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Woke Law Professor says, “Count All Black Votes Twice”

Woke Brandon Hasbrouck

Institutional racism dominates the discussion at nearly every university in the country.  Academics and students alike seek and discover racism in every aspect of society, whether it's valid or not. The great irony is that these institutions who fancy themselves bastions of equality often perpetuate the bias they claim to fight. For instance, at Berkeley in 2016, a mob of students blocked Caucasian students from entering the university. The "demonstrators" were protesting for "safe spaces" for persons of color and LGBTQ. One demonstrator made the event's intent very clear to a white student who attempted to enter through the university's front doors, "This is bigger than you. This is about whiteness", he said. The mob then screamed at the white

The Reeducation of Educators, Part 2: Indoctrinating Students Through Social Justice

Education Activism

The public school system is beyond repair, and amazingly, parents don't seem to notice or care. It all needs to change - the awareness, the caring, and most of all, the system itself. At the core of the problem, educational programs are guided by social justice theory and therefore reforms within classrooms and districts are guided by a revolutionary lens of racial reckoning and economic redistribution. As social justice cannot be reconciled with facts, science, or merit, this is ripping apart the very notion of traditional learning expectations. Part 1 of this series explored that conundrum vis-a-vis student management and the physical harm your child faces when they attend school. As it stands, actual student violence is tolerated at the same