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British PM seeks Brexit breakthrough as polls tighten, Frexit NEXT?
December 11, 2019 04:52 by LibertyOne Posted in: Elections - Yahoo - Britain's Prime Minister and Conservative party leader Boris Johnson drives a Union flag-themed JCB, with the words "Get Brexit Done" inside the digger bucket, through a fake wall emblazoned with the word "GRIDLOCK", during a general election campaign event. Johnson's center-right Conservatives have been consistently ahead in the opinion polls but YouGov's final survey of the campaign predicted… Continue Reading

Burisma alleged corruption scheme by Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine
December 9, 2019 08:03 by LibertyOne Posted in: Elections - Axios - Former Vice President Joe Biden, in an interview with "Axios on HBO," promised to prohibit his son Hunter, and other family members, from cashing in on his name if elected as president. I guess as a vice president, the bar is much lower. What was Hunter Biden doing in Ukraine? "I don't know what he was doing. I… Continue Reading

Senate Republicans who could vote to convict Trump – they need reminded
December 8, 2019 06:47 by LibertyOne Posted in: Elections - Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) caused a stir Friday when he said a "handful" of Senate Republican colleagues have privately told him they would consider voting to remove President Trump from office. His remarks created buzz since no congressional Republicans have publicly said they would even consider taking such a step. Here is a list: Sen. Susan Collins (Maine) - Collins has carefully avoided… Continue Reading

Democrats used deceptively edited video of Trump in impeachment hearing
December 7, 2019 00:13 by LibertyOne Posted in: Elections - Democrats used a deceptively edited video of President Donald Trump in Wednesday’s first House Judiciary Committee hearing on impeachment, using “experts” in constitutional law to claim, falsely, that he believes he has absolute power. Keeping it short ... Democrat @NormEisen and "Expert" @NoahRFeldman Misquoted Trump. A deceptive edit that left out the context of the Mueller investigation. Here see the… Continue Reading

Joe Biden unveils $3.2 trillion tax plan
December 6, 2019 04:45 by LibertyOne Posted in: Elections - 2020 candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled a plan to raise $3.2 trillion over a decade from tax increases in order to pay for his climate and health care proposals, Bloomberg reports. Biden's plan demonstrates the political divide within the Democratic Party. His plan is markedly different from the aggressive tax measures pitched by Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who… Continue Reading

Attacking our 2nd Amendment Rights, the real reason Bloomberg is running (video)?
December 5, 2019 23:06 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Policy - The diminutive 77-year-old former New York City Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, sauntered to the microphone on Thursday to tell the country why he is running for president and to unveil the cornerstone of his 2020 campaign platform. Bloomberg chose Aurora, Colorado, to deliver his first policy speech in front of a banner stating END GUN VIOLENCE, and flanked by a father… Continue Reading
Do Black Lives Matter to Democrats? A must watch video for Democrats
December 5, 2019 00:58 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections - Epoch Times - "Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP interviews KingFace, community leader and Instagram personality, about his own story of personal change and personal improvement, how President Donald Trump has impacted Black communities, and what it means to care about your community." KingFace had plenty to convey in his interview, and what he said was profound.Nothing KingFace addressed has not been… Continue Reading

Baltimore Mayor warns: white van roaming, targeting young girls to sell their organs – WTF?
December 4, 2019 11:20 by LibertyOne Posted in: Elections - Seriously? Baltimore Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young says in the video to not park next to a white van and have your cell phone ready to call 911. Just how many white vans are there in Baltimore? I got to believe there are many. I just wonder how responsible warnings like this are. Just another example of how many of… Continue Reading

Warren: I’ll Be The “Last American President Elected By Electoral College”
December 4, 2019 01:23 by LibertyOne Posted in: Elections - Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted a short clip of her speaking at a townhall event over the weekend, indicating that she would eliminate the Electoral College and allow the popular vote to choose the president in 2024, basically implying a massive overhaul of the US Consitution would be coming if she became president, reported The Daily Caller. "My goal is… Continue Reading

Marco Rubio Hits Media for ‘Deranged’ Criticism of Melania Trump’s WH Christmas Decorations
December 3, 2019 18:28 by LibertyOne Posted in: Elections - On Sunday, First Lady Melania Trump debuted the White House’s Christmas decorations for 2019. In a video posted to the White House’s website, YouTube feed, and the First Lady’s Twitter page and other social media feeds, we saw her vision for the Christmas 2019 theme, which was “The Spirit of America.” Seriously … the decorations are beautiful, don't be silly.… Continue Reading