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Democrats Fawn Over European Socialism – Here is Reality

Paris Slums

Well, it is New Years Day, and it's been a horrific 2020 - see here Good Riddance 2020. The sector of a potential Joe Biden presidency looms and a hard shift to the Left in terms of policy in America. Thoughts turn to what 2021 will bring. Many on the Left are fawning over what they believe is a European socialistic utopia where finally government will give them what they desire - government care. But most Americans have no idea what socialism in Europe is really like. A simple tourist visit to Europe one would not see what life is really like on the ground.  As an ex-pat living in France, I would like to give you a personal story to give

Even The Government Acknowledges Men and Women Are NOT The Same

Women Men

The phrase "listen to the science" needs to be retired. It is obvious that the people who shout the loudest to have science "listened to" are simply advocating for a political position, and since science has a better track record throughout history (but fast losing ground with mask claims, climate change assertions, etc.), than leftism, it makes sense that they are trying to win over new followers via this approach. It is understandably tough to lead with: "This philosophy left over 100 million people dead in the 20th century, and even if people didn’t die directly from forced starvation, forced labor, and outright murder, hundreds of millions of other lives were ruined through failed economic policy and social coercion." So they

Op-Ed: Is Adultery Required for Being a U.S. Presidential Candidate?

Joe Biden Pope Francis

Adulterers have served as U.S. President almost since our beginning. Our present leader is an admitted adulterer; however, he’s all we have. And he has kept his promises and has had unusual success in domestic and foreign affairs, the economy, COVID-19, and there is no reason to think he would stop keeping his word. As to any sexual affairs in the present, no one knows. Nothing would shock me. However, I am weary of reading about Joe Biden’s decency and his faith. If Joe—longtime swamp critter—is so decent and true to his faith, why does he stand opposite to what his Roman Catholic Church teaches? He has supported the slaughter of innocent unborn babies all his political life and now even supports

The Intersection of Fatherhood and Politics

Father and Son

Nothing makes a man more complete than the birth of their first child. Their arrival in this world is a visual, sensorial, and emotional memory that can never be forgotten. To the chagrin of my wife, this moment was also the birth of untold politically related reaffirmations. Sorry, Honey. I always knew that abortion would never be an option for me. In those "If I were king" conversations, I usually sat on the fence; I personally couldn't go through with it, but surely the other peasants could make their own decisions. From the most impersonal glance at data, if you figure 18 million black babies have been aborted since Roe V. Wade, and the median household income for black families is

Fatherhood Should Make Every Man A Conservative


There is a famous adage attributed to Churchill that says if you aren’t a liberal when you’re young you don’t have a heart, but if you aren’t a conservative when you’re old you don’t have a brain. The punchline could be altered in 2020 of new dads; if you aren’t a conservative when you’re a father you don’t have a brain. For those still undecided on certain political views, I can’t imagine a more deciding event in life than witnessing the birth of and later raising a child. Honestly, if this tectonic life event does not persuade someone to join the conservative cause, I know nothing more convincing that would. Let’s count the ways fatherhood should make every man a conservative. Views on

Sunday Thoughts: Pope Francis Says Gossip Worse Than COVID?

Pope Francis

Pope Francis said Sunday that gossiping is a "plague worse than COVID" that is seeking to divide the Catholic Church. Francis strayed from his prepared text to double down on his frequent complaint about gossiping within church communities and even within the Vatican bureaucracy. Pope Francis didn't give specifics during his weekly blessing but went on at some length to say the devil is the "biggest gossiper" who is seeking to divide the church with his lies. "Please brothers and sisters, let's try to not gossip," he said. "Gossip is a plague worse than COVID. Worse. Let's make a big effort: No, gossiping!" These series of articles are about Sunday Thoughts and have a few religious aspects to them, but when it

BLM Should Live Its Redistributive Values

BLM Redistributive Values

According to a June 10th article in Black Enterprise, corporations had pledged over $1.5 billion to Black Lives Matter in the wake of the George Kirby arrest resistance fiasco, ostensibly for the purpose of signaling their virtue. Amazingly, this figure nevertheless represented the "paucity of corporations and the stinginess of donations." It’s never enough for some people. With an array of structures designed to obfuscate the total sum of donations to Black Lives Matter, exact dollar amounts are hard to come by. Given that it raised over $100 million in 2016 alone, and in addition to the enormous pledge in just a few weeks this summer, it would be fair to estimate that $2-3 billion easily entered the coffers. Since it is a

Sunday Thoughts: Men, Could You be Married to a Strong Woman Like Kellyanne Conway?

Kellyanne Conway

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway in a well-publicized event, will depart her position in the Trump administration at the end of the month to focus on family matters. Kellyanne has been a stalwart Trump supporter and an outstanding spokesperson/advisor for President Trump since the beginning. Kellyanne was one of Trump's longest-tenured advisers in a White House known for staffing changes, Conway also established herself as one of his most visible advisors. Conway defended Trump through some of his most controversial and awkward moments. George Conway, the husband of Kellyanne, called the president "evil" and "racist." George's dislike for President is also well-publicized. Claudia Conway, the rebel 15-year-old daughter of Kellyanne and George Conway, made comments denounced her mother's job. This has set

The Reeducation of Educators, Part 1: Responding to Dangerous Student Behaviors

Reeducation Part1

Consider this a Public Service Announcement for the rest of society that is not currently in reeducation - oops, professional development - over the summer as a public school educator. Unless you’re in the profession, you don’t know how bad it is. By it, I mean the public school system and by bad, I mean anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-science, and anti-American. Did you think your tax dollars were paying to continue developing teachers in the areas of literacy instruction or mathematical modeling? How quaint. There is hardly a whisper of instructional improvements anymore. In fact, teachers are being brainwashed to think that the whole system was built by and in order to benefit white students, so any attempt at improving reading pedagogy is

Ex-Pat Personal Story on French Socialism, America, You Want to Join?

French Cafe

It was late September of 2019, and the weather was beautiful here in the south of France on the Côte d'Azur. It generally is. I live about a 3-minute walk to the port. The seas were calm on that day. The seagulls were croaking very loud - they seem to be in a stir. They call them "mouettes" in French. A bunch of us often get together just randomly most days at the local brassière at the port just to enjoy friendship, the fresh morning air, a good strong coffee, and that just-baked croissant from across that street at our local boulangerie. But on this day, it was a little different. Cathrine (not her real name), an acquaintance shall we say