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Op-Ed: America’s Child, Asks Cop, “Are You Going to Shoot Us?” Indoctrination Revealed

indoctrination black youth

I am livid! My day ran long into the wee hours of the morning, yet just before 3 am, I ran across this video and became so incensed I had to put down my thoughts immediately. A simple request. Would the adults please make their way to find a seat at the table?  Americans have spent the last ten days witnessing civil unrest across forty-plus states. Law enforcement and the National Guard have been on our streets attempting to quell an insurrection. The Federal Government even had portions of the 82nd Airborne on standby outside Washington DC as a precautionary measure in case the president had to implement his full authority to keep Americans safe. There have been billions in property damage,

Does Poverty Cause Crime?

Poverty Crime

As we watch the nation explode in protests/riots over the George Floyd killing by a police officer in Minneapolis and across the country, there is a narrative that goes well beyond the incident of George Floyd. The narrative says that there is a crisis of systematic racism that drives poverty. Hence, there is some implied justification for these protests/riots in a drive of some kind of perceived economic injustice. So the question that many ask: Does Poverty Cause crime? Let's put this theory to the test. In 2018 median Black household income (the level at which half of the households have higher incomes and half the lower) reached $41,511. For the same year across the U.S., it was $61,937. So, yes,

Charlamagne tha God, Next Generation Al Sharpton?


Former Vice President Joe Biden told one of the hosts of "The Breakfast Club," a morning radio show popular in the black community, that he "ain't black" if he was considering not voting against Donald Trump in November. By now the dust has settled on the #YouAintBlack flub Biden did. For context here is the full interview Charlamagne tha God and Biden: A lot has already been written on Biden's condescending voice to tell African Americans how to vote. Was it racist? Yes, but Biden has had a long history of making racial comments in the past - click here. Biden did give a fairly weak apology. Democrats say Biden's apology for "you ain't black" comment is enough. One does have

Voting Democrat for Decades, NOT Skin Color, Put Blacks at Risk for Coronavirus

democrat welfare plantation

There are very few things in this world that are a given, but the weaponizing of COVID-19 for a political agenda was never in doubt. Enter stage left: Dr.Fauci stepped to the microphone at the Coronavirus Task Force briefing and either, knowingly or not, launched the set up of the race narrative. Fauci informed a Progressive Left-leaning press pool that preliminary data reveals Black Americans were suffering disproportionally from the virus because of existing health problems that were prevalent in Black communities. We see higher mortality rates in that population. Vice President Mike Pence followed up by saying the Coronavirus Task Force has asked CDC to assemble data on "the unique impact that we're seeing reported on African Americans from the

James Carville Makes a Stunning Admission, Democrats Pander to Black and White Educated Women

Trifling Democrat Strategist James Carville, donned his LSU ball cap on MSNBC to discuss the Super Tuesday primary outcomes. The "Ragin Cajun " nickname given to Carville was on full display as he came to deliver the professional political class within the DNC Club's message. The Clarion call: "I think you're going to start seeing some backlash here, like come on, man, we're speaking pretty loudly, and we're speaking pretty clearly tonight," Carville told MSNBC host Brian Williams. "And we're voters, and we want to be heard. You can just feel it, you can feel it coming. The dynamic is going to change. This ball is moving fast, and it's going to continue to move. I understand that they'll keep raising

Don’t mess with this kid, free-thinking 15-year-old intellectual Black Conservative

Chandler Crump

@realCCrump - Don't mess with this kid. Chandler Crump is a free-thinking 15-year-old intellectual conservative. Chandler describes himself as a technology connoisseur and promotes family-first values. So many times, we see negative articles about African Americans doing poorly. Many African Americans are crying victimhood about how life has done them wrong. Young Black men are stereotyped as threatening, drug dealers, school dropouts, and not caring about family values. But not Chandler. A young man that is going places. Chandler, a well-spoken young man, already has a quite successful YouTube and social media presence espousing many conservative values. This dovetails from another posting we have done on another African American, KingFisher - Do Black Lives Matter to Democrats? A must watch video for