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Media ignores Trump at Davos!
January 23, 2020 22:09 by Blueday Posted in: Economy, Events, Media, Policy, Trump - Ronald Reagan said it best, "the trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." Reagan’s sentiment is illustrated quite clearly in the rabid, mouth-foaming, dystopian predictions they issued prior to Trump’s election, and even afterward.  This is probably why the mainstream didn’t air much of Trump’s Davos speech… Continue Reading
Shannon Pettypiece
“The Journalist’s Creed” being Obliterated by Leftists Reporters who side with Iranian Terrorists
January 14, 2020 16:45 by Blueday Posted in: Media, Trump - News is considered the first draft of history, so it’s particularly disheartening when journalists dip their pens in the inkwell of personal animus and political bias with deceptive intent to engineer an outcome rather than inform the public with integrity. Perhaps these "journalists," who are really activists dressed up as such, should revisit the tenants of The Journalist’s Creed, written… Continue Reading
Stop! This is NOT just Politics – Tracking the Democrat Sedition and Betrayal after Iranian Attacks
January 10, 2020 12:46 by Bekahlyons Posted in: Media, Trump - President Trump spoke Thursday, evening January 10, 2020, at a rally of over 10,000 gathered in Toledo, Ohio. The President often says thought-provoking and controversial things but what he expressed at the podium on this occasion should have sent chills down ALL Americans spines. The sitting President of the United States declared the rationale for giving no advance notice to… Continue Reading
Joy Behar
The View’s Joy Behar Praises White Nationalist Richard Spencer, Because He Disavowed Trump
January 8, 2020 18:06 by Blue Agent007 Posted in: Media - Host Joy Behar of ABC's daytime talk show, "The View" praised white nationalist Richard Spencer after he disavowed his support for President Trump. Richard Spencer (born 1978) is an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist who is most notable for his activism on behalf of the alt-right movement in 2016 and 2017. Spencer openly embraces the term "white supremacist" and calls… Continue Reading
Media Dometic Terrorists
The Case for declaring the Main Stream Media as Domestic Terrorists. Over the top?
January 6, 2020 17:01 by Bekahlyons Posted in: Media - The United States Media complex functions as a domestic terrorist threat against the American people. Too over-the-top rhetoric? Let us examine further. The media rehabbed Jamal Khashoggi's bio following his horrible death pushing only the journalist angle and omitting his deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Intel, and Qatar. When U.S.Special Forces killed Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the… Continue Reading

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain’s blathering spat on “The View” – Act appropriate please
December 17, 2019 12:29 by LibertyOne Posted in: Media, Member Posts - Pagesix - Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain got into a spat following a segment on the impeachment hearings. "Girl! Please stop talking! Please stop talking right now!" Goldberg admonished McCain when she tried to segue to a commercial. The panel argued Monday about lawmakers' treatment of the impeachment process, and as McCain, Goldberg and co-host Sunny Hostin all spoke at the same time… Continue Reading
ABC this Week Schiff Nadler
Democrats: Trump defense “is a crime in progress,” but not ours? Let’s compare.
December 16, 2019 03:04 by Bekahlyons Posted in: Media - Axios - House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said on ABC's "This Week" that Rudy Giuliani's recent trip to Ukraine to dig up more dirt on the Bidens is "a crime in progress." They were claiming that it underscores the argument that President Trump's conduct poses an ongoing "threat to election integrity." Schiff goes on to… Continue Reading

FBI spied on Trump, Buzzfeed tries to flip the narrative in FAKE NEWS
December 10, 2019 00:32 by LibertyOne Posted in: Media, Member Posts - There are so many media spins going on around the Washington circus, but it is just emblematic of how the mainstream media rolls. The headline says one thing, but the reality says another - FAKE NEWs from Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed - the headline reads: "No Evidence": An Official Probe Has Debunked Trump's Claim The FBI Planted A Spy In His Campaign.… Continue Reading

Bloomberg admits creating a 1984 dystopian propagandized world
December 7, 2019 23:27 by LibertyOne Posted in: Media, Member Posts - Oligarch Michael Bloomberg gave a surprisingly honest answer about the partisan bias and slant of the “news” organization he owns, Bloomberg News. Bloomberg was speaking to a CBS News reporter on Friday about the controversy surrounding his news network’s double standards. Bloomberg has ordered Bloomberg News to end any and all investigations of its owner as a Presidential candidate. In… Continue Reading

The Commander and Chief on Thanksgiving with his troops 2019 (Videos speak for themselves)
November 28, 2019 22:40 by Bekahlyons Posted in: Media, Trump - President Donald Trump made a surprise trip to Bagram Air Field (active war zone) in Afghanistan to celebrate Thanksgiving with our troops. The mainstream media could be counted on to feed FAKE NEWs and Newsweek led the way: "How is Trump spending his Thanksgiving? Tweeting, Golfing and more ... "  White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, tweeted a response asking… Continue Reading