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Sunday Thoughts: What Cancel Comes Next from the Leftist Mob – Christians?

Oliver S. Muhammad

The rise of "cancel culture" is the idea of canceling someone who has ideas unacceptable in our politically correct environment. The process? A celebrity or other public figure does or says something offensive. A public backlash, often fueled by politically Progressive social media, ensues. Then come the calls to cancel the person - that is, to effectively end their career or revoke their cultural cachet. Canceling occurs whether through boycotts of their work or disciplinary action from an employer. Cancel culture mostly started with the MeToo movement, and the initial penalties were fairly light - a heartfelt apology would do, but not always. It has more recently extended to cleansing racism to stop "white privilege" and purge the world of "white

“Et-Tu” Chick-Fil-A? Mike Cernovich’s Perfect Response

One of the world's most-read playwright, William Shakespeare, immortalized the phrase "Et-Tu, Brute" in the work of Julius Caesar. The line of dialogue is stated by the Roman Emperor at the moment of his assassination to his friend Marcus Brutus upon recognizing Brutus as one who was ending his life. The Latin phrase literally translated as, "and you," is used often to defer a sense of betrayal and an unexpected one.  Dan Cathy is the son of Chick-Fil-A's founder S.Truett Cathy and the current CEO of Chick-Fil-A fast-food chain. Recently, Cathy attended Passion City Church, Atlanta, and appeared on a panel with the pastor and founder, Louie Giglio, and a Rapper named Lecrae. What did Cathy have to say? Well, as it

Watch: (VIDEO) A George Floyd Situtation – But He’s Not Black (2016)

Tony Timpa

Dallas Morning News - Timpa called 911 on Aug. 10, 2016, from the parking lot of a Dallas porn store, saying he was afraid and needed help. He told a dispatcher he suffered from schizophrenia and depression and was off his prescription medication. Timpa’s behavior that night was aggressive and combative. Tony Timpa wailed and pleaded for help more than 30 times as Dallas police officers pinned his shoulders, knees, and neck to the ground. "You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me!" After Timpa fell unconscious, the officers who had him in handcuffs assumed he was asleep and didn’t confirm that he was breathing or feel for a pulse. Body camera footage obtained shows first responders waited

Saving Our Republic – A Letter To All Patriots

save republic

Hello to all American Patriots. Who am I addressing? I believe in my heart that designation has expanded beyond just Trump voters and now includes even those, who may have negative feelings towards President Trump and did not vote for him in 2016, but believe in the constitutional rule of law and founding principles. Never Trumpers, moderate Democrats, and Independents are not Anti-American and many agree with Republican Trump voters and want what is best for all in our country. Our country and its people are in crisis, and unifying around basic values will be ALL our salvation. Those principles being : Uphold Constitutional Governance and the rule of law Limited but effective government  Federalism and separation of powers Protect, defend, and maximize individual rights Equal application

The Marxist Plan to Destroy America

Marxist Plan

The "commies" are coming for America? Yeah, your joking, right? But I thought we defeated the evil USSR back in 1991, so why should we worry now? Well, it may be true that the USSR was defeated, or should we say they somewhat defeated themselves, the Marxist, communist, or socialist (communism-lite) ideologies lingers on. After all, the originators of these ideologies knew that the implementation would span the rises and falls of various state entities. In the 20th century, the world defeated "that" age of Marxist ideologies - both the communists and fascists (two peas in a pod). These ideologies are antithetical to our current Western Civilization that has been built and enjoyed. Unfortunately, Marxism is once again trying to raise its