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Meet Saved Abortions
Meet Teenagers tell their Heartfelt Stories years later Surviving Abortions
March 10, 2020 08:19 by LyndaMarie Posted in: Culture, Policy - By now you have heard the threats from Democratic leaders who promote abortion across America.  "I want to tell you, Gorsuch," Schumer said at a Planned Parenthood rally outside the Supreme Court. "I want to tell you, Kavanaugh. You have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you if you go forward with… Continue Reading
Joe Reid Diseased Kids
MSNBC Joy Reid Falsely Suggests Trump Supporters may Ignore Science and Send Coronavirus Sick Kids to School
March 9, 2020 11:58 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Culture, Media - MSNBC's Joy Reid is at it again. Using false claims to slam Trump supporters. But the level she goes to hits a new low. Reid suggests that even being close to the kids of Trump supporters puts you at risk - Coronavirus. Fear not only Trump's agenda but even the Trump supporter's diseased Kids. Joy Reid states, "These people, who… Continue Reading
Media Fear
Coronavirus Pandemic or Media Pandemic?
March 9, 2020 06:51 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Media - As we sit here overnight Sunday, the markets are set to crash again - S&P500 futures are limit down. Oil is crashing and many safe-haven currencies have exploded. Coronavirus is coming! Fear moves markets. Borders are closing, events canceled and economies are set to fall  ... you have been reading all the scary headlines. If it's not a Coronavirus pandemic… Continue Reading

Elizabeth Warren’s Sexist Lies ignored by Media
March 8, 2020 13:17 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture - Every day, the media raises its Orwellian propaganda club and rains down blows to beat rationality, common sense and critical thought out of the collective mind of the American people. They are the purveyor and embodiment of Orwell's oxymoronic Ministry of Truth, where reality is intentionally skewed, and the truth is obfuscated all in the service of the Democrat party… Continue Reading
Professor Marxist
Marx for the 21st Century Taught at Princeton, Democrats Want it Tuition-Free
March 5, 2020 09:41 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture - How do politicians like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and pretty much the rest of the democrat party line-up manages to garner so much support when they foster policy positions that echo those of failed regimes throughout history? Well, one needs to look no further than the socialist incubators our universities have become to understand the dilemma. When Karl… Continue Reading

Atheists preach NO God from inside their little 4D box, more Pseudo-Science?
February 26, 2020 08:29 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture - Where do we go when our time stops and melts away like a Dali clock?  When our eyes close for the final time, do they open again in a place invisible to us when we walked among the living, or do we live on only in the memories of loved ones and the epitaph in stone, bearing our name? This… Continue Reading
Chandler Crump
Don’t mess with this kid, free-thinking 15-year-old intellectual Black Conservative
February 14, 2020 04:52 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - @realCCrump - Don't mess with this kid. Chandler Crump is a free-thinking 15-year-old intellectual conservative. Chandler describes himself as a technology connoisseur and promotes family-first values. So many times, we see negative articles about African Americans doing poorly. Many African Americans are crying victimhood about how life has done them wrong. Young Black men are stereotyped as threatening, drug dealers,… Continue Reading

Climate Derangement – When Scientists become Activists.
February 2, 2020 14:08 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Policy - It’s 1967 and biologist Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University steps onto the stage at the Commonwealth Club of California to warn the country and the world about over-population in the United States.  He fixes his eyes on attendees and says, “the time of famines” has arrived and will be “disastrous” by 1975.  His big idea to thwart this imminent threat… Continue Reading

Kyle Jurek, Waters, Warren, Harris tethered by fascism?
January 19, 2020 15:45 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Trump - The four horsemen of the media/democrat party apocalypse ride stealthily into the homes of 25 million Americans each night with subterfuge powering their steeds.  We know them by their names: ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN, and by their misdeeds, lies, deceit, activism, and indoctrination. The most insidious of their powers is the tactic of lying by omission to protect democrat… Continue Reading

Lamenting the Fall of Communism, Comrade Carville claims Trump the greatest threat to the Socialist Agenda, Endorses Bennet.
January 16, 2020 23:11 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Elections, Trump - “The economy, stupid” democrat strategist, James Carville has recently been making the pundit rodeo rounds. Carville made his name in liberal circles by his performance as lead strategist on Bill Clinton's 1992 Presidential Campaign. He has had stints on CNN and was co-host of Crossfire at one time, and has appeared as a political contributor on CNN and MSNBC. He… Continue Reading