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Fighting Over the Crumbs, the Great Diversion from Class to Race

Fighting Amongst Ourselves

The police killing of George Floyd has prompted a remarkable increase in the public's receptivity to the Black Lives Matter movement. Just as noteworthy, though, is a parallel rise in support for more wide-ranging policy solutions to address the broader problem of racial, ethnic, and gender discrimination - tribalism. However, most of the focus on policy solutions is on the tribal differences and little on class differences - especially when it comes to income wealth inequality. This is a stark difference from prior class protests like Occupy Wall Street. Just how did this narrative change from class to race? First, let's take a look at income wealth inequality between race and class. In terms of race, it is true that there

Elites Running Scared of #BLM?

Mitt Romney Marches BLM

French Revolution, the rebels today are reactionaries tomorrow. Maximilien Robespierre led the reign of terror until he was guillotined as one of its last victims, and the farcical scenes of Marat ended with his own stabbing in a bathtub in retaliation for his bloody excesses. It is a cycle repeated in history. When the music stops, fewer and fewer chairs can be found by those who readily embraced extreme measures. Right Wire Report has a passionate discussion on why elites are supporting Black Lives Matter. Check out other videos from the Right Wire Report - click here. Editor's note: This video was taken down by YouTube and the Right Wire Report is challenging YouTube for their action as a violation of the