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Biden Obama Puppet
Would a Joe Biden Presidency be Obama’s Puppet
December 19, 2020 08:16 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections - Back in March of 2020, during the Democratic primaries, Joe Biden, in a third bid for the presidency, was a mediocre candidate in a crowded field of mediocre Democrat Party candidates for U.S. President. It seemed as if his campaign was dead. Bernie Sanders, who was then the apparent Democrat frontrunner, looked as if he would win the Democrat Party… Continue Reading
Joe Biden and Hunter Sleeping on Crack
Joe Biden’s Absurd Assertion About Hunter – Proves His Lack Of Intellectual Capacity And Honesty
December 18, 2020 07:59 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - The presumed next president of the United States and his wife Jill chose to give an "in-depth" interview to that critically acclaimed, hard-hitting journalist, late-night comedian Steven Colbert. Surprised? You should not be. Recall before the election the person who landed the bid to interview the elusive Candidate Joe was none other than Rapper Cardi B. The Right Wire Report… Continue Reading
Mitch Mcconnell
Mitch McConnell Throws Trump Off the Deck of the Ping May
December 17, 2020 08:32 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Events - AP - Fending off a messy fight that could damage Republicans ahead of Georgia Senate runoffs, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warned fellow GOP senators on Tuesday not to join President Donald Trump’s extended assault on the Electoral College results. In public remarks and private warnings, McConnell worked to push ahead to the Biden era and unite a fractured Republican Party… Continue Reading
Justice John Roberts
Is Chief Justice Roberts Afraid of the Leftist Mobs?
December 16, 2020 08:03 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Events - A Supreme Court clerk reports that shouting and conflict between the nation's highest court's justices occurred on Friday, December 11, 2020, as the court was deciding to reject a Texas lawsuit challenging presidential election results in four key swing states. Charisma Media founder and CEO Stephen Strang spoke with Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of Tampa, Florida, on a recent episode of… Continue Reading
Biden And Darius
Biden’s Election is as Stinky, Shady, and Spurious as Persia’s Darius the Great
December 9, 2020 08:35 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Elections - Niccolò Machiavelli has impacted world politicians since publication of The Prince in 1513, in which he advised political leaders to consult the past because human events are similar in all ages. He added, "This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same… Continue Reading
Marl Levin Pennsylvania Vote
MUST WATCH: Pennsylvania Must Recount the Vote in Accordance with Constitutional Law, NOT Bogus Rules
December 7, 2020 11:56 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Featured - In Mark Levin's Sunday episode of "Life, Liberty & Levin," nailed the principle argument to the need for a recount of the Pennsylvania 2020 presidential election in accordance with the constitution, NOT by bogus rules. Leven explains the arguments to the presidential election in his opening monologue, including laws that were changed before the election, specifically in Pennsylvania - and… Continue Reading
Colin Powell Vial
The Irony Of The Evidence To Goto War, But NOT Disputing An Election
December 7, 2020 07:33 by Boomerang Jack Posted in: Elections, Trump - The silence from top Republican leaders is deafening as President Trump fights on with his bid to expose what he feels is was major election fraud in the 2020 presidential elections and claw back a win. Some believe the ice is breaking on Capitol Hill as Republicans start to concede that Trump lost - see here.  Barr reportedly said from… Continue Reading
Scott Adams Voter Fraud
MUST WATCH: A Non-Transparent Vote By Force, Should Invalidate Votes – PERIOD!
December 6, 2020 08:16 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Featured - The most powerful argument yet to true the 2020 U.S. election was made by Dilbert fame, now turned activist Scott Adams, retweeted by General Michael Flynn. Adams states, "You don't need further voter fraud evidence if bullies chased out the witnesses. Everything you say after this doesn't matter. The election was non-transparent by force." What could be the remedy to this?… Continue Reading
Joe Finger
Bizarre Biden Interview, Reveals He Would Lie And Be A Very Weak President
December 5, 2020 08:08 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections, Policy - The Joe Biden “gaffe machine” is well understood and talked about widely - even by Democrats. Mainstream media are quick to defend Joe time after time. Remember this gaffe? Biden said he created a large "voter fraud organization." Democrats accuse Republican leaders of promoting the quote as a confession of wide-scale voter fraud. The Biden's campaign confirmed in a statement… Continue Reading

A Serious Question for American Patriots – Will You Save The Republic? A Plan Of Action Now!
December 4, 2020 07:46 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - 12/20/20 Update: ( The timeline of this plan has shifted and the important date is now Jan 6th when the Joint Session of Congress will take place for certification of state electors counts. The Electoral Count Act is now in play. So while continued pressure must still be applied to the state's elected officials listed below to follow through with… Continue Reading