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Predictions 2021, The Year of the Hockey Stick

2021 Hockey Stick

Certainly, 2020 has been a stomach-churning year. The Coronavirus "pandemic," last summer's Black Lives Matter/Antifa protests/riots, and an exhausting presidential election. Many say good riddance to 2020. Thoughts turn to what will happen in 2021. Will it be better and calmer, or is it just the beginning to even more staggering events?  As of this post, the paths for a Trump electoral challenge to the Biden presidency are limited, as many believe there was massive voter fraud. There is still a little hope for the Trump supporters that Trump and his legal team can somehow claw back an election win via some massive exposing of a believed all-powerful deep state. Though one can not see how this could happen, it may

The Great Reset, A Dystopian Future?

The Great Reset

Truly "A Tale of Two Cities." On the one hand, the world in history has never seen such progress and success on just about any measure. But when looking at the storm clouds building on the global stage, many wonder what the future will hold. Even with our current society's unparalleled success, unparalleled dissatisfaction abounds coinciding with extreme wealth inequality. With global economies already teetering under mountains of debt and global unrest, the world is facing a potential depression brought on by a global pandemic. Not to even speak of a pivotal election in the world's leading nation to decide its future. Many are calling for a global reset to put the world back on a sound footing. Our leaders and