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Weekend Conversation – The Republican’s Approach Moving Forward

Democrat Republicans

In this installment of Weekend Conversations, PF Whalen of The Blue State Conservative and Parker Beauregard of The Last Best Hope examine the approach of the Republican Party moving forward, with Election Day behind us and the likelihood of the Biden/Harris ticket emerging victorious. PF: I think we have to assume at this point that Biden’s going to be inaugurated on January 20th, and it’s a bitter pill, without a doubt. It’s important, however, for Republican leaders to focus on the positives, and there are plenty to consider. Before going into the positives, however, I should probably get this out of the way immediately: I think Joe Biden is a buffoon. I wrote a piece last month detailing some of the more

Yellow Dog Democrats in Georgia Will Vote for GOP

Democrats in Georgia

My title may seem very ambitious, but I think it will be a political reality if not an anomaly in our nation. For the uninitiated, a Yellow Dog Democrat is a lifetime Democrat who would vote for a yellow dog before voting for any Republican. Consequently, they would never split their vote.The south has been full of them for a hundred years.I grew up in West Virginia in a family of multigenerational Yellow Dog Democrats. I was nourished from birth at my mother’s bosom with Democrat milk; however, it made me politically puny. Growing up near the coalfields, I remember the almost constant battles, even killings, as the head of the coal miners’ union John L. Lewis, President of the