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Welcome to Right Wire Report. We are a group of concerned conservative citizens ready to take action to promote conservative ideas and work for a better America and supporters around the world. Here is a statement of our values – click here. Specifically:

  • Promote our website and recent Right Wire Report articles and postings.
  • Promote our Forum and its participation – a good place to ask long-term questions and answers.
  • Promote our social media platforms – see connections on the footer of every webpage.

As we gear up for the 2020 presidential elections, we are building a community, Strike Force, where members can participate to get out our message and get President Trump elected. Please note that this is by no means a closed club and new members are encouraged to join as a Member or as part of the core team. We understand that we would never get 100% agreement in everything we do – hence, we ALL need a certain amount of flexibility among our members for the greater good. Here is our current team:

Right Wire Report Team Member: Function(s):
KevSpirited Social media, Author, Paltalk Admin
Brenda Social media, Podcaster
Fhz48 (Frank) Social media, Paltalk Admin (*)
Bekahlyons (Bekah Lyons) Editor, Author, Podcaster, Paltalk Admin (*)
Blueday (Liam Salvatore) Editor, Podcaster, Paltalk Admin
Jefferson Thomas Author
BlueAgent007 Webmaster, Editor, Author, Paltalk Admin (*)
Chatman77a Paltalk Admin
KC_011 Paltalk Admin
sharin_2 Paltalk Admin
stompie Author, Paltalk Admin
ladybay_tn Paltalk Admin
salt_water_cowgirl54 Author, Paltalk Admin
wildwoodusofa Author, Paltalk Admin
Abba Khazab Paltalk Admin
ZZinTX Author, Paltalk Admin
Sgt. Rock Author
MosesKnows Paltalk Admin
YANK52MAN Paltalk Admin
bomb_them_with_pork Paltalk Admin
pearlie_girl Paltalk Admin
lilmiz_hornsnhalo Paltalk Admin
J ster Paltalk Admin
Classy Conservative Paltalk Admin
Members of the Right Wire Report Authors, social media participants

Here are our current statistics.

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