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Should Western Nations Send Missionaries to Backward Nations Seeking to Change their Values?


Captain Cook discovered Hawaii in 1778, and on his third trip in 1779, he was killed during a brawl on the beach. A few years later, the Second Great Awakening began, and there was great interest by Christian enthusiasts from Yale who were concerned for the Hawaiian people. On one of my visits to Hawaii, I heard the famous quip, “American missionaries came to Hawaii to do good and ended up doing well—very well.” No, they ended up changing a pagan, savage people into a lawful, Christian society. King Kamehameha died just before the first missionaries arrived. His wife, Kaʻahumanu, and his son, Liholiho (King Kamehameha II), abolished the pagan religion with its kapu rules or code of conduct. To break

Sunday Thoughts: The Intolerance of Judgement?

Judgment Day

Many could care less about Biblical teaching when it comes to judging morality. They are quick to ridicule and mock anything related to the Bible - quickly pointing out what they may feel is the hypocrisies in various teachings and their application in our lives. Right Wire Report, it should be noted, is not attempting religious indoctrination. This article is offered as an analysis and perhaps a limited lesson in critical thinking that nothing can be truly understood without accurate context applied. For those in present-day America, this exercise is relevant and should be applied when making sense of all the current political and civil unrest. However, I do find it curious this is one passage from the Bible even

Sunday Thoughts: Speculating the Date of the Second Coming of Christ

Second Coming

By now, the harsh reality of the 2020 presidential results has smacked many people square in the face and is beginning to sink in. It was always positioned as a pivotal election that would have grave consequences for the near and distant future. Half of the people are jubilant that they have won something - what is unclear. For the other half, they are furious about election theft. Has America turned into a banana republic? Still, others believe that this will be the end of America as we know it, foretelling an apocalyptic future. In times like this, one has to ground ourselves in a bigger picture of our world's beliefs and faith on a millennial timeline basis. For some, mostly

Loosey Goosey Evangelicals Misuse, Misinterpret, and Mangle Bible to Defend Open Borders

Open Borders

Joe Biden said, "I respect no borders!" Well, neither do thieves, thugs, tyrants, and totalitarians. Nor do border-crossing drug lords, terrorists, pedophiles, disease carriers, and job seekers. Thinking Americans know that there must be order in everything. Without borders, there are no nations, but then, that's what leftists want. Protestors chant, "No borders, no walls, no USA at all!" Their demand for amnesty, sanctuary cities, and open borders is a plan for anarchy. I have been accused of being unreasonable, unkind, and even unchristian in my opposition of amnesty and sanctuary cities; however, the accusation is not based on solid reasoning or the Scripture. Leftist Evangelicals misrepresent the Bible to make it fit their pathetic, perverted, progressive, and political positions. Bleating heart

Sunday Thought: The Morality of Allowing Bad Things to Happen

The Scream

You probably have heard this story before - my 4-year-old little girl was just diagnosed with cancer, and I am devastated by this news. I find it hard to pray. I feel angry, and I don’t understand why God would allow this to happen. People say God has a plan, and he is looking out for us, but how are we to understand a good and loving God when such tragic things can happen to innocent children? Still, others philosophically wonder - why did God allow Adam and Eve to sin? He must have known what they were going to do, and it seems to me that it would've been better if He had just stopped them. The world was already

Op-Ed: Is Adultery Required for Being a U.S. Presidential Candidate?

Joe Biden Pope Francis

Adulterers have served as U.S. President almost since our beginning. Our present leader is an admitted adulterer; however, he’s all we have. And he has kept his promises and has had unusual success in domestic and foreign affairs, the economy, COVID-19, and there is no reason to think he would stop keeping his word. As to any sexual affairs in the present, no one knows. Nothing would shock me. However, I am weary of reading about Joe Biden’s decency and his faith. If Joe—longtime swamp critter—is so decent and true to his faith, why does he stand opposite to what his Roman Catholic Church teaches? He has supported the slaughter of innocent unborn babies all his political life and now even supports

Op-Ed: Government Has No Authority to Control a Church

Church Vs State

Well, that’s not precisely true because if a church receives tax dollars, it is obligated to give an account for the use of that money and slavishly obey the government’s demands. If a church takes its currency, they must accept state control. With nickels go nooses. What the government funds it runs. And finally, with shekels come shackles—always. That is a good reason for church officials to refuse any government money. A free and independent church can and should refuse to obey any government order to close or limit attendance. Moreover, a church should never send information to the government except to support a member’s giving record. I would never send any other information to any government agency. After all, what

Leftwing Evangelicals for Biden Have Lost Their Moral Compass

Leftwing Evangelicals

Evangelical Christians voting for Biden is as strange as a five-hundred-pound girl doing a backflip or an orangutan doing a tap dance. But then Evangelicals have been leaning left for decades since they made their break with biblical reliability. And a rule of life is, one always falls the way one leans. It seems they fell to the left and "can’t get up." In 1942, some heavyweights and many lightweight Christian leaders decided to cut their fundamentalist roots and identify as scholars, not pulpit banging "come-outers" who were "against everything." They wanted to be recognized as religious scholars, responsible leaders, but not resolute separators. They did not want to identify with Biblicists, who refused to approve, associate, or align with non-believing

Sunday Thought: How Can Christians Support Trump a Rich Man?

Harry Truman Rich in Politics

Here at the Right Wire Report, we run a chat room where though primarily conservative-leaning, we welcome all political persuasions to come in and debate the political issues of the day. You are welcome as well - we have regularly 40 to 60 chatters each and every day. Recently we had one individual come into our chat room to challenge Christians and their support for Trump in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. The chatter's assertion was that to be a Christian; one can not support Trump for president because he is rich. To be a Christian, one must divest all one's wealth and follow Christ. There are many Biblical texts on the rich man entering the kingdom of heaven. However, to

Sunday Thoughts: Why Christianophobia Works to Deliver the Leftist Agenda Against Western Culture

Attacks On Christians

With the nomination of Judge Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court by President Trump, people's faith will come into focus. Attacks on religion, specifically Christianity, may become part of a new narrative. Read Bill Maher's vicious attack on the judge's religion here. We have already seen Black Lives Matter protests turn their wrath against churches as well. Christians are under attack worldwide at a rapidly rising rate. It seems that the Christian religion is under attack everywhere one looks. One of the drivers behind this is a belief that religion is not compatible with science and serves to block human advancement. Some have advocated that in order to save humanity we must kill God.  There are many examples of these anti-religionists. Historian