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The Reeducation of Educators, Part 1: Responding to Dangerous Student Behaviors

Reeducation Part1

Consider this a Public Service Announcement for the rest of society that is not currently in reeducation - oops, professional development - over the summer as a public school educator. Unless you’re in the profession, you don’t know how bad it is. By it, I mean the public school system and by bad, I mean anti-white, anti-capitalist, anti-science, and anti-American. Did you think your tax dollars were paying to continue developing teachers in the areas of literacy instruction or mathematical modeling? How quaint. There is hardly a whisper of instructional improvements anymore. In fact, teachers are being brainwashed to think that the whole system was built by and in order to benefit white students, so any attempt at improving reading pedagogy is

Normalcy Bias May Kill You!

Ostrich Head In Sand

The normalcy bias, unknown to most people, refers to the inclination for people to lessen the probability of possible threats or their dangerous repercussions. Consequently, the normalcy bias causes many people not to prepare for natural disasters, accidents, and world pandemics. In simple terms, it's the ostrich effect; however, ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand! They aren't that stupid. When an ostrich senses danger, it falls to the ground and remains still.When uneducated, unthinking, and unconcerned people sense danger, they look to the government—when often the government is the problem. With the Chinese coronavirus, the world has experienced the first world lockdown, and it was done based on dubious evidence. Not only businesses (which I may add, are

69% of Americans have Succumbed to Coronavirus Fear – Will You?

Coronavirus Shopping Fear

You are walking down the sidewalk when you come upon someone walking in the other direction. The person passing you by does not even look at you or say hello. Instead, they take a few steps to avoid you. Like you are a diseased rabid dog. I am sure we have all experienced the situation during this Coronavirus crisis. The Coronavirus crisis has turned us all into germaphobes. A public park bench - who was sitting there before you? Social distancing - what can one say? Many stores have placed tapped lines and circles for you to stand in to ensure you avoid coming close to another human being. Shopping has turned into shopping for mere basics - mostly canned beans

Every Big Top Circus must have a freak sideshow!

Pissi Myles

Too much? Enough is enough? Or is this just right? By "this" I mean a flaming crimson, (Tower of Pisa leaning) platinum wig-wearing, stiletto balancing act, and a  vulgar exhibitionist who labels themself a Drag Queen. Allow me to introduce to you one Pissi Myles. Myles, who identifies as an Entertainer/Reporter sans persona, is 33 yr old, Joe D'Angio from  Asbury Park, New Jersey, where he resides with his husband. Pissi can be seen most weekends performing in the West Village in full drag. Wednesday, complete with a selfie stick, this sideshow entered Longworth House Office Building on assignment for an open-source, live-streaming TV network called Happs TV. The mission was a marketing ploy and strutting about snapping pictures with Congresswoman  Schakowsky and