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Trump Fights Voter Fraud
Op-Ed: Vote-by-Mail Fraud Prophesies Come True
November 28, 2020 07:58 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Elections, Policy - While Bigfoot, flying saucers, unicorns, and green, hairy monsters under your bed doesn’t exist, voter fraud is real as taxes and almost as certain to happen in November. Anything will be acceptable if it sends Trump from the Oval Office back to his New York Penthouse. Democrats have long stuffed ballot boxes, bribed voters, "lost" ballots, and other nefarious acts… Continue Reading
RIP Journalist
Honest Journalism, We Hardly Knew You, An Astute Retrospective
November 25, 2020 07:47 by Sgt. Rock Posted in: Elections, Media, Policy - Remember, when you were a kid, and you and your parents would sit down and watch the television news? Remember how the major stories of the day were presented to you with representatives from both sides of a given issue, and then the story was wrapped up with a summary? Well, to paraphrase an old Don Henley song, "Those days… Continue Reading
Biden Screaching
So, Joe, You Say You Want To Unify Us
November 24, 2020 07:12 by PF Whalen Posted in: Elections - One of the key takeaways from Joe Biden’s "victory" speech last Sunday was his message of national reconciliation. It’s "time to heal," Biden told us, later pleading, "Stop treating our opponents as enemies." While many believe Biden’s speech was premature, considering that he has not yet been officially confirmed as our next president, he clearly wanted to get a head… Continue Reading
Election Math
Gobbledygook 2020 Election Results Math
November 23, 2020 06:55 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections - The mainstream media has now coronated Joe Biden as the new president following their proclamations after the 2020 presidential election. However, the Trump legal team has claimed shocking massive systemic election fraud - see here. If true, these claims are so shocking that they would shake America, even the world, to its core as we know it. If systemic fraud… Continue Reading
Paul Revere
Modern Day Paul Revere’s Ride, Sidney Powell and Lin Wood Call Out an Election Coup?
November 19, 2020 04:08 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections - In shocking series of interviews, Trump's legal team representatives Sidney Powell and L. Lin Wood have called out what they believe is a modern-day election coup carried out by Democrats, participating Republicans, and foreign entities (specifically China) against the American people in the 2020 presidential elections. These legal team representatives are not fringe conspiracy theorists and are renowned attorneys at… Continue Reading
Hack The Vote
Just How Hackable Are Voting Machines?
November 14, 2020 08:18 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections, Featured, Policy - No, the election is not over. Trump has many ongoing legal cases to challenge the current results being reported by media. President Donald Trump’s team and their allies have set up a website for people to report possible cases of fraud or voting irregularities. You can report voter fraud you personally experienced, witnessed, or found via the world web. Report… Continue Reading
Briden Transition
Democrats Ring Bells at Biden’s Success But Will Soon Wring Their Hands in Disappointment and Dismay
November 11, 2020 08:34 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Elections, Trump - On Oct. 19, 1739, Great Britain declared war against Spain in what is known as the War of Jenkins' Ear! This war drove Spain into an alliance with France, an alliance that was a threat to England for ninety years. At the announcement, bells rang out from London churches, and the crowds thronged the streets, shouting their approval. The Prime Minister looked… Continue Reading
Illegitimate Biden
Conservatives Stay In The Fight But Wage It Like An Adult
November 10, 2020 02:00 by Tom Williams Posted in: Elections, Trump - By now, we have all heard that the media has declared that Joe Biden has won the 2020 presidential election. However, Rudy Giuliani said at a press conference shortly after Joe Biden was projected to become the 46th president of the United States that President Trump will not concede the election - "obviously he's not going to concede when at… Continue Reading
GOP Trump
Donald Trump Has Put His Brand on the GOP
November 9, 2020 08:33 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Elections, Military - Burning at the stake is out of fashion, so Democrats and RINOs decided to eliminate Trump in a squalid, sleazy, and shameful election. Whatever happens with the election results, Donald Trump owns the Republican Party.Many weak Republicans (RINOs) never recognized Trump as a political leader, mainly because he was not one of them. He was an outsider. He spoke his… Continue Reading
Trump Win Or Lose
Win Or Lose, Trump Saved America
November 6, 2020 08:21 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Elections - Twelve years ago, the United States was about to embark on a journey of systemic overhauls envisioned by Barack Obama and his left-wing advisors. In the days leading up to his electoral victory, he announced that the country was “five days from being fundamentally transformed.” In some ways, he was successful. In others, the next torchbearer would simply have to… Continue Reading