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16 Biden, DNC and Media Lies Debunked – With Citations, Share With Your Undecided Friends

George Orwell Media Lie

America is one week away from a presidential election. Americans have been consistently lied to by the Democrat regime, by Biden, and by the media. To grasp how gravely our present Republic teeters on the precipice and the rationale for the systemic lies - we implore you to absorb the content of this video: Someone has to say it...this depth of deception and indoctrination was not happenstance rather by design and with impunity. And intellectual lazy voters who never read past the headlines or sought to validate or disprove a claim have facilitated this successful massive information warfare advanced technology delivers 24/7. Those lying to you depend on your apathy. Yes, very tedious, but again someone has to do it. Truth must

RNC Fact-Checked, Lies and Damn Lies, Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers

The Democrats and their media allies were in hyper-drive last week performing their "due diligence" (cough!) fact-checking the 2020 Republican National Convention. Many networks were doing so live during the convention coverage and even posting disclaimers, something they chose not to do during the Democrat National Convention. How bad was it? Bad enough for the world news outlets to take note of the double standard and aggressive mission, that is how bad. A lie is a demonstrable false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive. Unfortunately, the media conglomerates in our country run a scam known as "Verify," which is a uniformed fact-checking document distributed to all media syndication, newspapers, and local Television stations, so it is rare to find any