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The China House of Cards, What is their Geopolitical Strategy?

China House of Cards

One of the most important developments in the world over the last few decades has been the rise of China as a new world power. China, whose Communist Party government has ruled now for more than 70 years, will soon have major geopolitical strategic decisions to make. Many believe that China is a house of cards ready to fall. Is this true? And if true, what would this mean for other major countries as they grapple with this reality? It should be noted that the Chinese people are not the issue. They have a long successful and respected place in history and the world today. Rather the leadership (at least parts of it), that the people really have no choice at

China Boasts of Many Helpful Discoveries But Refuses to Accept Responsibility for Diseases

China Discoveries

China boasts of four great inventions: the compass, gunpowder, paper, and printing technology. We applaud them for their contributions; however, they must also take responsibility for many genocides, wars, and the birth and cultivation of Chinese Communism in Asia that is responsible for up to 62 million deaths—of their own people! The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is as great a scourge as any deadly virus, yet they think it is the world’s greatest blessing! What is not known by most people is that China is the source of the three most deadly plagues that smacked the face of our planet in the last 2,000 years. Now, over vociferous denials and charges of xenophobia and racism must be added the Chinese coronavirus. Running

The WHO, a Scientific or a Political Organization?

Taiwan Coronavirus

CNBC - “We feel disappointed and angry about WHO’s (World Health Organization) the decision of not inviting Taiwan to join this year’s WHA, we feel we have so much to share about our successful experiences in this Covid-19 outbreak response,” said Yi-Chun Lo, deputy director-general at Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that the U.S. condemns Taiwan’s exclusion from the WHA. Taiwan is a model world citizen, while the PRC (People's Republic of China) continues to withhold vital information about the virus and its origins, deny access to their scientists and relevant facilities, censor discussion of the pandemic within China and on Chinese social media properties, and casts blame widely and recklessly,” said Pompeo.   CNN - Australia

PANIC? 100 Million Coronavirus China Lockdown in 2nd Wave – Fear Mongering?  

Jilin China Lockdown

Today we are faced with yet another worrisome shocking headline: Fox News - "More than 100 million people in China face new lockdown as second wave of COVID-19 cases emerge." Oh, dear, is this second wave coming to America? At first glance, we don't read the words "face new lockdowns" - we merely see the shocking numbers of "100 million people" in China. Fox News states the following: Nearly 108 million people in China's Jilin province could be forced back into lockdown after a growing group of new Coronavirus infections triggered a backslide in the nation's push to return to normal. The abrupt reversal in China's northeast region has once again cut off public transportation, closed schools, and led to another round of quarantine. Fan Pai, who works

OP-Ed: Was the Global China Virus Lockdown Necessary?

Lockdown America

We are about 50 days into this lockdown, "The Great Suppression" some have dubbed it, this wrecking ball called Coronavirus, that has been swung with great force into our society, smashing to bits a robust and growing Trump economy. Trump himself, and the rest of us, are facing a barrage of medical facts and fiction, aimed at confusion and panic. One has to admire this president for not listening when the press and "scientists" were saying that Coronavirus was "no big deal", instead he chose to act. President Trump shut down China travel, amid the usual liberal cries of racism and painting Trump as a xenophobe. His decisive action protected American lives, perhaps millions, by locking down the country, so he

Dr. Fauci Fumbles Circular Argument During National Geographic Interview


Dr. Fauci seems to have a mental block, a blind spot, or something worse when it comes to discussing whether or not COVID-19 could've been manipulated and released from the Wuhan laboratory.  It's astounding to me that man of his stature, who has employed logic to a very high degree in his professional career and universally respected in the field of immunology could make a remark so beneath his supposed IQ as to appear - challenged. During a National Geographic interview with Nsikan Akpan, Fauci said: "a number of very qualified evolutionary biologists have said that everything about the step-wise evolution over time strongly indicates that it [COVID-19] evolved in nature then jumped species. If you accept the premise that the virus

The Price of Chinese Corruption, The Swamp Runs Deep

Bill Gertz

The Washington Free Beacon has fired one of its top reporters after discovering a "financial transaction" the reporter had with someone he covered, the site announced on Friday. The reporter, Bill Gertz, was recently accused of having worked on behalf of a Chinese billionaire who has been at the center of a recent high-profile legal dispute. The Free Beacon’s leadership published a note saying that the site “recently learned that senior editor Bill Gertz entered into a previously undisclosed financial transaction with an individual or an affiliate of that individual whom Mr. Gertz had covered in some of his reporting.” Gertz was asked to resign, according to the note, and did so. See Washington Free Beacon's note: The Washington Free Beacon recently learned that

Are We In A War With China?

China USA at War

Today we see the whole world pointing their fingers at China for what is occurring with this outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). It may seem reasonable because indeed, it's where it appears to have physically started, according to Chen Quanjiao, an Institute Researcher,  who pointed the finger directly at the General Director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wang Yanyi, for leaking the virus. Patient Zero denials aside, it appears that's the first case from inside the lab itself, (see the EpochTimes Report), and investigations are going forward from that presumption. But you have to stop and ask yourself if the origin of this virus did come from within the lab why was such a horrid virus made in the first place? Many

David Rockefeller: On the Verge of a Global Transformation – We Need the Right Major Crisis

David Rockerfeller

Interesting times we are experiencing. Somewhat like looking through a child's kaleidoscope, subtle turns make a different picture, and different people see what they want, as always has been the case. I'm an advocate for open discussion, always better than hidden agendas. This is why I appreciate a quote from David Rockefeller that openly reveals the goals of the elites. In 1994, Rockefeller was quoted at a U.N. dinner as saying, "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order." David Rockefeller wrote in his 2002 memoirs: "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing

China Lies People Die – Knowingly Infected the World

China Coronavirus

China knowingly allowed COVID-19 to infect every country in the world and, as of this writing, infect over two-million and kill 135,000 people.   ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the rest of the foot soldiers for the Democratic party that dare call themselves “news organizations” are ignoring ALL OF IT. They have little or nothing to say about the damning timeline of lies and disinformation issued by the communist Chinese government, while COVID-19 spread like an assassin to nearly every corner of the globe. The recent revelation that COVID-19 was likely released from a state lab in Wuhan isn’t of any interest to mainstream news outlets, even though it deviates from the original story that it started in a live animal market.