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Democrat Lockdown and Crash the Economy Strategy Could Backfire

James Carville

We all know the game the political Democrats are playing. If we (Democrats) can get Trump's record-breaking economy to crash, we can defeat Trump. This was exemplified by Bill Mahr's now-famous remarks on his TV show "Real Time with Bill Maher," where he wished this very event on the American people. Why anyone would wish this is rather despicable - but this is another issue. See Mahr's remarks in the following video clip: Then the Coronavirus "pandemic" hits. The Coronavirus has been a godsend for Democrats. It has done exactly what Bill Mahr was hoping for - it has crashed the economy. Not surprising when you consider that everyone is/was on lockdown for several months. Most honest debaters understand that the

Candid Candidate Spotlight: Omari Faulkner (R) VA, U.S. Senate Race

Omari Faulkner

RFSO spotlights the latest entry into the Virginia U.S. Senate Race for 2020. Omari Faulkner, 37, is a former Georgetown University Men's Basketball player who attended on a full athletic scholarship. He has served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserves and former U.S. diplomat and is running on a Republican ticket. He met his wife while both working for the U.S. State Department stationed in India and are the parents to four young daughters. Faulkner has his roots in Christianity, a strong work ethic and service. He gave an enlightening interview to The Daily Wire where he outlines his platform on core issues on Gun Control/Second Amendment, Immigration, Economy, Homeland and National Security, Wasteful Government Spending, and Defending our Liberties. See