at about 12:25 a m Friday in a backya…Posted by: Tom Williams Source: New York Post - 3 days ago
Black Heros
Blacks Should Choose Their Heroes More Carefully
September 5, 2020 07:16 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Policy - In recent years, many Blacks have made heroes out of thugs, thieves, and thespians simply because black leaders wanted to use the notoriety of famous Blacks in the drive for improvement of black civil rights. It is a fact that… Continue Reading
The Great Reset
The Great Reset, A Dystopian Future?
September 5, 2020 02:35 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Economy, Policy - Truly "A Tale of Two Cities." On the one hand, the world in history has never seen such progress and success on just about any measure. But when looking at the storm clouds building on the global stage, many wonder… Continue Reading
Amy Coney Barrett, a federal appellate court judge, has emerged as one of the front-runners to fill the Supreme CourtAmy Coney Barrett, a federal appellate court judge, has emerged as one of the front-runners to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, three sources tell NBC News Barrett, 48, was on the shortlist in 2018 to replace retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy when President Donald Trump ultimately selected Justice Brett KavanaughPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Aol - 3 days ago
AP Propagandizes the Portland Shooters Death
September 4, 2020 14:36 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Events, Trump - Right up front, the Associated Press agenda is in the title. Although a suspect was shot and killed by the FBI and the U.S. Marshals Service, a circumstance that plays out in this country rather routinely, the headline reads, "Federal… Continue Reading
Divine Providence
PrayerMarch2020 – Divine Providence, If We Still Have The Will
September 4, 2020 08:26 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Events, Trump - Defying all common sense and reason, our American experience was forged from the mettle and spirit of a small convergence of colonists who dared to challenge the most indomitable army on the face of the earth and its King. But… Continue Reading
AGAIN? Indianapolis Racial Justice Activist Admits She Is White, ‘Used Blackness’ For Own Gain A leading activist for racial equality in Indianapolis, Indiana apologized for misleading peop Posted by: Tom Williams Source: Conservative Daily News - 3 days ago
BLM Redistributive Values
BLM Should Live Its Redistributive Values
September 3, 2020 08:45 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture - According to a June 10th article in Black Enterprise, corporations had pledged over $1.5 billion to Black Lives Matter in the wake of the George Kirby arrest resistance fiasco, ostensibly for the purpose of signaling their virtue. Amazingly, this figure… Continue Reading
French Revolution
The French Revolution, Like the BLM Revolution, Was as Accidental as the Rose Bowl Parade
September 2, 2020 09:14 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Events, Policy - All principled people want everyone to have an equal opportunity for a good life, a safe life, and a productive life, whatever his or her race, religion, or region. That reasonable, humane, and kind attitude is the reason for a… Continue Reading
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, champion of women's rights, has died at 87Ginsburg, a leading liberal voice on the court, was a longtime champion of women's rightsPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Cbsnews - 3 days ago
RNC Fact-Checked, Lies and Damn Lies, Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers
September 2, 2020 06:16 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Events, Trump - The Democrats and their media allies were in hyper-drive last week performing their "due diligence" (cough!) fact-checking the 2020 Republican National Convention. Many networks were doing so live during the convention coverage and even posting disclaimers, something they chose not… Continue Reading
Joe Biden Pennsylvania
Joe Biden in Denial, Fanning the Flames and Refuses to Disavow Left-Wing Violence
September 1, 2020 09:00 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Policy - Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to see what reality is. Or perhaps it's all in the Matrix. Joe Biden made a big splash in the media recently to announce that he would disavow the ongoing riots and violence occurring… Continue Reading
New Jersey to enact 'Millionaires Tax,' as state revenue drops by $10 billion amid coronavirusThe Democrat-led state has agreed to raise the tax rate on residents making more than $1 millionPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Just The News - 4 days ago
Smithsonian in Tax-Payer Funded Racism
August 31, 2020 09:26 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Media, Trump - Racism, in all its forms, is unpleasant and should not be tolerated. What's even worse is when a tax-payer funded museum, such as the Smithsonian, decides they will engage in racism, while pretending it's something else. In their infinite wisdom,… Continue Reading
New California
The Morality of Fiat Currency
August 31, 2020 08:30 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy, Policy - It was a balmy crisp California winter night when the unthinkable happened. A major 9.5 earthquake, the predicted big one, hit California. Buildings swayed and ever shop in the state saw its inventory crash to the floor. The sparkling pools… Continue Reading
Kellyanne Conway
Sunday Thoughts: Men, Could You be Married to a Strong Woman Like Kellyanne Conway?
August 30, 2020 10:32 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - White House counselor Kellyanne Conway in a well-publicized event, will depart her position in the Trump administration at the end of the month to focus on family matters. Kellyanne has been a stalwart Trump supporter and an outstanding spokesperson/advisor for President… Continue Reading
Education Activism
The Reeducation of Educators, Part 2: Indoctrinating Students Through Social Justice
August 29, 2020 11:04 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Policy - The public school system is beyond repair, and amazingly, parents don't seem to notice or care. It all needs to change - the awareness, the caring, and most of all, the system itself. At the core of the problem, educational… Continue Reading
Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Misprints Trump Ticket on Ballots for TroopsThe Michigan secretary of state misprinted the Trump line on ballots intended to be mailed to troops serving overseas | PoliticsPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Breitbart - 4 days ago
Republican National Convention 2020
RNC Convention Week Summary: See Daily Summaries and Links to Videos
August 29, 2020 07:52 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Featured, Trump - After four nights of the 2020 Republican National Convention, there can no longer be any question - this is not your father's Country Club Establishment GOP anymore. This is the Trump Republican party now. Finally, GOP voters saw why they… Continue Reading
Jerry Falwell Looking
Op-Ed: Jerry Falwell’s Retirement Package Causing Outrage at Liberty University
August 28, 2020 13:29 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture - If angels weep, they are weeping today over the earth-shaking events taking place at Liberty University, followed by reverberating aftershocks worldwide. That's only slight hyperbole, especially in the religious world. Jerry Falwell, Jr. was Liberty University president and did a… Continue Reading
Media Fawn over Kamala Harris in Boots After Mocking Melania Trump for Wearing BootsSen Kamala Harris (D-CA), Democrat Joe Biden's running mate in the 2020 presidential election, is receiving praise for her wardrobe choices on the campaign trail by the same political media that relentlessly attacks and mocked First Lady Melania Trump for her wardrobe of haute couture and runway-ready fashionPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Breitbart - 4 days ago
RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 4
August 28, 2020 09:21 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - The 2020 Republican National Convention capped off their four-night "talk" with Americans with the theme "Land of Greatness." A recap of all nightly themes is as follows: "Land of Promise," "land of Opportunity," "Land of Heroes," and ending on "Land… Continue Reading
Myopia of the Left
The Myopia of the Left
August 27, 2020 12:03 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Policy - The perspective they have on - well, everything now - begs the question: Are they intentionally misleading folks, or are they really that clueless? There is no third option. If one were to believe the American Left - and unfortunately… Continue Reading
Black Lives Matter co-founder teams up with pro-Chinese Communist Party groupA “trained Marxist” founder of Black Lives Matter has teamed up on a new venture with a pro-Chinese Communist Party organization Alicia Garza is now behind the advocacy group Black Fut…Posted by: Tom Williams Source: New York Post - 5 days ago
Fort McHenry
RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 3
August 27, 2020 08:27 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - Thematically, The 2020 Republican Convention is constructing an American Arc starting with "The Land of Promise" then "The Land of Opportunity," and on night three, it is "The Land of Heroes." President Trump and the GOP are making the case… Continue Reading
rose garden healing
RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 2
August 26, 2020 08:59 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - The GOP chose to build on their first night's theme, "Land of Promise," and rolled out the theme "Land of Opportunity" for night two of the Republican Convention. Visually, night two of four was essentially the same using the Andrew W. Mellon… Continue Reading
Fox News Cuts Off Newt Gingrich After He Points Out George Soros Role in Electing ProsecutorsHarris Faulkner and Maire Harf shut down Newt Gingrich when he tried to talk about the role of George Soros in funding left-wing prosecutorsPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Breitbart - 5 days ago
Jerry Falwell Jr Scandal
Op-Ed: Jerry Falwell Jr: Can it Get Any Worse?
August 26, 2020 08:08 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture - Last year I wrote a column about Liberty University President Jerry Falwell titled "Jerry Falwell, Guilty Until Proven Innocent?" I noted that the media are quick to jump at any failure of a Christian leader, especially with the name of… Continue Reading
Are You a Domestic Terrorist or Enemy of the State? Pelosi Declares So!
August 25, 2020 10:42 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - The Jacobins are coming! Naw ... it is just the Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her manufactured "Mob." The second in line to the Presidency of the United States just went on national television to declare not… Continue Reading
Black Lives Matter Led to Record Number of Mass Shootings - DC ClotheslineEven as gun violence breaks records in New York City, Chicago, and Philly, the Democrats don’t have much to say about the epidemic of shootings or their pet cause, gun control While activist Democrat prosecutors like Attorney General Letitia James have neglected to deal with the violence and are instead targeting the NRA, they aren’t …Posted by: Tom Williams Source: DC Clothesline - 5 days ago
rnc convention
RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 1
August 25, 2020 07:25 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - Land of Promise was the theme for the first night of the 2020 Republican Convention. Visually, night one of four was dynamic and flowed from one speaker to another with smooth transitions and attractive backdrops like the Andrew W. Mellon… Continue Reading
Taylor Norwood
If I Vote For Joe Biden, Will the Rioting Stop?
August 24, 2020 10:43 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Featured - For the past few months, America has been shocked by the riots that seem to never stop concerning Black Lives Matter as well as a host of other concerns. Many of these riots are concerned about erasing the history via… Continue Reading
Joy Behar Compares Trump Supporters to 'Lemmings Going Over a Cliff’'The View' Co-host slams President's 'herd mentality' remarks - Co-host Joy Behar likened supporters of President Donald Trump to lemmings going over a cliff d | NEON NETTLEPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Neon Nettle - 5 days ago
dnc lies
30 Lies Told at the DNC Convention that the Media Won’t Tell You
August 24, 2020 08:17 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Events, Trump - The Democrat Convention 2020 is behind us all, and next up, starting August 24th, is the Republican's four-night pitch to America voters. Right Wire Report thought we all needed a nice sorbet of sorts to cleanse our political palates and… Continue Reading
Democratic Convention
Sunday Thoughts: The DNC Convention Through the Lens of Morality
August 23, 2020 08:38 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Elections, Policy - The mostly pre-recorded 2020 Democratic convention is now over. It was a whopper in content, but a snooze in delivery. Many pundits have written extensively on it already - I suppose the Right Wire Report will be no different. The… Continue Reading
Nolte: BLM Riots Are Most Costly Manmade Damage to U S Property EverWe have never lived in a country where political violence has been normalized and encouraged We do now | Politics omestic terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter have accomplished the most costly riots in the history of our country,Posted by: Tom Williams Source: Breitbart - 6 days ago
Kamala Harris Hypocrisy
Joe and Kamala – There is No Vaccine for Hypocrisy!
August 22, 2020 16:31 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Elections, Policy - The Democratic National Convention (DNC) last week was unusual in that they twice removed "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance to placate their Muslim and LGBTQ constitutes who claimed the mention of God is "offensive" and "nonsense." The Biden-Harris team declared,… Continue Reading
Elphant at DNC Convention
The Elephant in the Room at the DNC Convention, that Should Make Us All Angry
August 22, 2020 08:11 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Culture, Elections - The Democrats have just wrapped up their four-day convention, and there was an abundance of sterile screenshots of the wealthy elite celebrities jawing about income equality and the standard victim identity chorus line of virtue signaling whiners. Bill Maher called the DNC… Continue Reading
"A Harris Administration Together With Joe Biden": Biden And Harris Both Let The Truth Slip [VIDEO]77-year-old Joe Biden let the truth slip on Tuesday during his speech in Tampa, Florida and referred to a “Harris-Biden Administration ” Only one day earlier, Kamala Harris slipped in a virtual forum  speaking about “A Harris administration together with Joe Biden ” Biden, who has aroused concerns over his fitness for the presidency in recent weeks, […]Posted by: Tom Williams Source: 100PercentFedUp com - 6 days ago
Cardi B “P” Talk Elevated by Biden and Trump Talk Met Selective Outrage?
August 21, 2020 09:08 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Elections, Featured, Trump - WARNING - the following article will contain explicit and graphic language and imagery. Team Biden has objectively succeeded at hiding the Democrat nominee for president, and now the Biden/Harris ticket, from answering any serious journalists questions. But do not fret… Continue Reading
Who Is Lying
These Four Things Can’t All Be True, Who is Lying?
August 20, 2020 08:12 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy, Policy - We are now less than 3-months from the U.S. presidential elections, and we thought we would take a macro view of the political and financial landscape to better understand the state of play. The choice before the American people is… Continue Reading
Jim Cramer calls Nancy Pelosi 'crazy Nancy' to her faceCNBC's Jim Cramer called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 'crazy Nancy,' to her face Tuesday morning, utilizing the nickname President Donald Trump has given herPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Mail Online - 6 days ago
Reeducation Part1
The Reeducation of Educators, Part 1: Responding to Dangerous Student Behaviors
August 19, 2020 08:38 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture - Consider this a Public Service Announcement for the rest of society that is not currently in reeducation - oops, professional development - over the summer as a public school educator. Unless you’re in the profession, you don’t know how bad… Continue Reading
Vote by Mail Fraud
Mail-in-Voting, Invitation for Corruption, Many Democrats Will Vote From the Grave
August 19, 2020 08:22 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Elections - Politicians and babies both need to be changed often and for the same reason, and Americans will be attempting to make changes in November. America's future depends on what change if any, we make at the voting booth. And the… Continue Reading
EXCLUSIVE: Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up, flees Hong Kong: 'I know how they treat whistleblowers'Li-Meng Yan told Fox News that she believes China knew about the coronavirus well before it claimed it did She says her supervisors also ignored research she was doing that she believes could have saved livesPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Fox News - 6 days ago
Kamala Laughing
Trump Calls Kamala Nasty, See 50 and Growing List of Nasties
August 18, 2020 08:18 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections, Policy - President Donald Trump said that Kamala Harris, the presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee, was called Kamala "nasty" for the way that she questioned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and said that he was surprised that Joe Biden picked her as his… Continue Reading
Party of Tolerance
The Real Party of Tolerance
August 17, 2020 08:59 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Policy - The left labeling itself as the party of tolerance is exactly like Orwell's Big Brother declaring that "war is peace," freedom is slavery," and "ignorance is strength." The left makes simple charges without proof, such as "we are the party… Continue Reading
California Governor Gavin Newsom Signs Bill to Decriminalize Men Having Sex With BoysCalifornia Governor Gavin Newsom has signed San Francisco state Senator Scott Wiener's bill to decriminalize adult men having sex with boys after all opponents to the billPosted by: Tom Williams Source: InformationLiberation - 7 days ago
the torah case for reparations
Sunday Thoughts: The Torah Case for Reparations
August 16, 2020 08:39 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Policy - A Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer defended the widespread weekend looting in the heart of the Windy City as "reparation." "I don't care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci's or a Macy's or a Nike because that makes sure that… Continue Reading
“UN-WOKE Award Of The Week,” Project 21 and Horace Cooper
August 15, 2020 08:49 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Events, Media, Trump - The language of the woke-agenda is casting storm clouds across the American sky.  Our shared history, which is one of discovery, genius, tribulation, redemption, and unprecedented advancement, is under attack, not by enemies from without, but from those within.  The… Continue Reading
Protesters demand cops let themselves be stabbed or shotIf the nation’s police officers walked off the job today, it would be hard to blame them Sunday’s anti-cop riots in Lancaster, Pa , have made the current de facto rules of engagement clear: Office…Posted by: Tom Williams Source: New York Post - 7 days ago