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Yellow Dog Democrats in Georgia Will Vote for GOP

Democrats in Georgia

My title may seem very ambitious, but I think it will be a political reality if not an anomaly in our nation. For the uninitiated, a Yellow Dog Democrat is a lifetime Democrat who would vote for a yellow dog before voting for any Republican. Consequently, they would never split their vote.The south has been full of them for a hundred years.I grew up in West Virginia in a family of multigenerational Yellow Dog Democrats. I was nourished from birth at my mother’s bosom with Democrat milk; however, it made me politically puny. Growing up near the coalfields, I remember the almost constant battles, even killings, as the head of the coal miners’ union John L. Lewis, President of the

Just How Hackable Are Voting Machines?

Hack The Vote

No, the election is not over. Trump has many ongoing legal cases to challenge the current results being reported by media. President Donald Trump’s team and their allies have set up a website for people to report possible cases of fraud or voting irregularities. You can report voter fraud you personally experienced, witnessed, or found via the world web. Report everything before they hide the evidence - click here. Researchers have questioned the reliability of voting machines that state and local officials have rushed to implement at their polling locations for the 2020 presidential election. According to a February report by Associated Press, some of the most popular ballot-marking machines, made by Election Systems & Software and Dominion Voting Systems, register

The Search for Meaning in the 2020 Elections

Search Meaning Election 2020

As I write this, the "unbiased' media has declared Joe Biden the 46th President of the United States. Despite multiple, credible claims of voter fraud, dead people casting live votes, hundreds of thousands of ballots "found" at an extremely convenient time, SCOTUS declaring that ballots which came in after election day must be segregated and recounted, and a vote-counting system that is revealing "glitch' after "glitch' the media (who by the way don't determine the president) have decided to abandon the pretense and just declare their boy won. So, what does this mean if it's true? It means that the Democrats, to whom power and dominion over others is an entitlement, were caught flat-footed in 2016. They expected Hillary Clinton to waltz into

Conservatives Stay In The Fight But Wage It Like An Adult

Illegitimate Biden

By now, we have all heard that the media has declared that Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election. However, Rudy Giuliani said at a press conference shortly after Joe Biden was projected to become the 46th president of the United States that President Trump will not concede the election - "obviously he's not going to concede when at least 600,000 ballots are in question." Note that media companies are not the arbitrator of elections. We have government election authorities to do this.  President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is assembling an "all-star" legal team to spearhead legal challenges in the battleground states results that are close. Trump is and should fight vigorously the fraud that is apparent in this election,

I Smell A Rat, Biden The Thief?

Smell Rat

Watching the 2020 presidential election returns have been a long exhausting night. The results? The results, as of this hour, are incomplete. Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and one elector in Maine are all being disputed or have unclear of the winner. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden delivered brief remarks to a crowd of supporters at a drive-in gathering outside the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware. He has been watching election results with his family in Wilmington as votes continue to be tallied across the nation. "We knew this was going to go long," Biden said, acknowledging that the race will be dragging into Wednesday. "We feel good about where we are. We really do." See his remarks here: President

Un-Woke Award, Harvard Republicans Stand Against The Liberal Tide

Unwoke Award

Harvard University has become the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's 1984, where the truth is actually propaganda and untruth.  Joseph Goebbels would recognize and appreciate the use of language employed in Harvard's student paper, The Harvard Crimson, that stridently claims, "Supporting Donald Trump is the same as supporting white supremacy."  In 2016, the Harvard Crimson stated Trump has "flirtations with fascism" – a claim they still support. Imagine being a parent who paid tens of thousands of dollars to send their ostensibly intelligent little Johnny or Janey off to a highly respected school such as Harvard, or any of the Ivy League schools for that matter, only to have their minds beaten into submission with dubious democrat party and

Mail-in-Voting, Invitation for Corruption, Many Democrats Will Vote From the Grave

Vote by Mail Fraud

Politicians and babies both need to be changed often and for the same reason, and Americans will be attempting to make changes in November. America's future depends on what change if any, we make at the voting booth. And the results will depend on whether we go to the polls or mail in a ballot. The long-honored absentee ballot is generally safe, but a massive mail-in vote is an engraved invitation for vote corruption. Often, a politician may indicate a need for a change, but in reality, it's only a bad odor. Not yet. While it might be premature to change a baby's diaper impulsively, it might be perilous to do the same for a politician. Hence, the need to not

Lamenting the Fall of Communism, Comrade Carville claims Trump the greatest threat to the Socialist Agenda, Endorses Bennet.

“The economy, stupid” democrat strategist, James Carville has recently been making the pundit rodeo rounds. Carville made his name in liberal circles by his performance as lead strategist on Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential Campaign. He has had stints on CNN and was co-host of Crossfire at one time, and has appeared as a political contributor on CNN and MSNBC. He has had a seat and a glass at the Clintonista's cocktail/cheerleading party for decades. Carville appeared on MSNBC,' Hardball,' with Chris Matthews to pass a Hail Mary for Candidate Michael Bennet, endorsing him for president in Democrat primary. The January endorsement is late in the game and Carville's strategy may be more about picking up additional Senate seats for Democrats than

Trump supporter heartfelt call to action – episode 2 (AUDIO Updated)

Standwith Trump

Sitting Doing Nothing, Watching Your Freedoms Taken? Ready To Take Action? Join The Strike Force Team NOW! This has been the rallying call for Real Free Speech One, to get people active in support of Conservatives and our president Donald J. Trump. We have been seeing it for the past three years. First, through the constant FAKE NEWS media, to tear down the Deporables and try to delegitimize the duly elected president. And now through an impeachment inquiry process that can be described as nothing less than a sham. So what can I do? A Real Free Speech One contributor's wife has made an audio asking Americans to become more engaged and promotes ways in which everyone can have an impact. This post

Attacking our 2nd Amendment Rights, the real reason Bloomberg is running (video)?

The diminutive 77-year-old former New York City Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, sauntered to the microphone on Thursday to tell the country why he is running for president and to unveil the cornerstone of his 2020 campaign platform. Bloomberg chose Aurora, Colorado, to deliver his first policy speech in front of a banner stating END GUN VIOLENCE, and flanked by a father who lost his son in the Colorado Movie theater massacre."I’ve been all-in on the fight against gun violence for 15 years, and I’m just getting started," Bloomberg declared. "As president, I will work to end the gun violence epidemic once and for all." Passionately laying out the most extreme broad in scope gun control initiatives of any presidential candidate in the race,