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Coronavirus Bailouts Comming – Should We Feed the Bears?
March 19, 2020 11:29 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy, Events - Regardless of whether you believe the Coronavirus response and the ensuing panic make any sense relative to past pandemics, bailouts are now on the table. Here is what has been past by Congress and approved by President Trump already: $8.3 billion emergency spending bill to combat the Coronavirus. This funding includes $1.5 billion for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,… Continue Reading

Schumer lying again! Corporate Tax Cuts spreads Coronavirus? His 2-minute Diatribe De-constructed
March 11, 2020 09:52 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Economy, Policy, Trump - Can we all get into reality for the sake of all that is holy? The President's Coronavirus Taskforce has been updating and giving briefings every day to the public. The President offers daily statements too. This Taskforce is comprised of the most eminent in their field and heavy on medical and scientific expertise found on the globe! The website WhiteHouse.Gov… Continue Reading
China Manufacturing
China Manufacturing PMI at Record Lows, Coronavirus – Trader Talk and Charts, What Next?
March 2, 2020 04:25 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy - Production declines at a record pace as factories shut down due to Coronavirus. Efforts to contain the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in mainland China weighed heavily on manufacturing sector performance in February. Production, new work, and staffing levels all fell at the quickest rates since the survey began nearly 16 years ago. At 40.3 in February 2020, the headline… Continue Reading
Nice France
Coronavirus Sparks Local Panic in Nice France – a 100 Miles from Me! – a Report on the Ground
February 28, 2020 17:13 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy, Events - The outbreak of the Coronavirus has sparked local panic in Nice France - in the region as well. This is only 100 miles from me - yippes! We must understand that is just one case and the reaction is overdone - a bit of a local panic has ensued. Nevertheless, people are reacting and starting to act at a very… Continue Reading

Media ignores Trump at Davos!
January 23, 2020 22:09 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Economy, Events, Media, Policy, Trump - Ronald Reagan said it best, "the trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant; it's just that they know so much that isn't so." Reagan’s sentiment is illustrated quite clearly in the rabid, mouth-foaming, dystopian predictions they issued prior to Trump’s election, and even afterward.  This is probably why the mainstream didn’t air much of Trump’s Davos speech… Continue Reading
Democrat Debates 2020 01
Final pre-primary season Democrat Debate Analysis and Predictions
January 15, 2020 01:25 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy - With 20 days to go to the February 3 Iowa caucus, the Democrats held their final pre-primary debate in Des Moines, Iowa. The debate was fairly benign. Since Joe Biden is the Democrat default candidate, with no major gaffs, I guess we will give the win to Joe for the debate. There were a few zingers. Probably the biggest contentious… Continue Reading
Women Working
Women Power the Trump Economy Even Higher in December – What Next?
January 11, 2020 13:43 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy - Axios - There are more women on American payrolls than men as of the latest U.S. jobs report. The data reflects a hiring boom in industries that are female-dominated, while sectors that are more likely to employ men remain less so in total job gains. The last time women overtook men in payrolls was “during a stretch between June 2009… Continue Reading

Soft porn! It’s what Gwyneth paltrow wants to put under your Christmas tree!
December 10, 2019 21:03 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Economy - Gwyneth Paltrow is an actress who created a wellness brand known as Goop. Her latest promotional foray is an ad shocking even by her past standards. Andrew Breitbart is quoted as saying, "politics is downstream from culture." The play on words is a nice inverse of James Carville's, "It’s the economy, stupid!" Breitbart knew if you can change the culture,… Continue Reading
Tax The Rich
Can we tax the rich to prosperity?
December 7, 2019 06:49 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy, Policy - Us News and World Report - the United States is often presented by the left as a horrible shift away from the high levels of tax progressivity that characterized the tax system in the mid-20th century. This conventional account points to top marginal tax rates that were over 90% for the wealthiest Americans in the 1950s and remained at 70%… Continue Reading
Trump Energizer Bunny
Trump economy, like the “Energizer Bunny,” just keeps going, November 2019 review
December 6, 2019 22:02 by Tom Williams Posted in: Economy - Axios - The U.S. economy added 266,000 jobs in November, above the 187,000 economists expected, the government said on Friday, as the unemployment rate fell back to a 50-year low of 3.5%.  In the actual government BLS report, it stated that notable job gains occurred in health care and in professional and technical services. Employment rose in manufacturing, reflecting the… Continue Reading