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Sunday Thoughts: Cybernetic Immortality, Transhumanism

Project 2045 Avatars

The dream of the fountain of youth has been ever-present in the human experience. Humans have a finite life. And most people believe life is good - who wants to get old and die? So the dream of immortality has been the ultimate dream for most humans. For millennia religion often has given paths to this immortality through belief systems that are often not based on science or technology. But recently, there has been a move by some to think that perhaps humans can themselves obtain immorality through science or technology.  As with any good academic, there is a name for almost everything nowadays. Transhumanism is a philosophical movement that advocates for the transformation of the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies

Sunday Thoughts: Pope Francis Says Gossip Worse Than COVID?

Pope Francis

Pope Francis said Sunday that gossiping is a "plague worse than COVID" that is seeking to divide the Catholic Church. Francis strayed from his prepared text to double down on his frequent complaint about gossiping within church communities and even within the Vatican bureaucracy. Pope Francis didn't give specifics during his weekly blessing but went on at some length to say the devil is the "biggest gossiper" who is seeking to divide the church with his lies. "Please brothers and sisters, let's try to not gossip," he said. "Gossip is a plague worse than COVID. Worse. Let's make a big effort: No, gossiping!" These series of articles are about Sunday Thoughts and have a few religious aspects to them, but when it

Sunday Thoughts: The Stupidity Challenge

The Stupidity Challenge

It is about 60 days until America goes to the polls and decide the future of the country. But the election process is already underway. Campaigning and presenting one's views before the American people is most important because the agenda put forward by each candidate should determine how one votes. Any democratic process requires a minimal level of intelligence. One has to understand the issues in order to vote appropriately. Unfortunately, many voters are ill-informed and wallow in stupidity. Emblematically we see displays of stupidity all over our society - especially on social media platforms. In one example of this, a video has gone viral of a social media influencer licking a toilet seat in order to start a "Coronavirus Challenge."

Sunday Thoughts: Men, Could You be Married to a Strong Woman Like Kellyanne Conway?

Kellyanne Conway

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway in a well-publicized event, will depart her position in the Trump administration at the end of the month to focus on family matters. Kellyanne has been a stalwart Trump supporter and an outstanding spokesperson/advisor for President Trump since the beginning. Kellyanne was one of Trump's longest-tenured advisers in a White House known for staffing changes, Conway also established herself as one of his most visible advisors. Conway defended Trump through some of his most controversial and awkward moments. George Conway, the husband of Kellyanne, called the president "evil" and "racist." George's dislike for President is also well-publicized. Claudia Conway, the rebel 15-year-old daughter of Kellyanne and George Conway, made comments denounced her mother's job. This has set

Op-Ed: Jerry Falwell’s Retirement Package Causing Outrage at Liberty University

Jerry Falwell Looking

If angels weep, they are weeping today over the earth-shaking events taking place at Liberty University, followed by reverberating aftershocks worldwide. That's only slight hyperbole, especially in the religious world. Jerry Falwell, Jr. was Liberty University president and did a very commendable job as an educator even though he was not trained in education. He generated a $1.60 billion endowment fund, erected many impressive buildings to where Liberty has the sixth-best campus in America, hugely increased student enrollment, established a School of Medicine and School of Law, and developed a world-class athletic program. Additionally, Liberty is the number one online college in America. Evidently, Jerry did some impressive things as president. Sadly, as the world knows, Jerry admitted his wife Becki had a

Op-Ed: Jerry Falwell Jr: Can it Get Any Worse?

Jerry Falwell Jr Scandal

Last year I wrote a column about Liberty University President Jerry Falwell titled "Jerry Falwell, Guilty Until Proven Innocent?" I noted that the media are quick to jump at any failure of a Christian leader, especially with the name of Falwell, whether true or false. I was convinced that many accusations were untrue. Jerry was the President of Liberty University, founded by a longtime friend of mine, Jerry Falwell, Sr. Jerry Senior did an astounding job in establishing the school, and Junior did an astounding job expanding the school. After many failures, he then did additional harm when an Instagram went public of him with his arm around a woman at a yacht party. Both Jerry and his female friend were

Sunday Thoughts: The DNC Convention Through the Lens of Morality

Democratic Convention

The mostly pre-recorded 2020 Democratic convention is now over. It was a whopper in content, but a snooze in delivery. Many pundits have written extensively on it already - I suppose the Right Wire Report will be no different. The best way one could describe it would be, hypocrisies and lies.  Michel Obama told us about "kids in cages" at the border that her own husband created. Bill Clinton dared to show his face in the light of his many #metoo acquisitions and his trips on the "Lolita Express." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez extolled the lies of a utopian Marxist state. Obama was endorsing Black Live Matter violence as a legitimate form for democratic change. Biden accused Trump of murder, putting all the

Sunday Thoughts: The Torah Case for Reparations

the torah case for reparations

A Chicago Black Lives Matter organizer defended the widespread weekend looting in the heart of the Windy City as "reparation." "I don't care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci's or a Macy's or a Nike because that makes sure that that person eats. That makes sure that that person has clothes," Ariel Atkins said at a rally outside the South Loop police station, local outlets reported. "That's a reparation," Atkins said. "Anything they want to take, take it because these businesses have insurance." She also criticized the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who took to Twitter earlier Monday to denounce the "pillaging, robbing and looting" as "humiliating, embarrassing, and morally wrong." Aside from the notion that a person needs a Gucci bag to eat, Black Lives

Op-Ed: Would Massive Benefits to Mankind Justify One Brutal Act?

Dostoyevsky Brothers Karamazov

Is it right to do one monstrous wrong in order to produce a world-changing positive impact on all deprived, desperate, deformed, diseased, and dying people of the world? The Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky, in perhaps the world's greatest novel The Brothers Karamazov, seeks to answer that question. The character Ivan Karamazov, a flaming atheist, blames God for permitting the innocent to suffer (Don't they all?). Then Ivan asks his brother Alyosha, a professed believer if he would do a bad act if it resulted in the eternal happiness of mankind. His required act would be to torture an innocent child, after which this eternal happiness would come into existence. Ivan asks, "Would you consent to be the architect under those conditions? Tell me honestly!" "No, I

Op-Ed: Jerry Falwell Jr, It’s Time to Put on Your Big Boy Pants Zipped Up and Resign

Jerry Falwell Jr

It seems to be one scandal after another for Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Liberty University. Now the World watches smiles and turns in disgust at the photos and video of the Falwell yacht vacation. Jerry is pictured with his arm around a woman in hot pants on a yacht with bikini-clad dancers on deck.  Furthermore, both Jerry and the woman have their pants unzipped with his underpants exposed. Her "pants" were extremely short shorts. Jerry is holding a drink that he called "black water." And Jerry posted it on Instagram! Jerry says this was a theme party, a parody of the Trailer Park Boys, a raunchy and crass Canadian mockumentary that aired 106 episodes. The movie version used the F word 935 times, a world record. Yet, Falwell