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Flipping Colorado and Illinois: 2020 GOP Candidates/Races Spotlight Series – Part 2

Boot Them Out

Again, a warning that if you have an anxiety disorder, skip ahead to the candidate's section-not even musing. There are 128 days, 20 hours, 44 minutes, and 58 seconds as of this writing until Americans cast their ballots for 2020 elections. That is for all races, not just Presidential. Right Wire Report will be addressing why you should pull the lever for the incumbent President, Donald J. Trump, in a separate article forthcoming. But for now, the focus will be on key down-ticket races. If President Trump wins re-election, his policy initiatives and legislative success are dependent on having a Republican-controlled Senate and House to support and advance them. And if the unthinkable happens, and he loses, a republican controlled Senate will be the only thing

Supposed Pro-Lockdown Healthcare Workers Block Open America Protests to What End?

Healthcare Worker Block Protests

Daily Mail - Healthcare workers clashed with anti lockdown protesters in Colorado on Sunday, defiantly standing in front of the cars of demonstrators who flocked to the state Capitol in their hundreds to urge Gov. Jared Polis to lift COVID-19-induced stay-at-home orders. Titled "Operation Gridlock," the day's largest demonstration took place in Denver, where hundreds of protesters ignored social distancing guidelines to huddle together on the lawn of the state Capitol, waving flags emblazoned with slogans such as "Your health does not supersede my right," "Freedom over fear," and "I would rather risk Coronavirus than socialism." A group of healthcare workers stood in the street, clad in their scrubs and facemasks, to counter-protest the calls for re-opening, silently obstructing cars as they