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If Sports Are Redeemable, Why Isn’t Society?

Sports Stars

There is a vocal legion of Democrats that America's history of slavery and racism precludes it ever from being truly redeemed. Black Lives Matter and Antifa torch innocent cities and attack innocent bystanders (here, here, here, here, here, here, here - seriously, how many videos does one need to be convinced Trump isn't the enemy?) while demanding the whole white supremacist system deserves it and needs to be dismantled. Reasonable minds take a different stance. The reality is that nowadays, blacks, like all Americans, can engage as much or as little in the economic and political system as they choose. As one evidentiary claim, when Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams can be ignored by the leftist community despite their

Everything About Modern Transportation Is Racist?

Transportation Racism

In the world of the left, racism is ubiquitous. COVID is racist, policing is racist, housing is racist, incomes are racist, education is racist, Trump is super racist - even though Biden gets away with all kinds of actual racist remarks (you ain’t black, poor kids can do just as good as white kids, etc.). All white people are racist, even if they aren’t because they help propagate a racism system. We shake our heads, we resist at the polls, and we try our hardest in conservative online communities, but even a swimmer giving the ocean hell gets pulled away in a strong enough riptide. Do you know how they say addicts and users need to hit rock bottom before really being

Op-Ed: Leftists Want Our President Dismissed, Defeated, or Dead!

Trump Attacks

The Associated Press on Sunday reported that Law enforcement officials had arrested an unidentified lady who mailed ricin poison to the White House. There is no antidote for ricin. It is my opinion that we will see more attacks on the President in the following weeks. The enemies of freedom want Trump out whether he is dismissed, defeated, or dead.I don't want to put these words in print, but I must. I believe the far left has been softening up America to eliminate the President of the United States and accomplish a coup d ‘état by Socialists and Communists. (A Communist has a gun; the Socialist doesn't, but he will get one.) Others, less radical, will be satisfied to destroy

Household Incomes Reflect Values, Not Racism


In 2018, the median income for white households was $65,777. This is substantially higher than the worldwide median household income, which in 2013 was listed as hovering around just $10,000. Ask a conservative and they'll point to this as evidence of how great and privileged it is to be an American. Ask anyone else and they'll point to white privilege and systemic advantages. No doubt, a median income of $65,000 affords a lot of opportunities. Even after accounting for taxes that siphon 25% away from the principal, an average mortgage payment of $1,100 in 2020, and an average monthly car payment of $350, there is still about $31,000 left for other expenses. It doesn't offer a lavish lifestyle, but with proper

Legitimate Questions About The Freedom Georgia Initiative

The Freedom Georgia Initiative

Reports came out of Breitbart earlier this week that two enterprising young black women found the answer to America’s alleged failures with regard to and slaughter of the black diaspora. Previously, returning everyone on a boat to Liberia didn’t work out. In that abject failure, all of the repatriated American blacks treated the native black population of Liberia with an unmasked air of superiority and brand of oppressive colonialism. A poorly envisioned agenda is likewise taking shape. According to the Breitbart article, the community of Freedom, Georgia is emerging as a response to the endemic and systemic racism that apparently pervades American society today. Give the Fascistic Trump government a doffing of the cap for affording hunted-down black people an opportunity

I Guess Race Explains Every Bad Thing In History

Race Matters

Ask most Americans right now how important race is, and you’re likely to encounter a long-winded diatribe against systemic racism and white supremacy. So, super important. All those dastardly white founders you learned about in grade school were actually monsters. They secretly didn’t care if America had individual liberty, religious freedoms, and limited government intervention; they just wanted to find a way to cement the institution of slavery for all time. Racism explains everything good and bad about America - ever. America is successful because it was built upon the backs of slaves. America is also the worst because it had black slaves owned by white men. Put another way, everything good about America is due to the work of slaves,

Racism, Rebellion, and Revolution Promoted by Prissy Prostitutes of the Press!

Media Lies

It seems the only standard now used by the media is a double standard. I remember when reporters (in all media) took pride in their independent, balanced, and accurate reporting. You know, the hard-hitting reporter who could not be bought, and was often underpaid, but one you could trust. His agenda was truth. He or she would never report an untruth and would never refuse to reveal the truth. Recently, I saw a network reporter interview the attorney for Jacob Blake and neither one mentioned anything negative about Blake who is recuperating in the hospital after being shot seven times. The video shows him resisting arrest; there was a knife in his vehicle; he had been charged of entering the home

Smithsonian in Tax-Payer Funded Racism


Racism, in all its forms, is unpleasant and should not be tolerated. What's even worse is when a tax-payer funded museum, such as the Smithsonian, decides they will engage in racism, while pretending it's something else. In their infinite wisdom, the National African American Museum, which is part of the Smithsonian, embarked on a new initiative called "Talking About Race" with a chart listing attributes of white people. See the chart below or click here. Perhaps the museum's creative team should crack open a dictionary or simply google the term "stereotyping" before engaging in overt racism and putting it forth as some redeemable product of value. An organization such as the National Museum of African American History should have a grasp

The Reeducation of Educators, Part 2: Indoctrinating Students Through Social Justice

Education Activism

The public school system is beyond repair, and amazingly, parents don't seem to notice or care. It all needs to change - the awareness, the caring, and most of all, the system itself. At the core of the problem, educational programs are guided by social justice theory and therefore reforms within classrooms and districts are guided by a revolutionary lens of racial reckoning and economic redistribution. As social justice cannot be reconciled with facts, science, or merit, this is ripping apart the very notion of traditional learning expectations. Part 1 of this series explored that conundrum vis-a-vis student management and the physical harm your child faces when they attend school. As it stands, actual student violence is tolerated at the same

The Myopia of the Left

Myopia of the Left

The perspective they have on - well, everything now - begs the question: Are they intentionally misleading folks, or are they really that clueless? There is no third option. If one were to believe the American Left - and unfortunately many people do - one would also have to believe that the ills of America are uniquely our own. If only we were like the rest of the world, all would be fine. Most recently, the moral degenerates at the Democrat Convention blamed Trump for the 170,000 COVID-related (as opposed to COVID-caused?) deaths. The fact that they trot out New York's feckless governor, he whose state has helmed a state with more death than any other, to call Trump a clueless virus