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Woke Definition of Racism means, the NBA and NFL are Racist

Ibram X. Kendi and Robin DiAngelo

For time immemorial, the definition of racism was concise and straightforward. If you felt superior over someone because they were of a different race, that was racism. Racism is rooted in tribalism, which has a fear in otherism, which itself is rooted in evolution, so the practice is at least understandable. There is a survival element to racism - me or you, buddy. It is also how we ended up with heinous institutions like slavery throughout human history, including in the United States. None of this excuses racist tendencies today. They are wrong and should be called out wherever possible. I'd say social media has even made it too easy. No doubt, as Americans, we have unquestionably and morally evolved beyond

It Is Time To Boycott the NBA and NFL

Sports Boycott

It is past time for a national television and internet boycott of our pastimes. These leagues offer abundant vocal and financial support of anti-American and pro-Communist causes. Here are just three examples: Colin Kaepernick’s adoration of the murderous Castro regime, the entire NBA’s tacit approval of China’s totalitarian suppression of freedom in Hong Kong, and solidarity with Black Lives Matter (more anon). Why should we pay to watch and cheer on people that denounce us and our country as racist losers while simultaneously uplifting the worst of humankind? A little history is in order. Toward the end of 1955, the Jim Crow laws of the South allowed for segregation on public transportation. As they should, every American knows the name Rosa Parks.