Trump in Alamo
Rand Paul Says One-Third of Republicans May Quit the Party – He’s WRONG!
January 17, 2021 09:48 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Events - Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) declared that roughly "a third" of all Republicans would leave the party if GOP senators team up with Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump as the lame-duck president seeks to punish the 10 Republican representatives that… Continue Reading
CNN Jade Sacker
Did CNN Have Prior Knowledge of the Capitol Coup?
January 16, 2021 09:00 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Events, Media - The plot thickens with the Capitol chaos narrative. CNN, NPR, and NBC work to distance themselves from Jade Sacker, a photojournalist who has worked extensively with these mainstream media outlets. Her videos are being cleansed from the Internet after news… Continue Reading
Armed Protesters Begin To Arrive At State Capitols Around The NationArmed Protesters Begin To Arrive At State Capitols Around The NationPosted by: Tom Williams Source: ZeroHedge - 6 hours ago
Second Revolution
The Storming of the Capitol is Proof of America’s Second Revolution?
January 16, 2021 08:07 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Events - The Second American Revolution has continued for many months with massive resistance, rebellions, and riots "in 48 out of the 50 largest cities in the United States." However, the mass media considered those riots and looting as mere protests.  One media personality standing… Continue Reading
Leftist Revolutions
Leftist Revolutions End By Devouring Their Own – A Warning to America
January 15, 2021 08:06 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Elections, Events - Revolutions in France, Russia, or Cuba didn't happen by accident because they were planned, preached, and promoted by leftist thugs. Those thugs did not know that all revolutions devour their own. In the eighteenth century, some eloquent, highborn French wanted… Continue Reading
FBI arrest Florida 'hardcore leftist' who plotted armed attack on pro-Trump protesters at state CapitolA self-described "hardcore leftist" was arrested Friday for allegedly issuing a call to arms online to recruit like-minded individuals to join him in violently confronting pro-Trump supporters expected to gather at the Florida state Capitol in Tallahassee on Sunday, just days before the presidential inaugurationPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Fox News - 8 hours ago
BLM White House Response
 White Privilege at the Capital Riot, Or More Twisted Left-Wing Narratives?
January 14, 2021 07:20 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Policy - In a Vanity Fair article by Jimmie Briggs, Biggs spins a narrative that suggests - "the unbearable whiteness of storming the capitol." Well, ... here we go again, the race card. Nevertheless, let's get into the specifics of the charges… Continue Reading
Judas Satan
Liberal Revenge Madness, Ready to Punish, Creating a Dystopian America
January 13, 2021 08:21 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections - Hyper liberal madness is now devouring and running out of control in America. It is truly a frightening dystopian ongoing political purge not seen in recent American history. Does anyone recognize America any more? It is reminiscent of how the… Continue Reading
MSM Blackout: Trump Approved The Activation Of DC National Guard On January 3, 2021, The DC Mayor Issued A Stand Down Order And DC Police Turned Down The Guard | Red State NationAn FBI office in Virginia issued an explicit warning that extremists were planning to travel to Washington, D C , to commit violence and “war” the day before the deadly attack on the U S Capitol, according to an internal report obtained by The Washington Post, directly contradicting the bureau’s previous claim that it had no intelligence to predict […]Posted by: Tom Williams Source: Red State Nation - 11 hours ago
William Wallace Mel Gibson
The “Standard Bearers” Coup Against Americans – See the Truth in this Complete Archive
January 12, 2021 08:56 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Events, Trump - So there is no misunderstanding: The Right Wire Report unequivocally condemns the lawlessness and violence we all witnessed at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday (January 6, 2021), as we have done so for each episode of BLM/Antifa rioting… Continue Reading
Sidney Powell’s Last Chance to Release the Kraken is Coming
January 11, 2021 08:05 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Elections, Events, Trump - No matter what your opinion is about what happened in Washington D.C. on January 6th, there is an identifiable reason for the protest that's as palpable as the pulse in your wrist, and its the valid public concern of voting… Continue Reading
Biden plans early legislation to offer legal status to 11 million immigrants without itDuring his first days in office, President-elect Joe Biden plans to unveil a legislative proposal that would include a path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants in the U S illegally, according to activists in communication with his transition teamPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Los Angeles Times - 22 hours ago
Should Western Nations Send Missionaries to Backward Nations Seeking to Change their Values?
January 10, 2021 08:42 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Policy - Captain Cook discovered Hawaii in 1778, and on his third trip in 1779, he was killed during a brawl on the beach. A few years later, the Second Great Awakening began, and there was great interest by Christian enthusiasts from… Continue Reading
Earle Sullivan Portrait
Yes, Antifa and Provocateurs Were Part of the Capitol Storm January 6th – See Proof
January 9, 2021 07:29 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Events - CNBC - The FBI said Friday that there was no indication that individuals associated with Antifa disguised themselves as pro-Trump supporters in order to provoke the mob at the U.S. Capitol, a claim repeated by several Republican lawmakers. -… Continue Reading
Progressive pundit Jimmy Dore helping ‘FASCISM’ by calling for Julian Assange pardon, liberal commentators claimProgressive commentator Jimmy Dore has been flamed by liberals after he called for the pardoning of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange His crime wasn’t advocating for Assange, but doing so on Fox News’ ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’Posted by: Tom Williams Source: RT International - 1 day ago
Chaos Mob Washington DC
Trump Supporters, A Come to Jesus Moment
January 8, 2021 08:42 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Events, Trump - Reuters - World leaders have expressed their shock after President Donald Trump's supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building as Congress met to certify the results of the November 3, 2020 election, where Joe Biden has prevailed in the Electoral College… Continue Reading
Patriot Eagle
The Day After January 6th – Three Questions That Need Answers
January 7, 2021 08:24 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Events, Trump - The Right Wire Report unequivocally condemns the lawlessness and violence we all witnessed at the Capitol building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday as we have done so for each episode of BLM/Antifa rioting in our country the last year. Quoting… Continue Reading
Rand Paul warns one third of Republican lawmakers will leave the partySpeaking with Fox News host Laura Ingraham Friday, Paul claimed that efforts to impeach Trump after he incited the mob last week were 'purely a partisan thing 'Posted by: Tom Williams Source: Mail Online - 1 day ago
Vote Buying
Biden Disgustingly Cons Georgia Voters With $2,000 Stimulus Checks
January 6, 2021 07:56 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Economy, Elections, Policy - During a Monday rally in Atlanta, Biden said the payments would "go out the door immediately" if Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock win the state’s U.S. Senate seats, further stating that their victories would "put an end to the block… Continue Reading
Six Possible Republican Objections and Facts About the January 6th Electoral College Showdown
January 5, 2021 08:31 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Events, Trump - The matter of which tribe you claim, right or left, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, Marxist Progressive or free-market capitalist, religious or atheist -there is one common denominator. One cannot advance their ideological agenda without representation. Yes, there is… Continue Reading
EXTRAORDINARY: Chat Logs Reveal Alleged Plan to Turn Trump Rally into Violent RiotThe unearthed screenshots follow Sullivan's arrest for his role in the Capitol riot, which included calls to violence such as “we gotta get this shit burned”Posted by: Tom Williams Source: The National Pulse - 2 days ago
2021 Hockey Stick
Predictions 2021, The Year of the Hockey Stick
January 4, 2021 07:57 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy, Events, Policy - Certainly, 2020 has been a stomach-churning year. The Coronavirus "pandemic," last summer's Black Lives Matter/Antifa protests/riots, and an exhausting presidential election. Many say good riddance to 2020. Thoughts turn to what will happen in 2021. Will it be better and… Continue Reading
Judgment Day
Sunday Thoughts: The Intolerance of Judgement?
January 3, 2021 09:10 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - Many could care less about Biblical teaching when it comes to judging morality. They are quick to ridicule and mock anything related to the Bible - quickly pointing out what they may feel is the hypocrisies in various teachings and… Continue Reading
Army: Up to 25,000 National Guard in DC for Biden inaugurationAs many as 25,000 National Guard troops will be in Washington, D C , for President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration next week, the Army confirmed on FridayPosted by: Tom Williams Source: TheHill - 2 days ago
two face
The Robots Are Here, Friend Or Foe?
January 2, 2021 09:07 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Economy, Media - There are times when our eyes betray us, and what we believe we are seeing is, in fact, an illusion or some contrivance created to deceive our senses.  Other times, we see or experience things we know are real, but… Continue Reading
Paris Slums
Democrats Fawn Over European Socialism – Here is Reality
January 1, 2021 05:56 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Policy - Well, it is New Years Day, and it's been a horrific 2020 - see here Good Riddance 2020. The sector of a potential Joe Biden presidency looms and a hard shift to the Left in terms of policy in America.… Continue Reading
Bill Gates now the biggest owner of farmland in the US Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft, has been revealed as the biggest private owner of farmland in the US, after buying up 242,000 acres in 18-statesPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Mail Online - 2 days ago
Good Redance 2020
60 Links Sum Up The Decay of The Republic – Good Riddance 2020!
December 31, 2020 09:30 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Elections, Media, Trump - Looking back years from now-most will view 2020 as the year of decay, maybe even the collapse of "Our Republic" became inevitable. Too melodramatic? As 2020 draws to a close, deep down in depths we all choose not to linger,… Continue Reading
Honorary Degrees
We Know of Problems with Ph. D.s and Ed. D.s But What About the Scandal of Honorary Degrees?
December 30, 2020 11:27 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture - When Joseph Epstein ridiculed Dr. Jill Biden for insisting on using her title, he caused a firestorm in academia and the media. He not only irritated holders of the Ph. D. and Ed. D., but honorary degrees. He declared, “Between… Continue Reading
Minds next? Google sends ‘24 hour warning’ to free-speech ‘anti-Facebook’ platform, forces changes to appThe social media platform Minds had to remove ‘major functionality’ from its Android app after getting a chilling warning from Google Its co-founder said plans for a censorship-resistant infrastructure are in the worksPosted by: Tom Williams Source: RT International - 2 days ago
US Today vs Right Wire Report
USA TODAY Fact Checks the Right Wire Report and Gets it Wrong
December 29, 2020 09:15 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Media - Please bear with me as this fact-checking the fact-checker can be tedious. USA TODAY (online) published an article on December 26, 2020, titled: Your guide to coronavirus and Covid-19. Buried within the article's content is a section denoted as rumors,… Continue Reading
Believe Nothing
Sunday Thoughts: American Apathy, The Laodicean Life?
December 27, 2020 08:58 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Elections - The Right Wire Report has written extensively on the alleged voter fraud in the 2020 elections - see here. As of this date, and after all the public meetings, most Americans today seem to care less, that a presidential election… Continue Reading
Lindsey Graham releases transcripts from review of Crossfire HurricaneGraham (left) on Thursday released hundreds of pages of transcripts from the committee's inquiry into Crossfire Hurricane, and slammed former FBI Director Jim Comey (right) in a statementPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Mail Online - 2 days ago
Woke Brandon Hasbrouck
Woke Law Professor says, “Count All Black Votes Twice”
December 26, 2020 08:55 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Elections, Events, Trump - Institutional racism dominates the discussion at nearly every university in the country.  Academics and students alike seek and discover racism in every aspect of society, whether it's valid or not. The great irony is that these institutions who fancy themselves… Continue Reading
Our Christmas Message For All
December 25, 2020 08:37 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Events - If I asked you to describe what the true meaning of Christmas is … what would be your reply? As a thought experiment, I did ask, and below is a fair and an aged categorized review of those responses: For… Continue Reading
D C Metro To Close 13 Major Stops Ahead Of Joe Biden's Inauguration | The Liberty LoftThe WMATA will close 13 DC Metro stations ahead of the Inauguration, preventing travel around the National Mall and the CapitolPosted by: Tom Williams Source: The Liberty Loft - 2 days ago
Jamaal Bowman
Capitalism is Slavery by Another Name? Marxist Alert!
December 24, 2020 09:32 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Economy, Policy - Root - Jamaal Bowman believes the Democratic Party needs a makeover. That's why he’s been so outspoken over former President Barack Obama's anti-defund the police remarks. Of course, he's not dissing the first president of color. Bowman believes Obama isn’t… Continue Reading
Risky Business
What Risk Is Society Willing to Take to Live?
December 23, 2020 07:54 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Policy - Do-gooding, selective ignoramuses, are quick to point out where we are failing with COVID, but where is their same concern for human life when it comes to unhealthy food, alcohol, and cigarette consumption? For that matter, where is the concern… Continue Reading
Capitol rioters included at least 21 ex-military and copsOne photo taken on the steps of the Capitol showed a line of men wearing combat helmets and body armor in a formation known as 'ranger file'Posted by: Tom Williams Source: Mail Online - 2 days ago
Updated Alleged Voter Fraud Summary – A Patriot’s Strategic Battle Plan
December 22, 2020 08:02 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - Updated 1/1/21-1/3/21 added to bottom of list.   Forty-nine days ago Americans cast their votes in the 2020 Presidential Election. The Legacy Media and Democrats have compulsively maintained the united front with a steady drumbeat "There is no evidence of… Continue Reading
President Trump
Five Ways Trump Can Still Win the Presidency by January 6, 2021
December 21, 2020 08:13 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections, Trump - Sorry, but the 2020 presidential election is not over. The mainstream media has already coronated "President-Elect" Joe Biden with his vice-presidential pick Kamala Haris after the Electoral College voted this past December 14, 2020. Napoleon reportedly became Emperor of France… Continue Reading
Pentagon watchdog to launch probe into white supremacists in armed forces in wake of US Capitol riotThe Pentagon said it will reinforce its zero-tolerance policy towards white supremacists and violent extremists after a crowd of Donald Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol last weekPosted by: Tom Williams Source: RT International - 2 days ago
Jill Biden
Op-Ed: I Can’t Believe I’m Defending Dr. Jill Biden, Against a Conservative Writer
December 20, 2020 09:55 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Events - The Wall Street Journal published an article by conservative Joseph Epstein (with whom I agree most of the time) that has caused a media firestorm. Epstein began his missive by calling her kiddo. It went downhill from there. He attacked a progressive Democrat, a female Democrat,… Continue Reading
Biden Obama Puppet
Would a Joe Biden Presidency be Obama’s Puppet
December 19, 2020 08:16 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections - Back in March of 2020, during the Democratic primaries, Joe Biden, in a third bid for the presidency, was a mediocre candidate in a crowded field of mediocre Democrat Party candidates for U.S. President. It seemed as if his campaign… Continue Reading
National Guard authorised to use lethal force at Capitol as they prepare for potential inauguration protestsThousands of troops with lethal weapons will be guarding the inauguration as threats of pro-Trump demonstration and attacks intensifyPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Yahoo - 2 days ago
Joe Biden and Hunter Sleeping on Crack
Joe Biden’s Absurd Assertion About Hunter – Proves His Lack Of Intellectual Capacity And Honesty
December 18, 2020 07:59 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - The presumed next president of the United States and his wife Jill chose to give an "in-depth" interview to that critically acclaimed, hard-hitting journalist, late-night comedian Steven Colbert. Surprised? You should not be. Recall before the election the person who… Continue Reading
Mitch Mcconnell
Mitch McConnell Throws Trump Off the Deck of the Ping May
December 17, 2020 08:32 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Events - AP - Fending off a messy fight that could damage Republicans ahead of Georgia Senate runoffs, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned fellow GOP senators on Tuesday not to join President Donald Trump’s extended assault on the Electoral College results. In… Continue Reading
Trump Declassifies 'Foot-High' Stack Of Russiagate, Obamagate Documents; Set For Release Within DaysTrump Declassifies 'Foot-High' Stack Of Russiagate, Obamagate Documents; Set For Release Within DaysPosted by: Tom Williams Source: ZeroHedge - 3 days ago
Justice John Roberts
Is Chief Justice Roberts Afraid of the Leftist Mobs?
December 16, 2020 08:03 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Events - A Supreme Court clerk reports that shouting and conflict between the nation's highest court's justices occurred on Friday, December 11, 2020, as the court was deciding to reject a Texas lawsuit challenging presidential election results in four key swing states.… Continue Reading
Delusionsal Leftist
Left-Wing Delusions Feed Their Beliefs
December 15, 2020 08:27 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Policy - The perspective they have on - well, everything now - begs the question: Are they intentionally misleading folks, or are they really that clueless? There is no third option. If one were to believe the American Left - and unfortunately… Continue Reading
Ashli Babbitt and her Marine husband were in a THROUPLEDailyMail com can reveal that Ashli Babbitt and her ex-Marine husband Aaron were in a three-way relationship with a 29-year-old bartender named Kayla JoycePosted by: Tom Williams Source: Mail Online - 3 days ago
Barack Obama Message
Did Obama Ever Love America?
December 14, 2020 08:11 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Policy - "I have brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, uncles, and cousins, of every race and every hue, scattered across three continents, and for as long as I live, I will never forget that in no other country on Earth is my story… Continue Reading
Conservative Media
Weekend Conversation – The Future of Conservative Media
December 13, 2020 08:25 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Media - In this installment of Weekend Conversations, PF Whalen of The Blue State Conservative and Parker Beauregard of The Last Best Hope discuss how Americans can - and must - receive fair and honest news from alternative media sources under a… Continue Reading
Unity? CNN's Don Lemon: If You Voted For Trump, You're With The Klan, The Nazis, & The RiotersUnity? CNN's Don Lemon: If You Voted For Trump, You're With The Klan, The Nazis, & The RiotersPosted by: Tom Williams Source: ZeroHedge - 3 days ago
This Is Kind Of Thinking An Expensive, Private, Liberal Arts School Produces
December 12, 2020 09:20 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture - This week we look at the political genius of a private, liberal arts college student by the name of Ashley Holady. The article comes from Odyssey Online and is titled "7 Responses To Use When Your Republican Dad Brings Up… Continue Reading
North Korea Crowd
North Korea and COVID – Communism in Action
December 11, 2020 08:42 by PF Whalen Posted in: Economy, Policy - Several years ago during a friendly conversation with a family member who had just begun his college studies, the topic of governmental systems came up. Like many students his age, it became clear during our discussion that the principles of… Continue Reading
Left-wing Activist John Sullivan Indicted for Violent Operations During January 6th Capitol Hill Riot - The Last RefugeJohn Sullivan is a left-wing agent provocateur within the larger Antifa movement  On the day of the Capitol Hill riots Sullivan embedded himself with the MAGA movement and recorded his activity  Posted by: Tom Williams Source: The Last Refuge - 3 days ago
White Privilege
The Insincerity of White Privilege
December 10, 2020 09:04 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture - Calling out leftist double standards, fraud, and hypocrisy is a full-time job for conservative writers. Although every smidgen of flatulence is still holy air when belched from Obama's derriere (as opposed to Ivanka Trump, who was profiled in a case… Continue Reading
Biden And Darius
Biden’s Election is as Stinky, Shady, and Spurious as Persia’s Darius the Great
December 9, 2020 08:35 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Elections - Niccolò Machiavelli has impacted world politicians since publication of The Prince in 1513, in which he advised political leaders to consult the past because human events are similar in all ages. He added, "This arises from the fact that they are produced by men… Continue Reading
FLASHBACK: Hundreds of Left-Wing Rioters HAD CHARGES DROPPED After Terrorizing President Trump’s Inauguration - Big League PoliticsThink the Capitol siege participants will receive this kind of leniency?Posted by: Tom Williams Source: Big League Politics - 3 days ago
Coronavirus Game
How Coronavirus and Healthcare Costs are Driving Our Moral Compass
December 8, 2020 08:32 by Boomerang Jack Posted in: Culture, Economy, Policy - The Coronavirus has brought a new reality in how we live. The lockdowns, containment tiers, mask mandates, and social distancing restrictions imposed on society have people fooled into a basic game of hid the pea under the walnut - for… Continue Reading
Marl Levin Pennsylvania Vote
MUST WATCH: Pennsylvania Must Recount the Vote in Accordance with Constitutional Law, NOT Bogus Rules
December 7, 2020 11:56 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Featured - In Mark Levin's Sunday episode of "Life, Liberty & Levin," nailed the principle argument to the need for a recount of the Pennsylvania 2020 presidential election in accordance with the constitution, NOT by bogus rules. Leven explains the arguments to… Continue Reading
Scott Adams Lists Six Easy Ways to Know If You're Living In a Propaganda BubbleA must read listPosted by: Tom Williams Source: redstate com - 3 days ago
Colin Powell Vial
The Irony Of The Evidence To Goto War, But NOT Disputing An Election
December 7, 2020 07:33 by Boomerang Jack Posted in: Elections, Trump - The silence from top Republican leaders is deafening as President Trump fights on with his bid to expose what he feels is was major election fraud in the 2020 presidential elections and claw back a win. Some believe the ice… Continue Reading
Scott Adams Voter Fraud
MUST WATCH: A Non-Transparent Vote By Force, Should Invalidate Votes – PERIOD!
December 6, 2020 08:16 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Featured - The most powerful argument yet to true the 2020 U.S. election was made by Dilbert fame, now turned activist Scott Adams, retweeted by General Michael Flynn. Adams states, "You don't need further voter fraud evidence if bullies chased out the witnesses.… Continue Reading
The Hill's Morning Report - Trump impeached again; now what? Posted by: Tom Williams Source: TheHill - 4 days ago
Democrat Republicans
Weekend Conversation – The Republican’s Approach Moving Forward
December 6, 2020 07:14 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Events, Policy - In this installment of Weekend Conversations, PF Whalen of The Blue State Conservative and Parker Beauregard of The Last Best Hope examine the approach of the Republican Party moving forward, with Election Day behind us and the likelihood of the… Continue Reading
Joe Finger
Bizarre Biden Interview, Reveals He Would Lie And Be A Very Weak President
December 5, 2020 08:08 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections, Policy - The Joe Biden “gaffe machine” is well understood and talked about widely - even by Democrats. Mainstream media are quick to defend Joe time after time. Remember this gaffe? Biden said he created a large "voter fraud organization." Democrats accuse… Continue Reading
Axios-Ipsos poll: Republican voters side with Trump over McConnellThe survey shows why Trump could run again in 2024 (and possibly win) if he isn't convictedPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Axios - 4 days ago
A Serious Question for American Patriots – Will You Save The Republic? A Plan Of Action Now!
December 4, 2020 07:46 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - 12/20/20 Update: ( The timeline of this plan has shifted and the important date is now Jan 6th when the Joint Session of Congress will take place for certification of state electors counts. The Electoral Count Act is now in… Continue Reading
Voting Fraud Portal
Summary Portal of Alleged Election Fraud in 2020
December 4, 2020 07:27 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections, Featured - You have probably heard many times already in the mainstream media that there is no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election in the United States. You may have got extreme push-back from your family and friends that parrot… Continue Reading
Biden calls on Senate to pursue impeachment along with the nation's 'other urgent business'President-elect Joe Biden on Wednesday urged the Senate to conduct the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump while simultaneously working on other critical issues, indicating a desire to settle the proceedings against Trump that are likely to remain unresolved when Biden takes officePosted by: Tom Williams Source: CNN - 4 days ago
Democrats Hypocrisies
The Democrats’ Endless Coronavirus Hypocrisies
December 3, 2020 08:11 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Elections, Policy - A friend's Facebook feed revealed to him that Denver's Democrat mayor, Michael Hancock, felt entitled to break his own coronavirus sanctions against traveling for Thanksgiving and jet out to Mississippi. On an entirely unrepentant Facebook thread, he noted that "my… Continue Reading
Julius Malema
Op-Ed: Leftists, Liars, Looters, and Loonies Running South Africa into the Ground
December 2, 2020 08:14 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Policy - Dr. Christiaan Barnard a South African heart surgeon surprised, shocked, and almost staggered the world in December 3, 1967, when he performed the first human heart transplant. The rest is history in the world of medicine and in the world… Continue Reading
Rush to judgement? Three crucial questions remain unanswered about Capitol siegeWhat did Nancy Pelosi know? A prior plot or spontaneous riot? Were there inside facilitators?Posted by: Tom Williams Source: Just The News - 4 days ago
Doug Ducey
Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Throws Trump Under the Bus
December 1, 2020 06:16 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Events - Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey's phone started ringing while certifying the state's 2020 presidential election results. Ducey's very unique ringtone appears to have identified the caller as Donald Trump. Ducey said back in July that he had set his ringtone… Continue Reading
Military Draft
A Military Draft or Not?
November 30, 2020 07:54 by Sgt. Rock Posted in: Military - There seems to be an increasingly popular sentiment online, embodied in a post which reads, "Bring Back the Draft! Repost if you agree!"  Well, I heartily disagree. Before we go any further, I served in the United States Army, active… Continue Reading
Online threats circulating in SalinaThe Salina Police Chief is speaking out after being overwhelmed with emails and messages about online threats in his communityPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Kake - 4 days ago
Biden Presidency
Weekend Conversation – What Does A Biden Presidency Portend?
November 29, 2020 08:00 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Elections, Policy - In this installment of Weekend Conversations, PF Whalen of The Blue State Conservative and Parker Beauregard of The Last Best Hope explore the consequences of a Biden/Harris victory on Election Day and examine what effects a Biden Administration might have… Continue Reading
Trump Fights Voter Fraud
Op-Ed: Vote-by-Mail Fraud Prophecies Come True
November 28, 2020 07:58 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Elections, Policy - While Bigfoot, flying saucers, unicorns, and green, hairy monsters under your bed doesn’t exist, voter fraud is real as taxes and almost as certain to happen in November. Anything will be acceptable if it sends Trump from the Oval Office… Continue Reading
Video Allegedly Shows One Of The Main Provocateurs Involved In Babbitt's Shooting Going Behind A Squad Of Police On The Stairs Change His Clothes And Disappear – Right JournalismOpinion FBI placed a warning of “armed protests” being planned at all 50 state capitols and Washington, D C , on InaugurationPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Right Journalism - 4 days ago
Joe Biden Presidential Stage
Joe Biden Tries to be Presidential on a Bizzare Color Coded Stage
November 27, 2020 08:12 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Events - "President-elect Joe Biden" urged Americans to resist surrendering to the "fatigue" of the coronavirus pandemic and come together with the shared goal of defeating the virus, echoing calls of public health officials who are calling for the nation to scale… Continue Reading
First Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Day Remembrance of the First Pilgrims Who Tried SOCIALISM, it FAILED
November 26, 2020 07:55 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - It is Thanksgiving day 2020. America is enthralled in a contested presidential election that is not over, despite mainstream media reports. Setting aside the specifics of the election contention, America has two paths they may happen as a result. Will… Continue Reading
Dem accuses lawmakers of leading 'reconnaissance' Capitol toursA Democrat lawmaker said she witnessed members leading 'reconnaissance' tours in the Capitol the day before the mob stormed the building - as an organizer said three GOP lawmakers helpedPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Mail Online - 4 days ago
RIP Journalist
Honest Journalism, We Hardly Knew You, An Astute Retrospective
November 25, 2020 07:47 by Sgt. Rock Posted in: Elections, Featured, Media, Policy - Remember, when you were a kid, and you and your parents would sit down and watch the television news? Remember how the major stories of the day were presented to you with representatives from both sides of a given issue,… Continue Reading
Biden Screaching
So, Joe, You Say You Want To Unify Us
November 24, 2020 07:12 by PF Whalen Posted in: Elections - One of the key takeaways from Joe Biden’s "victory" speech last Sunday was his message of national reconciliation. It’s "time to heal," Biden told us, later pleading, "Stop treating our opponents as enemies." While many believe Biden’s speech was premature,… Continue Reading
Election Math
Gobbledygook 2020 Election Results Math
November 23, 2020 06:55 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections - The mainstream media has now coronated Joe Biden as the new president following their proclamations after the 2020 presidential election. However, the Trump legal team has claimed shocking massive systemic election fraud - see here. If true, these claims are… Continue Reading
Trump MAGA
Weekend Conversation – Did Trump Make America Great Again?
November 22, 2020 08:14 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Trump - In this installment of Weekend Conversations, PF Whalen of The Blue State Conservative and Parker Beauregard of The Last Best Hope examine the level of success achieved by President Donald J. Trump in his effort to "Make America Great Again." At the… Continue Reading
Clowns to the left of me! Jokers to the right! - The Problem With Representatives Believing Their Job Is To Whine » Sons of Liberty MediaThe Democrats are learning some things that are going to be difficult for them to accept There is so much wrong out there it is hard to keep track of it Many Republicans are wrong and many Democrats are wrong It reminds me of the Stealers Wheel song that goes: “Clowns to the left of …Posted by: Fhz48 Source: Sons of Liberty Media - 5 days ago