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Debunking the Poverty Causes Crime Myth

Poverty Crime

As we watch the nation continue to explode in protests/riots over the George Floyd killing by a police officer in Minneapolis and across the country, there is a narrative that goes well beyond the incident of George Floyd. The narrative says that there is a crisis of systematic racism that drives poverty. Hence, there is some implied justification for these protests/riots in a drive of some kind of perceived economic injustice. So the question that many ask: Does Poverty Cause crime? Let's put this theory to the test. In 2018 median Black household income (the level at which half of the households have higher incomes and half the lower) reached $41,511. For the same year across the U.S., it was $61,937.

Can Democrats Get Us to Forget Reality and Prevent a Trump Victory in November?

Crying Democrats

A recent Axios Podcast predicated that on election night, it would appear that Donald Trump would win re-election in a major landslide, but not to be too hasty because "mail-in ballots will take longer to count." Translation: the Democrats learned their lessons from 2000 and 2018, and this time, they're going to take the time to manufacture enough votes (or perhaps visit enough cemeteries) to try and make it appear as if they've won. The dry run for clawing back just enough votes after results were tallied happened in the 2018 Mid Terms when each day post-election results yielded flips from seats called for Republicans to wins for the Democrats as ballots magically appeared. Fraud has always been a component in the

African Americans, the Democratic Party’s Cannon Fodder?

African American Cannon Fodder

Have you seen a pattern recently in the American media? There seems to be an endless stream, almost every day, of African Americans getting shot by police - seemingly for no reason. Afterward, the community protests and subsequent riots ensue. It's not just one city. It's all across the country. It has been going for some time, remember Ferguson? But recently, this same story has repeated itself more regularly. It started with the George Floyd shooting by police in Minneapolis. We all saw what appeared to be horrific actions of police when trying to apprehend Floyd by placing his knee on his neck, which we were told killed him. Weeks later, the actual truth came out - see here.  We now

Joe Biden in Denial, Fanning the Flames and Refuses to Disavow Left-Wing Violence

Joe Biden Pennsylvania

Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to see what reality is. Or perhaps it's all in the Matrix. Joe Biden made a big splash in the media recently to announce that he would disavow the ongoing riots and violence occurring across the nation. Would Joe Biden come out of his basement and actually disavow the radical Left and all the national violence they have brought to America? Unfortunately, we have been disappointed. Pittsburgh (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump in a recent speech from battleground state Pennsylvania of sowing chaos amid nationwide protests, pushing back on Republican assertions that Trump stands for "law and order." "This president long ago forfeited any moral leadership in this country,"

The Myopia of the Left

Myopia of the Left

The perspective they have on - well, everything now - begs the question: Are they intentionally misleading folks, or are they really that clueless? There is no third option. If one were to believe the American Left - and unfortunately many people do - one would also have to believe that the ills of America are uniquely our own. If only we were like the rest of the world, all would be fine. Most recently, the moral degenerates at the Democrat Convention blamed Trump for the 170,000 COVID-related (as opposed to COVID-caused?) deaths. The fact that they trot out New York's feckless governor, he whose state has helmed a state with more death than any other, to call Trump a clueless virus

The Real Party of Tolerance

Party of Tolerance

The left labeling itself as the party of tolerance is exactly like Orwell's Big Brother declaring that "war is peace," freedom is slavery," and "ignorance is strength." The left makes simple charges without proof, such as "we are the party of tolerance" or "we are the party of science. Then, right after declaring tolerance as their ethos, they run Brett Kavanaugh and his family through the mud; or, right after declaring science as the supreme guiding light, they say biological men are akin to women if they so declare and therefore need to be allowed to compete athletically against lesser equipped women. Politically, it's very smart; by deduction, it reduces conservatives to the party of intolerance and anti-science. In reality, however, their

Don’t Lump Me In With Radical White Losers in Portland

Radical White Losers

In the devolution of society that is identity politics, all whites are evil and hold up the racist system known as the United States. Nothing about skin color is actually binding, but that won’t stop the left from making the claim. The incessant noise about white privilege, systemic racism, and everything else that’s echoed by hollow Democrats is reaching a boiling point in society. How long can blaming all whites for evils committed hundreds of years ago last before good people are finally fed up with the vile aspersions being cast about? Let’s be perfectly clear, as a white cis male, I have more in common with a black trans female that values liberty, individualism, and commitment to God and family

Black Lives Matter Ridicule, Renounce, and Reject Western Civilization and Plan to Rescind it!

Americans Black Lives Matter

The radical revolutionaries in the BLM movement are a greater threat to freedom than the Communist threat of the Cold War. That is true because they may not have missiles, but they do have committed youth with a perceived cause (racial injustice) and the financial support of old, Marxist, almost dead white men. Thinking people know that revolutionaries are fanatics that only have a revolution in mind. Too enlist compatriots, revolutionaries will use any cause that will be accepted by people too lazy to work and too bombed to think. Plus, they have the advantage of the U.S. having been softened up over the previous 50 years by socialist termites in the mainline churches, the public school system, higher education, and the media. Jesse Jackson and his

The Smithsonian Has Major Problems With American Greatness


It recently came to light that a poster in the Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and Culture, located in our nation's capital and funded by our tax dollars, visualized a series of "aspects and attitudes" around whiteness and white culture that take as much a denunciatory stance as it does an educational one. Inspired by the work of one Judith Katz from 1990, it lays out traditional traits of individual hallmarks of success and condemns them as fundamental flaws. The poster has alarmed most normal people, not least of all because it seeks to erode the very plinths upon which our magnificent nation was created and which now sustain it, if ever so precariously. It also raises more questions. If these

Truth About Crime Stats and Policing by Red-Pilled Black Americans

Why do so many Americans, and especially Black Americans, think there's an epidemic of cops killing blacks? The answer is one word - Media. "White Cop Kills White Man" does not generate clicks or views. "Another Black Man Killed by White Cops" stirs controversy and gas lights emotions, racism sells, and maximizes advertisement revenue. "Black on Black crime epidemic" may be the truth, but that headline is not profitable. The media consistently engages in the omission of officer-involved shootings when the victim is white, blanketing their airwaves covering officer-involved shootings when the victim is black, but never distinguish between justified and unjustified shootings and always framing it as police brutality. The media complex is conscious of the manipulation, and its participants sleep well at night.