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Un-Woke Award, Harvard Republicans Stand Against The Liberal Tide

Unwoke Award

Harvard University has become the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's 1984, where the truth is actually propaganda and untruth.  Joseph Goebbels would recognize and appreciate the use of language employed in Harvard's student paper, The Harvard Crimson, that stridently claims, "Supporting Donald Trump is the same as supporting white supremacy."  In 2016, the Harvard Crimson stated Trump has "flirtations with fascism" – a claim they still support. Imagine being a parent who paid tens of thousands of dollars to send their ostensibly intelligent little Johnny or Janey off to a highly respected school such as Harvard, or any of the Ivy League schools for that matter, only to have their minds beaten into submission with dubious democrat party and

“Woke” Award Of The Week – “We Don’t Need no Grammar!”


Rebecca Walkowitz, who chairs the English Department at Rutgers University, should consider changing her name to Rebecca WOKEowitz to better reflect her position on implementing radical progressive policies. Walkowitz chose "Juneteenth" to inform staff, faculty, and students about a new initiative to "contribute to the eradication of systemic inequities facing black, indigenous, and people of color," by deemphasizing traditional grammar rules. The email entitled, "Department actions in solidarity with Black Lives Matter," endorses the requirement at Rutgers for all fall 2020 English instructors to attend at least one workshop remotely on "how to have an anti-racist classroom." Also, the email details the "launching a web page to provide access to events, resources, and affiliated groups," while also "organizing two teach-ins focused