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Liberal Revenge Madness, Ready to Punish, Creating a Dystopian America

Judas Satan

Hyper liberal madness is now devouring and running out of control in America. It is truly a frightening dystopian ongoing political purge not seen in recent American history. Does anyone recognize America any more? It is reminiscent of how the Gestapo, the Stasi, and the KGB got so far so fast. Your political leaders and your local neighbors are the willing and enthusiastic enforcers. The Purge is on. Here is the latest example. DELTA airlines kick two women for a private conversation about President Trump. See no evil speak no evil or you will be erased and eliminated. They were removed from a @Delta flight for supporting Trump — Mike Yoder (@Yoder_Esqq) January 9, 2021 Rep. Cori Bush, who made history last year when

Six Possible Republican Objections and Facts About the January 6th Electoral College Showdown

The matter of which tribe you claim, right or left, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal, Marxist Progressive or free-market capitalist, religious or atheist -there is one common denominator. One cannot advance their ideological agenda without representation. Yes, there is the option of force, but modern-day oppression masks itself in insidious ways, unlike the historical occupations and genocides of the past. Therefore integrity in the process of how we constitutionally elect those that represent us is paramount. So what does modern-day force look like? Who dons the masks presently? The uni-party, Tech titans, Media conglomerates, Big Pharma, many major corporations, including sports and entertainment, have aligned with foreign conspirators to dilute our freedoms and shepherd us into a new era of

Would a Joe Biden Presidency be Obama’s Puppet

Biden Obama Puppet

Back in March of 2020, during the Democratic primaries, Joe Biden, in a third bid for the presidency, was a mediocre candidate in a crowded field of mediocre Democrat Party candidates for U.S. President. It seemed as if his campaign was dead. Bernie Sanders, who was then the apparent Democrat frontrunner, looked as if he would win the Democrat Party Convention in July 2020. Many believe if Senator Elizabeth Warren had stepped out of the primary race before Super Tuesday the results would have been a Sanders nomination. Warren's move, who had no chance of winning the nomination at that point, was seen as calculated to assist Biden. Instead, Joe Biden mysteriously and miraculously became the frontrunner. James Clyburn (D-SC), speaking

Joe Biden’s Absurd Assertion About Hunter – Proves His Lack Of Intellectual Capacity And Honesty

Joe Biden and Hunter Sleeping on Crack

The presumed next president of the United States and his wife Jill chose to give an "in-depth" interview to that critically acclaimed, hard-hitting journalist, late-night comedian Steven Colbert. Surprised? You should not be. Recall before the election the person who landed the bid to interview the elusive Candidate Joe was none other than Rapper Cardi B. The Right Wire Report take on that stunning stunt can be read here. Joe has a penchant for avoiding any press questions about his family and Hunter's legal issues and connections with the Chinese Communist Party. So after dodging successfully for months what did Joe finally have to say? “We have great confidence in our son. I’m not concerned about any accusations been made against him. It’s

Biden’s Election is as Stinky, Shady, and Spurious as Persia’s Darius the Great

Biden And Darius

Niccolò Machiavelli has impacted world politicians since publication of The Prince in 1513, in which he advised political leaders to consult the past because human events are similar in all ages. He added, "This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results." Will Durant seemed to agree when he said, man "changes his habits, but he does not change his instincts." He can’t change his instincts. Men change their behavior depending on many influences, but their basic human nature does not change. All honest theologians and philosophers would agree. All men are flawed (the Fall), so each will do the least work

Bizarre Biden Interview, Reveals He Would Lie And Be A Very Weak President

Joe Finger

The Joe Biden “gaffe machine” is well understood and talked about widely - even by Democrats. Mainstream media are quick to defend Joe time after time. Remember this gaffe? Biden said he created a large "voter fraud organization." Democrats accuse Republican leaders of promoting the quote as a confession of wide-scale voter fraud. The Biden's campaign confirmed in a statement sent to multiple media outlets that he described his campaign's efforts to fight voter suppression and counter Trump's false accusations of widespread voter fraud. But is this not what we have seen, a large body of alledged voter fraud - see here? We can take the Biden campaign team for their word on this gaffe - but still, many believe that perhaps

Weekend Conversation – What Does A Biden Presidency Portend?

Biden Presidency

In this installment of Weekend Conversations, PF Whalen of The Blue State Conservative and Parker Beauregard of The Last Best Hope explore the consequences of a Biden/Harris victory on Election Day and examine what effects a Biden Administration might have on our county. PF: It’s a scary thought, frankly, but one that we have to confront, I suppose; and depending on which polls we believe, a fairly likely scenario. A lot of what happens with a Biden administration will depend on who controls Congress. If Republicans can retain 51 Senate seats, then Mitch McConnell will remain Senate Majority Leader and all of the Committee Chairpersons will be Republicans, meaning they will control the agendas and be able to limit Biden’s damage.

Joe Biden Tries to be Presidential on a Bizzare Color Coded Stage

Joe Biden Presidential Stage

"President-elect Joe Biden" urged Americans to resist surrendering to the "fatigue" of the coronavirus pandemic and come together with the shared goal of defeating the virus, echoing calls of public health officials who are calling for the nation to scale down their Thanksgiving celebrations amid the surge in COVID-19 cases nationwide. If Biden should become the eventual winner in the Electoral College, he wants to put the country on a war footing in his very dark message. "I know the country has grown weary of the fight, but we need to remember we're at war with a virus — not with each other," Biden said. Biden said he wants to have a unifying message - but so far, it has been all talk

So, Joe, You Say You Want To Unify Us

Biden Screaching

One of the key takeaways from Joe Biden’s "victory" speech last Sunday was his message of national reconciliation. It’s "time to heal," Biden told us, later pleading, "Stop treating our opponents as enemies." While many believe Biden’s speech was premature, considering that he has not yet been officially confirmed as our next president, he clearly wanted to get a head start.   Let’s assume for a moment that Mr. Biden will indeed be our next president, which is certainly possible, and let’s consider what his next steps will be. Based on his speech on Sunday, Biden appears to be poised for greatness; mending fences that have long been broken, and restoring civil discourse to our electorate. "I pledge to be a

The Search for Meaning in the 2020 Elections

Search Meaning Election 2020

As I write this, the "unbiased' media has declared Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States. Despite multiple, credible claims of voter fraud, dead people casting live votes, hundreds of thousands of ballots "found" at an extremely convenient time, SCOTUS declaring that ballots which came in after election day must be segregated and recounted, and a vote-counting system that is revealing "glitch' after "glitch' the media (who by the way don't determine the president) have decided to abandon the pretense and just declare their boy won. So, what does this mean if it's true? It means that the Democrats, to whom power and dominion over others is an entitlement, were caught flat-footed in 2016. They expected Hillary Clinton to waltz into