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Biden Suddenly Flushed With Cash, But Where Did It Really Come From?

Act Blue money

In the vein that money is speech, one needs to have a discussion on campaign financing. Who and where is campaign financing coming from in our elections. Less than a year ago, there was a narrative that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was about to go bankrupt. Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decried the DNC as a "bankrupt" organization and warned that Democrats are going to be "outgunned, outspent, and out-lied" in the upcoming election." What a difference a year makes. Suddenly the headlines read: Politico - "Biden Posts stunning monthly cash haul:$365 million." CBS - "Joe Biden shatters record with $ 364.5 million hauls in August." NYT - "Biden expected to surpass $ 300 million raised in August." ABC - "Joe Biden and DNC

Smithsonian in Tax-Payer Funded Racism


Racism, in all its forms, is unpleasant and should not be tolerated. What's even worse is when a tax-payer funded museum, such as the Smithsonian, decides they will engage in racism, while pretending it's something else. In their infinite wisdom, the National African American Museum, which is part of the Smithsonian, embarked on a new initiative called "Talking About Race" with a chart listing attributes of white people. See the chart below or click here. Perhaps the museum's creative team should crack open a dictionary or simply google the term "stereotyping" before engaging in overt racism and putting it forth as some redeemable product of value. An organization such as the National Museum of African American History should have a grasp

“UN-WOKE Award Of The Week,” Project 21 and Horace Cooper

The language of the woke-agenda is casting storm clouds across the American sky.  Our shared history, which is one of discovery, genius, tribulation, redemption, and unprecedented advancement, is under attack, not by enemies from without, but from those within.  The foundations of the education and media edifices are cracking under the onerous weight of Marxist influences that serve to reduce or eradicate any sense of nostalgia or love a citizen might hold in their heart for our great country.  However, in this time of dystopia visited upon us by the Democrat party, there are warriors who stand against them in brave defiance and simply say, "NO," and we must celebrate them. This week’s winner of the "UN-WOKE Award" goes to

Black Lives Matter Ridicule, Renounce, and Reject Western Civilization and Plan to Rescind it!

Americans Black Lives Matter

The radical revolutionaries in the BLM movement are a greater threat to freedom than the Communist threat of the Cold War. That is true because they may not have missiles, but they do have committed youth with a perceived cause (racial injustice) and the financial support of old, Marxist, almost dead white men. Thinking people know that revolutionaries are fanatics that only have a revolution in mind. Too enlist compatriots, revolutionaries will use any cause that will be accepted by people too lazy to work and too bombed to think. Plus, they have the advantage of the U.S. having been softened up over the previous 50 years by socialist termites in the mainline churches, the public school system, higher education, and the media. Jesse Jackson and his

Illegal Actions Against Trump Supporters Normalized – AG Barr WHERE ARE YOU?

Mob Rule

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke. The exhaustive list of unequal justice under the law in our country is growing like wildfire. Contrary to Attorney General William Barr's incessant claims that his office will uphold the law and it will be applied equally, thus far, justice for all has been on an extended holiday. Unless one has the declared "politically correct" party affiliation, creed, sexual orientation, and race the following is illegal: Lying to Congress. Lying to the courts. Leaking classified national security documents and information. Destroying or altering legal and classified documents. Treason and sedition. Enlisting a foreign government and intel agencies to interfere in U.S. elections. Inciting political violence and violent threats. Physical violence. Destruction

BLM vs Trump Supporters: BLM Protest Tactics, Flicking Sharp Fingernails at Eyes

Tulsa BLM vs Trump Supporter

President Donald Trump addressed an enthusiastic - though smaller than expected crowd of supporters at a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 20th, 2020, as some BLM protesters gathered outside. Nevertheless, all in all, a successful Trump rally. Social media reports estimate that the Trump crowd at about 14,000 (another 2,000 to 5,000 outside), and Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters around 200 to 500. It should be noted that many of the previous Trump rallies were in smaller venues, making this one appearing less attended. The BLM may have been bused in, and most definitely were organized. Looking at the video footage of the BLM protesters, one could see scatter signs and tee-shirts that were the same, indicating that someone

Democrats Tried to Steal Trump Tulsa Rally, They Would Steal Your Vote Too

Do you remember America? Every day that passes leaves any memory fading and juxtaposes to a country that no longer resembles the one we grew up in only a few decades ago. Have you ever heard of the Whistlestop? Candidates and Presidents would ride the rails hitting several towns and cities across the country over a few days. The politician would stand at the back of the train once arriving at the station and deliver a rousing political speech while asking for support from all who had gathered. Every political candidate holds campaign events and rallies. Some become things of legend when speaking of the likes of Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Truman, or even Kennedy, who was assassinated as he traveled

Mob Seeks Justice by Searching Officials at their Home, Blocking Streets and Buring the US Flag, After Police Shooting

Once again, we have a community rush to judgment in the absence of a full investigation of facts and evidence regarding a police shooting. However, despite police saying they have corroborating video footage of the alleged suspect running towards officers with a gun and will release it, Black Lives Matter and members of the community fanned emotions and took to the streets in protest. The Hill reports - Raleigh, North Carolina Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. A firearm was found near the 26-year old suspect who was transported to Wake Med. As is standard protocol, the SBI is investigating. According to a statement issued by the Raleigh Police Department, police officers responded to a call of a man with a

Black Lives Matters Cancels Amy Klobuchar’s Rally – Fading Hopes

Klobuchar Protests

Axios - Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) canceled a campaign rally in St. Louis Park in her home state Sunday night after it was disrupted by protesters shouting "Black Lives Matter" and "Free Myon" at the event. The protest was "in support of Myon Burrell, convicted of killing a teenager several years ago, for which he maintains his innocence," WCCO journalist Jeff Wagner notes. "Klobuchar was the county attorney during Burrell's first trial." Klobuchar's campaign manager Justin Buoen told reporters he's "very disappointed about what happened tonight." The video: Klobuchar presidential hopes were already fading fast. Many feel she was trying to stay relevant to be a vice-presidential pick. Events like could kill her hopes of being even a vice-presidential candidate. Earlier Amy Klobuchar's campaign said it raised $2.5 million in