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Sunday Thoughts: Distorting the Golden Rule

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule is the principle of: "treating others as you want to be treated." It is a maxim that is found in many religions and cultures. The idea dates at least to the early Confucian times (551–479 BC), according to Rushworth Kidder, who identifies that this concept appears prominently in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, and "the rest of the world's major religions." Whether you are religious or not, you still live in a Judeo-Christian culture if you live in the Western world. Whereupon, much of our core beliefs have come from this marination of this culture in our society. So it is useful to look at where this belief came from. Some common Biblical references that would seem to support the idea

Sunday Thoughts: Trapped on a Deserted Island with 200 Hungry Savages

Deserted Island

A straw-man proposal is a brainstormed simple draft proposal intended to generate discussion to provoke the generation of new and better ideas. One can understand the limitations of the straw-man model, but let's take a look at a thought exercise of the morality of mob rule control. You are on a vacation of a lifetime with your significant other, traveling in first-class across the Pacific ocean. Yes, the first-class meals are better than in coach - even the red wine is not bad for an airline. All of a sudden, in horror, the plane begins to shake with a loud noise, and the plane goes into a steep dive. A tragedy ensues, and the plane crash lands on a beautiful deserted island

Sunday Thoughts: What Cancel Comes Next from the Leftist Mob – Christians?

Oliver S. Muhammad

The rise of "cancel culture" is the idea of canceling someone who has ideas unacceptable in our politically correct environment. The process? A celebrity or other public figure does or says something offensive. A public backlash, often fueled by politically Progressive social media, ensues. Then come the calls to cancel the person - that is, to effectively end their career or revoke their cultural cachet. Canceling occurs whether through boycotts of their work or disciplinary action from an employer. Cancel culture mostly started with the MeToo movement, and the initial penalties were fairly light - a heartfelt apology would do, but not always. It has more recently extended to cleansing racism to stop "white privilege" and purge the world of "white

Sunday Thoughts: Is God an Egalitarian?


So often we hear about "social justice" or even "economic justice" by many on the Left of the political spectrum. They blame many people of the Christian faith of being hypocritical on this subject. So we ask a provocative question: Is the (Christian) God an Egalitarian? For the purposes of this article, perhaps we need to define egalitarianism. Egalitarianism is generally characterized by the idea that all human persons are equal in fundamental worth. For many, this definition sounds reasonable, but the devil is in the detail. Some go further and argue that egalitarianism is where people should be treated as equals and have the same political, economic, social, and civil rights and advocating the removal of economic inequalities among people.

Sunday Thoughts: Do Genetics Predestine Our Behaviors? Can We Breed Civility?


In Christian theology, predestination is the divine foreordaining of all that will happen, especially concerning the salvation of some and not others. It has been particularly associated with the teachings of St. Augustine of Hippo and of Calvin. But this is a religious view. Predestination has made its way into the secular world. This is the notion that our personality, character, intelligence, or behaviors are primarily of genetics and not so much our environment. The age-old question with the notion of secular predestination - are we nature or nurture? And to what degree? Can genetics determine intelligence or temperament? A 1986 study that was part of the larger Minnesota study found that genetics plays a larger role on personality than previously

Sunday Thoughts: Do you believe in UFOs? Are we alone in the Universe?


A recent survey shows that nearly half (50%) of Americans believe in extraterrestrial aliens. Less than 20% believe in extraterrestrial alien abduction, and a bit less than that claim to have seen a UFO. Do you believe in UFOs? Are we alone in the universe? Many feel that the talk of UFOs is mere folklore. The stigma against research into extraterrestrial lifeforms could be pushing some of the sharpest minds out of the field. The search for extraterrestrial research is dismissed and associated with conspiracy theories, especially after recent high-profile stories about area 51, or the newly-rewritten military guidelines for UFO sightings. If the U.S. military is interested in UFOs, it must be true, correct? It has even gone onto mainstream media.