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Hack The Vote
Just How Hackable Are Voting Machines?
November 14, 2020 08:18 by Tom Williams Posted in: Policy - No, the election is not over. Trump has many ongoing legal cases to challenge the current results being reported by media. President Donald Trump’s team and their allies have set up a website for people to report possible cases of fraud or voting irregularities. You can report voter fraud you personally experienced, witnessed, or found via the world web. Report… Continue Reading
Uncle Brian
We All Have An Uncle Brian
October 30, 2020 08:59 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Policy - We all have an Uncle Brian. He is the family member that bloviates unprovoked and uninitiated about his superior political insights and moral preeminence based purely on voting straight-ticket Democrats. When families get together, we all recognize there is a spectrum of thoughts and feelings around the many issues this past year has brought forward to our collective awareness. Coronavirus,… Continue Reading
Op-Ed: Coronavirus Cured My Germophobia
October 29, 2020 09:15 by L. M. McCormick, M.A. Posted in: Culture, Policy - People laugh when I tell them my husband, rather a practical joker, calls me "Monk." After I've shaken someone's hand at a gathering after they're right out of earshot, he'll take the opportunity to lean over and whisper, "Wipe! Wipe!" All my life, I've been deeply afraid of germs. In fact, I am a germophobic person from a long line… Continue Reading
Open Borders
Loosey Goosey Evangelicals Misuse, Misinterpret, and Mangle Bible to Defend Open Borders
October 28, 2020 09:26 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Policy - Joe Biden said, "I respect no borders!" Well, neither do thieves, thugs, tyrants, and totalitarians. Nor do border-crossing drug lords, terrorists, pedophiles, disease carriers, and job seekers. Thinking Americans know that there must be order in everything. Without borders, there are no nations, but then, that's what leftists want. Protestors chant, "No borders, no walls, no USA at all!" Their… Continue Reading
Thinking People
Five COVID Questions For Thinking People
October 27, 2020 10:02 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Events, Policy - The American public needs to begin holding more than one thought in its head at the same time; many things can be true at once. For example, coronavirus can be a real disease that we approach with caution but not paranoid fear. Democrats perform better electorally when the public is ill-informed, unquestioning, and focused on its deranged hate for Donald… Continue Reading
Coronavirus Math
Gobbledygook Coronavirus Math Updates
October 24, 2020 07:48 by Tom Williams Posted in: Events, Policy - The benefits of having historical data to make any analysis is always easier. Back in the middle of the Coronavirus "pandemic," we reported on the Gobbledygook Coronavirus Math. In the fog of breaking events, sometimes the analysis can skew one's thinking. Hence, the Right Wire Report has been asked to update this article with the new data from the CDC… Continue Reading
Past and Future
Will Voters Resist Repeating the Errors of History?
October 17, 2020 09:32 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Economy, Policy - We all have heard the cliches about history repeating itself - and understanding the past is the key to understanding the future. It is sometimes an unfortunate reality, but perhaps we need to look at how human behaviors shape this repeating history. Alexander Tytler was a Scottish advocate, judge, writer, and historian who served as Professor of Universal History and… Continue Reading
Church Vs State
Op-Ed: Government Has No Authority to Control a Church
October 16, 2020 08:12 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Policy - Well, that’s not precisely true because if a church receives tax dollars, it is obligated to give an account for the use of that money and slavishly obey the government’s demands. If a church takes its currency, they must accept state control. With nickels go nooses. What the government funds it runs. And finally, with shekels come shackles—always. That is… Continue Reading
Big Mac
Inflation is Far Worse Than You Think, Especially If You are Poor – A Look at the Big Mac Indicator
October 13, 2020 09:16 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy, Policy - Have you ever wondered why the official inflation numbers never seem to jive with your own personal experience in the US? For the most part, the media has dutifully reported the sometimes nonsensical Consumer Price Index (CPI) data as if it were scripture from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The CPI is determined by comparing the price differences of… Continue Reading
Unwoke Award
Un-Woke Award, Harvard Republicans Stand Against The Liberal Tide
October 10, 2020 08:21 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Elections, Media, Policy, Trump - Harvard University has become the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's 1984, where the truth is actually propaganda and untruth.  Joseph Goebbels would recognize and appreciate the use of language employed in Harvard's student paper, The Harvard Crimson, that stridently claims, "Supporting Donald Trump is the same as supporting white supremacy."  In 2016, the Harvard Crimson stated Trump has "flirtations… Continue Reading