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  • Feel like on the outside looking in?

    There are so many groups, but few will let me participate. Will anyone be interested in my ideas? The answer is yes, you just need to give it a try.

  • I have so many ideas ...

    That's great, we need them. We are in an information war for the hearts and minds of our citizenry. Don't sit back and let someone else speak for you.

  • I'm interested. How to do I start?

    Make that first step and commit to action. Follow the instructions below to be a Right Wire Report Contributor. We are waiting for your first post.


Steps to become a contributor to Right Wire Report

  1. Register with Right Wire Report – goto the upper right-hand corner of our website, hover over the Login tab, and select Register. Fill in the form using your name, email, and password. You do not have to use your real name and the suggestion is to make an email specific for use at Right Wire Report.  Within 5 minutes, you will receive a confirmation email from us (check your spam folder). In the email, click the verification email and you are now registered. Proceed then to Login with your Member account.
  2. Update your Profile photos – both your User photo (can be symbolic) and a nice cover image background that says something about you. On this page, you will be able to track your Posts and Comments you make at Right Wire Report. On the Account tab (hover over the Login menu tab), you can change your Account details after selection, and you enter the Account settings page. You’re ready now to start blogging at Right Wire Report.
  3. Submit your article links – in the upper right-hand corner, navigate to the Submit Post. Read the instructions in detail, but one only needs to past your article links and submit them for review. They are then typically published in a few hours on our home page. Note that one must be a member of the Right Wire Report website to submit;
  4. Become an Author – If you wish to write a full post of original content, please contact us and obtain an author login directly on our website


Strike Force Team Meetings (requires password):

Note: To become part of the Strike Force team contact us at:

Enjoy your Right Wire Report experience …