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Our Values

  • Family

    Traditional family values, unfettered by government.

  • Decency

    Encourage faith-based moral decency based on individual choice.

  • Free Markets

    Lawful and fair, free-market capitalism.

  • Environment

    Sensible climate change policy based upon proven science.

  • Borders

    Bordered nation-states, with border security.

  • Association

    Freedom of association unencumbered by government.

  • Free Speech

    Real free speech 1st Amendment rights.

  • Enforcement

    Support for our military, police and first responders.

  • Government

    Limited government to enable individual freedoms.

  • Immigration

    Lawful, limited, reciprocal and merit-based immigration.

  • 2nd Amendment

    2nd Amendment rights enabling civil individual protection.

  • Law and Order

    Law and order based on the original constitution.

  • Culture

    Promote individual harmony among cultures.


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