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Racism, Rebellion, and Revolution Promoted by Prissy Prostitutes of the Press!

Media Lies

It seems the only standard now used by the media is a double standard. I remember when reporters (in all media) took pride in their independent, balanced, and accurate reporting. You know, the hard-hitting reporter who could not be bought, and was often underpaid, but one you could trust. His agenda was truth. He or she would never report an untruth and would never refuse to reveal the truth. Recently, I saw a network reporter interview the attorney for Jacob Blake and neither one mentioned anything negative about Blake who is recuperating in the hospital after being shot seven times. The video shows him resisting arrest; there was a knife in his vehicle; he had been charged of entering the home

NYT and WAPO Vomit Out Their Latest Sick Propaganda – Trump Death Clock


Surprise! Well, maybe not so much, more like predicting your grandmother would grab you by the scruff of your neck and make you brush your teeth after eating that piece of candy, The Washington Post headlines another anti-Trump article. Oh, but it is not just Colgate toothpaste, this time it is Colgate optimum plus with special enzymes to eradicate all possible remnants of plaque and annihilate the tooth's mortal enemy, the cavity, once and for all! Written by Eugene Jarecki and entitled, "Trump's COVID-19 inaction killed Americans. Here's a counter that shows how many." Catch that? It is a Clarion call for a National Death Counter display like the National Debt Clock. The Post enlisted Jarecki's special "film making and thinking skills" as

New York Times Lies About Hannity, Covers With Stealth Edits

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Imagine boarding a fantastical time machine with the intention of visiting a landmark event in history, perhaps to witness the signing of the Constitution or the Wright Brother's first flight in December of 1903, but something goes catastrophically awry, and you find yourself in Nazi Germany - more specifically in the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda headed by Joseph Goebbels.  Unfortunately, the New York Times took that ill-fated ride and never returned. During the holocaust, the Times printed 26 front-page stories about the atrocity, but only six of them highlighted Jews as the primary victim. Instead, they employed euphemistic terms such as:  "refugees seeking shelter," "Frenchmen facing confiscation," or "civilians dying in German camps." The times managed to

NYT doxes “Freaking Evil” Seal, Edward Gallagher – attempt to denigrate Trump and our military?

Spoiler alert - July 2019, Navy Seal Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher was found not guilty of murder and attempted murder by a jury of his peers (combat veterans). The only conviction was for posing with a human casualty in a photo. Five months after his conviction the New York Times (NYT) has published leaked video evidence as part of a cache of confidential Navy investigative materials from the prosecution (JAG) on the case. Two questions spring to mind. First, did the NYT just dox some of the identities of SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon? The video clearly shows the faces of several members being interviewed. The second question is, why now? In the era of "Orange Man Bad," forgive us if the