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Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It: Vote Red To Save The Republic – Senate Round-Up


What is truly at stake this November? Forty-two days out, it is time all Americans examine this question. If President Trump wins a second term, but the House remains in the Democrats control and Republicans lose the US Senate - successful impeachment is a given. Under that same scenario with the variation that Republicans win the House but lose the Senate - the Democrats can block judges and keep Trump's legislative agenda from becoming law. A Democrat president, whomever that turns out to be, who kept the House and took back the Senate would fundamentally change the country as we know it. In the above scenario, in the event the House flipped to the Republicans, but the Senate fell into Democrat

My Birdseye View of Michelle Malkin’s Arizona State University Speech

ASU-MaLkin Arizona

Michelle Malkin recently spoke at an event hosted by the College Republicans at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe on February 26th, 2020. I was fortunate enough to attend her speech and offer this report from my birdseye view. Malkin was born in America following her parents immigrating from the Philippines on an employer-sponsored visa for her father's medical education. She is an author who has published four books, a journalist and political blogger who founded the highly successful conservative websites. Hot Air and Twitchy, and both a prominent female conservative voice and contributor to Fox News and other national platforms. She also has a syndicated column that can be seen weekly in newspapers and other websites.  Malkin has written and spoken