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The Lie of Disbanding Police in Camden, N.J.

Defund Police

Disbanding police departments works! This is the claim by liberal news organizations touting the positive effect of "re-imagined" policing in Camden, NJ, that resulted in a 60% reduction in homicides and a 42% reduction in overall violent crime between 2011 and 2019. In the aftermath of George Floyd's death, while in the custody of Minneapolis police, Black Lives Matters, ANTIFA, democrat politicians, and most of the mainstream media are pushing for police reform. The measures they're proposing include defunding, disarming, disbanding, and modifying racial make-up of officers.  All eyes are on Camden, New Jersey as the model to emulate for improving policing across the country. What did Camden, New Jersey, do that made them a success? Did they follow the

Georgia Man, Santa for 50 YEARS, fired for posting Facebook photo wearing Trump hat

The Gateway Pundit - A Georgia man who has played a mall, Santa Claus, for the last 50 years was fired earlier this week for posting a photograph in a Trump hat on his personal Facebook account. Frank Skinner's decades-long career playing Father Christmas includes 14 years at the Mall of Waycross, the mall that just fired him after receiving a complaint about his post. The photo in question was taken as the mall was closing when no children were around, and just meant for his friends and family. "I in no way meant to cause anyone discomfort," Skinner said. "At the time I thought it was harmless fun. Now I realize in this day and age that I should

Tracking political violence of the leftist Democrats – Liberal Hate Map

Liberal Hate

Political violence seems to be on the rise, and both sides are claiming the other is inciting political violence. Is this true? Take a look at what the liberal left call hate or political violence on their  Trump hate map. Further, let's examine one post, there are many like this, on their map - click here. The story is about someone calling ICE to report illegal aliens. This is hate?  The illegal aliens are breaking the law! This is not hate, rather doing your civic duty. If you don't agree, change the law - if you believe in a general open border policy. Other posts on the supposed Trump hate map are about lone wolf gunman under mental distress, and often are

Gay woman claims homophobic hate speech, then commits revenge robbery

Pinknews - Picture it: You’re going about your day, shopping for groceries, when you become the victim of a hate crime from a homophobe. So somehow this gives one license to commit revenge robbery? This hypothetical scenario became a reality for Toronto-based Alyssa (so she claims), and her way of dealing with it has divided Twitter. In the wild tale which has amazed as much as it has appalled, Alyssa, 21, allegedly stole the bag from a woman who played a role in sending her to conversion therapy camp, she claimed and used the money to pay for her rent. Alyssa claims it has been five years since she bumped into her "hate speech attacker" in a superstore aisle. She told PinkNews that