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  • L. M. McCormick, M.A.

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Former Fortune 500 writer and university writing instructor, the Author of "The Psychology of God: Ten Sons of Haman" about the biblical Book of Esther, L.M. McCormick is a Christian conservative writer, who holds degrees in Psychology/Physiology and Organizational Communication/Semiotics, from University of Washington, and Purdue, respectively. Her graduate degree emphasis was on Semiotics, the study of signs, symbols, and meaning, where the focus is "connecting the dots".

A long time professional copywriter in advertising, Ms McCormick has recently come back to her original and first love, Journalism. As a member of the QAnon collective of citizen investigators and journalists, LM loves the snarkiness of Ann Coulter, with the fun of old-fashioned consumerist writers such as Erma Bombeck ("I Can't Cook", "I Hate Housekeeping", and other titles.) You can help Ms McCormick most by sharing her articles. Thank you. L.M. is currently working on her next book. LM left the Democrat Party in 2003, and is registered as an Independent.