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Hypocritical, Hysterical, and Hypercritical Politicians Found Their Scapegoat – President Trump!

Scape Goat

I don't hate anyone, but hypocritical politicians provoke disgust, disdain, and distrust when they blame Trump for everything. They have no shame and display feigned anger when they try to shift responsibility from their own failures to Trump. A perfect example is New Orleans, Mayor LaToya Cantrell. She appeared on CNN saying if she had received more COVID-19 information from the federal government, she "would have pulled the plug on the [Mardi Gras] carnival season." Sure she would. Mardi Gras ([caution, very depraved photos) is known as a Christian holiday that dates back thousands of years to pagan spring and fertility rites! There is nothing Christian about it, and it is disgraceful that such pagan parades would be permitted in any city before of

Why I Will Vote Trump in 2020 – A Man for All People


As America decides in November in this year 2020, we gathered Trump supporters together to express their views on why they voted for Trump in 2016 and why they will vote for Trump in 2020. The key theme was that Trump has been and will be a man for the people - all people. America, at this time, needs an uniter. Not a president that will just cater to the radical elements of our society that have perpetrated unspeakable violence across this nation. A fighter for America and not special interests or some "deepstate" that does not have the best interests of America. Listen in this audio-video clip of their heartfelt responses.  Check out other videos from the Right Wire Report

Why I Will Vote Trump in 2020 – Promises Made Promises Kept


As America decides in November in this year 2020, we gathered Trump supporters together to express their views on why they voted for Trump in 2016 and why they will vote for Trump in 2020. The key theme was promises made promises kept. A detailed analysis of all the accomplishments of the Trump administration. But the job is not finished, there is much more to do. We also need to stop the onslaught of socialism that has become a cancer on our society. Listen in this audio-video clip of their heartfelt responses. Check out other videos from the Right Wire Report - click here.  RWR original article syndication source.

RNC Fact-Checked, Lies and Damn Lies, Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers

The Democrats and their media allies were in hyper-drive last week performing their "due diligence" (cough!) fact-checking the 2020 Republican National Convention. Many networks were doing so live during the convention coverage and even posting disclaimers, something they chose not to do during the Democrat National Convention. How bad was it? Bad enough for the world news outlets to take note of the double standard and aggressive mission, that is how bad. A lie is a demonstrable false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive. Unfortunately, the media conglomerates in our country run a scam known as "Verify," which is a uniformed fact-checking document distributed to all media syndication, newspapers, and local Television stations, so it is rare to find any

RNC Convention Week Summary: See Daily Summaries and Links to Videos

Republican National Convention 2020

After four nights of the 2020 Republican National Convention, there can no longer be any question - this is not your father's Country Club Establishment GOP anymore. This is the Trump Republican party now. Finally, GOP voters saw why they vote conservative represented in "The American Story's" reflection. God-Family-Country Defend Constitutional Rights Sanctity of Life Strong Military and Peace Through Strength Border Security and Law and Order Equal Opportunity and Equal Liberty and Justice For All Limited Government and Fiscal Responsibility School Choice and Strong Work Ethic American Exceptionalism and Divine Providence No longer the cowering to political correctness or special interests like The Chamber of Commerce and uni-party think tanks whose focus groups dictated a water-downed version of Conservatism for the leftist and media consumption. The Reagan "bold colors

RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 3

Fort McHenry

Thematically, The 2020 Republican Convention is constructing an American Arc starting with "The Land of Promise" then "The Land of Opportunity," and on night three, it is "The Land of Heroes." President Trump and the GOP are making the case that to achieve the promise of the American dream and utilize one's opportunities, the Republic must defend and protect these principles and the citizens who exercise them.  The third night was the best visually with seamless transitions and dramatic music and video montages to punctuate the importance of the moment. The locations remained the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium for podium speeches, and exterior White House images and DC monuments as backdrops. But it was Vice President Pence's locale that made you

RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 2

rose garden healing

The GOP chose to build on their first night's theme, "Land of Promise," and rolled out the theme "Land of Opportunity" for night two of the Republican Convention. Visually, night two of four was essentially the same using the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium and the White House interiors and gardens as a stage. There were montages, especially the Vice President's one, where we see interviews taking place in different locations around the country. Additionally, a speech delivered on Navajo land, Shiprock New Mexico, with stunning scenery that takes your breath away.  There were less smooth transitions tonight and, some edits were glitchy. The most noticeable issue was when Nick Sandmann spoke from the Lincoln Memorial and, the ambient sound from visitors bled through

RNC Convention Key Takeaways, Day 1

rnc convention

Land of Promise was the theme for the first night of the 2020 Republican Convention. Visually, night one of four was dynamic and flowed from one speaker to another with smooth transitions and attractive backdrops like the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium and the White House. Time-wise, it did not drag rather moved at a fast pace. Stylistically there was high energy and real "Feels" as each person shared their stories live. They limited the number of video montages, but the ones chosen were informative, optimistic, inspirational, and offered powerful messages. Despite the virus restrictions, the RNC managed to deliver high production value for the first night and message discipline. Day Session: A few hundred gathered in Charlotte, NC (COVID restrictions) in the official

The Numbers Are In, We Will Believe Anything

Big Foot Family

Recent polls suggest that COVID fears, despite alternative statistical realities, are alive and well. While the general public is unsurprisingly hesitant to resume attending congregations for religious, musical, or athletic competitions en masse, an amazing number highlighted in one survey indicates that just 59% of Americans would be comfortable even having dinner at a friend’s house. This is down from 67% a month prior. Similar polling found that in the aftermath of the George Floyd fallout that racism was being uncovered in every nook and cranny of American life. Several months into the protests and riots, the percent of Americans who felt race relations were “bad” or “fairly bad” increased from 55% in February of this year to over 70% just

Op-Ed: Random Thoughts To Democrats On An Uncivil War

Political Tug War

Dear Democrat Party, So now you're advocating what amounts to domestic terrorism because you didn't get your way in 2016 and yet again when you were afraid of losing the liberal legislature at SCOTUS. So, there can be no civility with a party that wants to destroy everything you stand for - gotcha. We've tried "civility" with a party that wants to destroy everything we stand for. All eight years of the Obama presidency was a full-on assault of America, the rights enshrined in our founding documents, and the legitimacy of the institutions that sprang from those ideals. All done under the faux outrage of identity politics and "fairness." Cultural Marxists have been hard at work at your party, and now they've