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MUST WATCH: Pennsylvania Must Recount the Vote in Accordance with Constitutional Law, NOT Bogus Rules

Marl Levin Pennsylvania Vote

In Mark Levin's Sunday episode of "Life, Liberty & Levin," nailed the principle argument to the need for a recount of the Pennsylvania 2020 presidential election in accordance with the constitution, NOT by bogus rules. Leven explains the arguments to the presidential election in his opening monologue, including laws that were changed before the election, specifically in Pennsylvania - and how they were changed, which Levin charged violated the U.S. Constitution.  Republican Sean Parnel, who lost his race in Pennsylvania's 17th Congressional District to incumbent Rep. Conor Lamb, tweeted a clip of Levin's monologue, which he described as "a perfect summary of our lawsuit. A perfect summary of our lawsuit by @marklevinshow. It's filed with the US Supreme Court now. We

MUST WATCH: A Non-Transparent Vote By Force, Should Invalidate Votes – PERIOD!

Scott Adams Voter Fraud

The most powerful argument yet to true the 2020 U.S. election was made by Dilbert fame, now turned activist Scott Adams, retweeted by General Michael Flynn. Adams states, "You don't need further voter fraud evidence if bullies chased out the witnesses. Everything you say after this doesn't matter. The election was non-transparent by force." What could be the remedy to this? See below this powerful short video via Twitter, Adam's argument, and a suggested remedy. The 2020 election was #NonTransparent by force. #Bullying to cheat. #StopTheSteal — Dr. Kelli Ward 🇺🇸 (@kelliwardaz) December 5, 2020 Spot on! There must be consequences to this behavior or it will be done again and again. Any county caught doing this should have all their votes nullified.

Summary Portal of Alleged Election Fraud in 2020

Voting Fraud Portal

You have probably heard many times already in the mainstream media that there is no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election in the United States. You may have got extreme push-back from your family and friends that parrot this narrative - "BUT WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?" Headlines like the following have consumed the public in this narrative:  CNN - Donald Trump desperately wants you to believe the only reason Joe Biden won the 2020 election by so many votes was because it was the "most fraudulent election in history." Trump served up his latest variation of this fallacy on Fox Business on Sunday morning, saying "we have so much evidence" to support his claims but the judges "won't allow

Honest Journalism, We Hardly Knew You, An Astute Retrospective

RIP Journalist

Remember, when you were a kid, and you and your parents would sit down and watch the television news? Remember how the major stories of the day were presented to you with representatives from both sides of a given issue, and then the story was wrapped up with a summary? Well, to paraphrase an old Don Henley song, "Those days are gone forever, and you should just let them go." I am a journalist by training. It was the field of endeavor I chose as I was heading off to college. My classically liberal education taught me that I was to seek out sources along both sides of the story I wanted to cover, present their viewpoints, and leave the reader

The Marxist Plan to Destroy America

Marxist Plan

The "commies" are coming for America? Yeah, your joking, right? But I thought we defeated the evil USSR back in 1991, so why should we worry now? Well, it may be true that the USSR was defeated, or should we say they somewhat defeated themselves, the Marxist, communist, or socialist (communism-lite) ideologies lingers on. After all, the originators of these ideologies knew that the implementation would span the rises and falls of various state entities. In the 20th century, the world defeated "that" age of Marxist ideologies - both the communists and fascists (two peas in a pod). These ideologies are antithetical to our current Western Civilization that has been built and enjoyed. Unfortunately, Marxism is once again trying to raise its