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Segregation and Slavery Not Simply Southern Sins

Segegation New York

For weeks, angry Americans have vented their frustration, anger, fear, and even hated of historic persons, especially from the south—an overt attack on its history, heroes, and culture. Liberals love America by burning, looting, and capturing American cities. They destroyed statues and monuments of to point out the southern generals were rascals, racists, and rebels; however, it must be remembered that the North did invade the South. But if all vestiges of the Civil War malefactors are to be removed, what about the vile, miscreant northern generals? In all fairness, I suppose it would be acceptable for me to mention that General Sherman was a monster and proved it in his almost 300-mile scorched-earth march from Atlanta to Savannah. Sherman wrote

Is the American South Racist?

Southern Racism

The American South, racism, hatred, and bigotry are often immediate associations with the region. "I am so sorry" has become a typical response when some tell people I am from the South.  Some say they have experienced more racism, homophobia, and classism in parts of the South than one ever has in other parts of America. Southern history is deeply shaped by the theft of indigenous lands and the exploitation of enslaved Black people. Bigotry permeates history, lingering through Southern lifestyles. Explaining things like white privilege, people would retort with, "We don't act like libtards in the South." Or most significantly, fraternity brothers would be held to lower standards of racial awareness because of their predominantly Southern membership.  The Great Migration, sometimes