CDC Headquarters
Op-Ed: President Trump, the Corrupt CDC Needs Your Attention Now!
July 7, 2020 09:12 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Events, Policy - President Trump has been proved right again with another shockingly successful hydroxychloroquine study, done by the Henry Ford Health System and published in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.  This new explosive study proves the experts at the Centers for… Continue Reading
U.S. Navy Confirms UFO’s – They Are Here
July 6, 2020 10:27 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Events, Media, Military - There are times in our lives, or in the lives of some, when the veil between what is familiar and what isn't falls, and we experience something for which we have no earthly reference. An event of this magnitude leaves… Continue Reading
Actress and British Royal Meghan Markle Dreams of a 2024 Presidential run - WTF?Actress and British Royal Meghan Markle is interested in politics, but is she interested in throwing her crown in the ring in the 2024 election? Vanity Fair magazine says that’s a definite maybe “I think if Meghan and Harry ever gave up their titles she would seriously consider running for president,” a friend of hers reportedly said, claiming the 39-year-old California native maintained her U S citizenship after marrying Prince Harry in 2018 because she wanted to keep her options openPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Aol - 58 mins ago
Sports Boycott
It Is Time To Boycott the NBA and NFL
July 6, 2020 09:35 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Events - It is past time for a national television and internet boycott of our pastimes. These leagues offer abundant vocal and financial support of anti-American and pro-Communist causes. Here are just three examples: Colin Kaepernick’s adoration of the murderous Castro regime,… Continue Reading
Golden Rule
Sunday Thoughts: Distorting the Golden Rule
July 5, 2020 08:38 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - The Golden Rule is the principle of: "treating others as you want to be treated." It is a maxim that is found in many religions and cultures. The idea dates at least to the early Confucian times (551–479 BC), according to Rushworth Kidder, who… Continue Reading
Biden Makes Bizarre Campaign Decision — Could This Ruin Him?This man is toastPosted by: Fhz48 Source: Conservative Brief - 3 hours ago
Op-Ed: Independence Day, 1776 – Lest We Forget to Speak
July 4, 2020 09:59 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Events - "Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction" - President Ronald Reagan. Are we that generation? The fragility in freedom lies in the knowledge that only unrelenting vigilance of patriots defining Liberty to… Continue Reading
Black Slavery
How Blacks Enslaved and Colonized, Just Like Whites
July 4, 2020 08:38 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture - The narrative today is that all of white America must practice penitence for the past sins of their forefathers. It doesn’t matter a whit that for many whites, the likes of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln weren’t even their forefathers;… Continue Reading
House approves 2021 Morgan and Peace dollarsThe House of Representatives passed proposed legislation seeking 2021 coins to mark the centennial anniversary of the transition of silver dollar production from the Morgan dollar to the Peace dollarPosted by: Fhz48 Source: CoinWorld - 5 hours ago
Ruin America
You Actually Believed Trump Would Ruin America?
July 3, 2020 09:13 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Trump - To the tweet-averse and fence-sitting voters: The left hates America and is on a mission to dismantle all of the mechanisms that are currently in place. The latest message is that everything is built on racism; that means it's all… Continue Reading
Segegation New York
Segregation and Slavery Not Simply Southern Sins
July 2, 2020 09:42 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture - For weeks, angry Americans have vented their frustration, anger, fear, and even hated of historic persons, especially from the south—an overt attack on its history, heroes, and culture. Liberals love America by burning, looting, and capturing American cities. They destroyed… Continue Reading
John Legend Threatens To 'Leave Country' If Trump Reelected - After Buying $17 5 Million LA Mansion This MonthJohn Legend Threatens To 'Leave Country' If Trump Reelected - After Buying $17 5 Million LA Mansion This MonthPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Zero Hedge - 10 hours ago
Uniparty Wolfs
Marxist Revolutionaries or Cowardly GOP Politicians – Which Is The Bigger Threat?
July 2, 2020 09:29 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - Ray Bradbury's novel, "Something wicked this way comes," is an allegory of the struggle between good and evil. In present-day America, Trump supporters represent the characters Will, Jim, and Charles fighting for morality and good. The GOP establishment represents Mr. Dark and his… Continue Reading
Progressive Censorship
An Open Letter To Progressives
July 1, 2020 09:00 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Elections - Dear everyone, I don't know what the rules are anymore. I don't know what to say or even what to support. I don't like racism, but if I don't say that loud enough or frequently enough, I am just a… Continue Reading
Helsinki Airport deploys coronavirus-sniffing dogs in program aimed at 'beating COVID-19'It’s the first airport in Europe and the second in the world to use dogs to search for the coronavirusPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Fox News - 15 hours ago
Ken and Karen
How the Left Can Abolish the 2nd Amendment in Days not Decades
June 30, 2020 08:40 by Tom Williams Posted in: Events, Policy - The Founder's legacy considers our individual right to own guns intrinsic to the Founders' desire for us to be captains of our own destiny. To preserve and protect not just our homes and families but the very liberty secured by… Continue Reading
NYPD Police
Do You Still Think The Police Are Unnecessary?
June 29, 2020 16:36 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Military - This just in for leftists and their non-thinking liberal allies: We need the police.  For the past month, police have been blamed for every societal wrong, cited as the reason for every black man’s misdeed, and vilified for trying to… Continue Reading
Boot Them Out
Flipping Colorado and Illinois: 2020 GOP Candidates/Races Spotlight Series – Part 2
June 29, 2020 09:02 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - Again, a warning that if you have an anxiety disorder, skip ahead to the candidate's section-not even musing. There are 128 days, 20 hours, 44 minutes, and 58 seconds as of this writing until Americans cast their ballots for 2020 elections. That… Continue Reading
Deserted Island
Sunday Thoughts: Trapped on a Deserted Island with 200 Hungry Savages
June 28, 2020 08:54 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Policy - A straw-man proposal is a brainstormed simple draft proposal intended to generate discussion to provoke the generation of new and better ideas. One can understand the limitations of the straw-man model, but let's take a look at a thought exercise of… Continue Reading
Southern Racism
Is the American South Racist?
June 27, 2020 08:53 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Culture, Policy - The American South, racism, hatred, and bigotry are often immediate associations with the region. "I am so sorry" has become a typical response when some tell people I am from the South.  Some say they have experienced more racism, homophobia,… Continue Reading
Search White Women
See How Google Search Manipulates the Narrative and You – Examples
June 26, 2020 15:21 by Parker Beauregard Posted in: Culture, Media - The rise of renewed and vociferous social movements for every non-white and non-cis male group can be seen as paralleling the rise of social media and the domination of technology platforms. In time, at least in the Western world, when… Continue Reading
Trump is expected to nominate Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme CourtHe is expected to announce Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court nominee at 5 p m SaturdayPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Yahoo News - 1 day ago
Defund Police
The Lie of Disbanding Police in Camden, N.J.
June 26, 2020 08:18 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Media, Policy, Trump - Disbanding police departments works! This is the claim by liberal news organizations touting the positive effect of "re-imagined" policing in Camden, NJ, that resulted in a 60% reduction in homicides and a 42% reduction in overall violent crime between 2011… Continue Reading
Robert Johnson
$14 Trillion in Slavery Reparations – What Would the Future Look Like?
June 25, 2020 08:45 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - Robert Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, made a splash and told CNBC recently the U.S. government should provide $14 trillion of reparations for slavery to help reduce racial inequality. The wealth divide and police brutality against blacks are… Continue Reading
America's favorite actors in 2020, rankedFrom Will Smith to Betty White to Danny DeVito, here are America's most beloved performersPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Cbsnews - 2 days ago
AG William Barr
As Federal Executions Commence, Democrats Target Barr for Removal
June 24, 2020 08:32 by L. M. McCormick, M.A. Posted in: Policy - It appears that justice has arrived. After twenty years of allowing murderers and rapists of children to go without appropriate legal punishment, the Trump administration is bringing justice back for the dead. But not everybody's happy. Democrats, after all, have… Continue Reading
Mob Rule
Illegal Actions Against Trump Supporters Normalized – AG Barr WHERE ARE YOU?
June 23, 2020 08:54 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke. The exhaustive list of unequal justice under the law in our country is growing like wildfire. Contrary to Attorney General William… Continue Reading
Four Stabbed in Knife Attack Near Former Charlie Hebdo Offices in ParisTwo people were stabbed on Friday in a knife attack outside the former offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, multiple outlets reported Police arrested a suspect shortly afterwards, but did not say whether it was a terrorist attack The stabbing comes five years after two terrorists enteredPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Yahoo News - 2 days ago
Tulsa BLM vs Trump Supporter
BLM vs Trump Supporters: BLM Protest Tactics, Flicking Sharp Fingernails at Eyes
June 22, 2020 08:53 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Events, Trump - President Donald Trump addressed an enthusiastic - though smaller than expected crowd of supporters at a campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 20th, 2020, as some BLM protesters gathered outside. Nevertheless, all in all, a successful Trump rally. Social… Continue Reading
Democrats Tried to Steal Trump Tulsa Rally, They Would Steal Your Vote Too
June 21, 2020 09:05 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Events, Trump - Do you remember America? Every day that passes leaves any memory fading and juxtaposes to a country that no longer resembles the one we grew up in only a few decades ago. Have you ever heard of the Whistlestop? Candidates… Continue Reading
Charles Barkley Mocks Black People Calling For Defunding The Police "Who are black people supposed to call---Ghostbusters?" [VIDEO]During a segment on TNT’s “Tip-Off,” Charles Barkley and co-hosts of the sports show got into a discussion about defunding the police The segment starts with former NBA giant Shaquille O’Neal, who is a police reserve officer in South Florida “You know, I hear these fools on TV talking about “defund the police,” and things […]Posted by: Tom Williams Source: 100PercentFedUp com - 2 days ago
Oliver S. Muhammad
Sunday Thoughts: What Cancel Comes Next from the Leftist Mob – Christians?
June 21, 2020 08:09 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - The rise of "cancel culture" is the idea of canceling someone who has ideas unacceptable in our politically correct environment. The process? A celebrity or other public figure does or says something offensive. A public backlash, often fueled by politically… Continue Reading
Christianity Today
Op-Ed: “Christianity Today” Media, Wrong Again About Slavery, Racism, and Trump!
June 20, 2020 08:21 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture - Recently, Christianity Today (CT) published an article they thought was adding to the racial solution but it only made it more confusing, convoluted, and combustible. The title "Justice Too Long Delayed" suggested, "it's time for the church to make restitution… Continue Reading
Powerful Vatican Cardinal Becciu resigns amid scandalROME (AP) — The powerful head of the Vatican's saint-making office, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, resigned suddenly Thursday from the post and renounced his rights as a cardinal amid a financial scandalPosted by: Tom Williams Source: AP NEWS - 2 days ago
Chandler City Arizona
Arizona Coronavirus – To Mask Or Not To Mask
June 19, 2020 11:37 by Kev Spirited Posted in: Events, Policy - Yahoo - You've heard a lot about a spike in COVID-19 cases, and you've probably heard at least a few mentions of a "second wave" of coronavirus. Right now, states like Arizona, Texas, and Oklahoma are seeing dramatic spikes in COVID-19 cases.… Continue Reading
“Et-Tu” Chick-Fil-A? Mike Cernovich’s Perfect Response
June 19, 2020 08:09 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Events - One of the world's most-read playwright, William Shakespeare, immortalized the phrase "Et-Tu, Brute" in the work of Julius Caesar. The line of dialogue is stated by the Roman Emperor at the moment of his assassination to his friend Marcus Brutus upon… Continue Reading
Breonna Taylor protesters in Louisville smash windows & throw flare into LIBRARY, defying curfew day after cops are shot (VIDEOS)Scores of protesters took to the streets of Louisville, ignoring the nighttime curfew a day after two police officers were shot amid unrest sparked by the charges in the Breonna Taylor case A library was damaged in the mayhemPosted by: Tom Williams Source: RT International - 2 days ago
Enough Vote Red
For Your Consideration: 2020 GOP Candidates/Races Spotlight Series – Part 1
June 18, 2020 09:30 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections - If you have an anxiety disorder skip ahead to the next paragraph - a kind of joke. There are 138 days, 9 hours, 59 minutes, and 32 seconds as of this writing until Americans cast their ballots for 2020 elections.… Continue Reading
Colinford Mattis and Urooj Rahman
Is CNN Violence Apologists Inciting Violence?
June 18, 2020 08:55 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Events - Two attorneys were busted for throwing a Molotov cocktail through a police car window during protests in Brooklyn early last week and were trying to pass out the incendiary devices to demonstrators in the crowd, federal authorities said. The two… Continue Reading
FBI offers $10K reward for help finding fugitive in massive child-porn schemeThe FBI is offering a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the capture of a New Zealand man who reportedly left his pet cat behind when he went on the run in a $17 million sex-traffic…Posted by: Tom Williams Source: New York Post - 2 days ago
Universities and Leftist Media: Ban Books and Erase History
June 17, 2020 08:57 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Media, Trump - NPR is the latest organization to don the firemen helmet of the book burners we know from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. NPR (see story) is advocating for white people to "decolonize" their bookshelves of works by white authors. NPR shares… Continue Reading
Shake Shack
3 NY Police Officers Poisened with Bleach, NYPD Finds No Shake Shack Workers Foul Play – Really?
June 16, 2020 10:25 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Events - New York Post - The New York Police Department (NYPD) said it found no criminality by Shake Shack workers in connection with the hospitalization of three officers who drank milkshakes they believe may have been spiked with bleach, a police official… Continue Reading
Amazon unveils flying Ring security drone and Luna games serviceOne privacy campaign group says it is Amazon's "most chilling home surveillance product" yetPosted by: Tom Williams Source: BBC News - 2 days ago
Minnesota Democrats Want $300 million Riot Rehab Scheme – Hell No!
June 16, 2020 09:08 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Events, Policy - Minnesotans, the country, and the world watched shocked as over 1500 buildings and businesses were damaged or destroyed in Minneapolis from days of rioting that broke out following the death of George Floyd. Now the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) who control… Continue Reading
Tony Timpa
Watch: (VIDEO) A George Floyd Situtation – But He’s Not Black (2016)
June 15, 2020 09:31 by L. M. McCormick, M.A. Posted in: Culture - Dallas Morning News - Timpa called 911 on Aug. 10, 2016, from the parking lot of a Dallas porn store, saying he was afraid and needed help. He told a dispatcher he suffered from schizophrenia and depression and was off… Continue Reading
FBI Finds Discarded Mail-In Ballots That Were Cast for President Trump - Conservative Daily NewsThe FBI recovered several military mail-in ballots that had been discarded by someone at the Luzerne County Board of Elections in Pennsylvania AccordingPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Conservative Daily News - 2 days ago
Welcome to CHAZ
CHAZ, the Future of American Cities?
June 15, 2020 08:56 by Sgt. Rock Posted in: Culture, Events - We have recently posted about the consequences of the mob and of a revolution. Actually, we've written about it for years, but we wanted to present sobering comments from yet another reader of the Right Wire Report. We are now… Continue Reading
Nuclear War
Sunday Thoughts: Is Nuclear War Inevitable?
June 14, 2020 05:25 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - During the Cuban missile crisis, President Kennedy estimated the odds of nuclear war as being somewhere between one out of three. For something that catastrophic, those odds are not good. Let's not get into the detail of this crisis, other… Continue Reading
Louisville Turns Violent As Darkness Falls -- Gunfire and Violent Street Mobs Doing DamageLouisville police detain a a group who marched, Wednesday, Sept 23, 2020, in Louisville, Ky A grand jury has indicted one officer on criminal charges six months after Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by police in Kentucky The jury presented its decision against fired officer Brett Hankison Wednesday to a judge in Louisville, where the shooting took place (AP Photo/John Minchillo)   As I was | Read More »Posted by: Tom Williams Source: RedState - 3 days ago
Media Matters Fox Boycott
Support Free Speech, FIGHT BACK Against the Tucker Carlson Boycott (Advertisers Contact List)
June 13, 2020 09:25 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Events, Media - America is on a precipice teetering precariously. Falling over and off our footing will mean our lives, and those of future generations, will not live as we have - free. Right Wire Report's existence was born out of a mission… Continue Reading
George Floyd
Op-Ed: George Floyd’s Tragic Aftermath, I Am Appalled! Why Aren’t You?
June 12, 2020 10:35 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Culture, Events - America is in trouble. Some say we are at the start of the Second Civil War. Leftist America-haters, always quick to use any reason to denigrate America, took advantage of a scandalous, shocking, and shameful crime in Minneapolis to protest,… Continue Reading
"Yes" Kamala Harris Agrees with Comment that America was Founded on "Evils"During a campaign stop in Detroit, Michigan, Senator Kamala Harris was asked how she would change evils America was founded on…like sexism and racism She answers “yes” to the questioner and then says she will need this young man’s help in her best phony black accent TRANSCRIPT: Thank you for joining us in Detroit on […]Posted by: Tom Williams Source: 100PercentFedUp com - 3 days ago
Chicago Boarded Up
Did a Terrorist Attack Hit Chicago? Boarded Up Magnificent Mile
June 12, 2020 09:30 by L. M. McCormick, M.A. Posted in: Culture, Events - North Michigan Avenue, also known as The Magnificent Mile, is one of the great avenues of the world. The heart of downtown Chicago and an international tourism destination, The Magnificent Mile is one of the most vibrant and successful commercial,… Continue Reading
Fight Club
America Turns Into Fight Club
June 11, 2020 13:07 by L. M. McCormick, M.A. Posted in: Culture, Events - Americans are starting to take things into their own hands. These so-called "protesters," really rioting ANTIFA members, all dressed in black head to toe, and non-surgical black masks faced angry Americans who have been watching their cities torn down and destroyed… Continue Reading
US Administration Unveils Bill To Limit Online Liability Shield - Section 230US administration unveils bill to limit online liability shieldPosted by: Tom Williams Source: International Business Times - 3 days ago
woke ing dead2
The WOKE-ing Dead are Coming for You?
June 11, 2020 09:58 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Culture, Elections, Policy - Why was George Floyd's death at the hands of Minnesota police immediately declared "racist?" This question is the third rail in today's Orwellian world of newspeak, and anybody who dares ask it is struck with 600 volts of pure vitriol… Continue Reading
Mitt Romney Marches BLM
Elites Running Scared of #BLM?
June 10, 2020 09:26 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Videos - French Revolution, the rebels today are reactionaries tomorrow. Maximilien Robespierre led the reign of terror until he was guillotined as one of its last victims, and the farcical scenes of Marat ended with his own stabbing in a bathtub in… Continue Reading
Senate report slams Bidens for conflicts of interest, flags possible criminal activityGOP-led investigation cites 'glaring' evidence of Burisma bribe, suspicious foreign money transfers and sex traffickingPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Just The News - 4 days ago
Reenact George Floyd Killing
UNACCEPTABLE: A Group Mocked George Floyd’s Killing – How to Respond
June 10, 2020 08:31 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Events - A video posted on social media shows a group of men, including a New Jersey state corrections officer, taunting and mocking protesters in Gloucester County Monday - with one kneeling on a man’s neck, reenacting the police killing of George Floyd… Continue Reading
Democrats Take The Knee
Will You Bend the Knee?
June 9, 2020 09:28 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Policy - Democratic lawmakers knelt in silent tribute to George Floyd in the US Congress in response to the killing of African Americans by law enforcement. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer were joined by some two dozen… Continue Reading
‘Defund the police’ activist Alyssa Milano praises MASSIVE cop response after calling 911 over teen shooting at SQUIRRELSActress Alyssa Milano may be a social justice warrior when it comes to demanding that police departments be defunded, but all it reportedly took for her to call 911 for help was a teenager shooting at squirrels with an air gunPosted by: Tom Williams Source: RT International - 4 days ago
Trump St John’s Church
Op-Ed: Trump, the Bible Prop Smear, and is that St. John’s Church Even a Church?
June 9, 2020 09:04 by Don Boys, Ph.D. Posted in: Events, Trump - Left-wingers have their knickers in a knot because President Trump visited vandalized and boarded-up St. John’s Episcopal Church Monday night. He held up a Bible hoping to give Americans assurance that he would keep his word to stop the maiming,… Continue Reading
audacity Erickson
The Impertinence and Audacity of Erick Erickson
June 8, 2020 09:56 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Elections, Trump - Self-described as a Conservative and evangelical, the blogger, radio host, cable political contributor, and former RedState CEO, Erick Erickson is now adding a brand new descriptive title to his resume. Erickson now fancies himself as a campaign strategist or more… Continue Reading
From curfews to calling in the army, here's what Europe is doing to tackle its coronavirus surge There can be no doubt now that Europe is facing the much-feared "second wave" of coronavirus Here's what the region is doing to tackle the surgePosted by: Tom Williams Source: CNBC - 4 days ago
indoctrination black youth
Op-Ed: America’s Child, Asks Cop, “Are You Going to Shoot Us?” Indoctrination Revealed
June 8, 2020 08:58 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Events - I am livid! My day ran long into the wee hours of the morning, yet just before 3 am, I ran across this video and became so incensed I had to put down my thoughts immediately. A simple request. Would… Continue Reading
Sunday Thoughts: Is God an Egalitarian?
June 7, 2020 08:36 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture - So often we hear about "social justice" or even "economic justice" by many on the Left of the political spectrum. They blame many people of the Christian faith of being hypocritical on this subject. So we ask a provocative question:… Continue Reading
Cardi B sued for defamation by group of Long Island beachgoersA group of New York beachgoers who were branded 'racist MAGA supporters' on online after they were filmed in an altercation with Cardi B's sister, are suing the rapper for defamationPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Mail Online - 4 days ago
save republic
Saving Our Republic – A Letter To All Patriots
June 6, 2020 04:45 by Brenda Posted in: Elections, Trump - Hello to all American Patriots. Who am I addressing? I believe in my heart that designation has expanded beyond just Trump voters and now includes even those, who may have negative feelings towards President Trump and did not vote for… Continue Reading
Coronavirus Crisis Gives Universal Basic Income a Second Life
June 5, 2020 09:26 by Liam Salvatore Posted in: Economy, Policy - The ghost of Richard Cloward and Frances Piven's radical dream, commonly known as the Cloward - Piven Strategy is reincarnated in the flesh of Coronavirus, which presents an opportunity for its proponents to implement the scheme laid out in a… Continue Reading
Michael Bloomberg pays fines for 32K Florida felons so they can vote - legal vote-buying?Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has helped pay the outstanding fines and fees of 32,000 convicted felons in Florida so they could regain their right to vote ahead of the November elect…Posted by: Tom Williams Source: New York Post - 4 days ago
White Guilt
View This Video to Induce Vomiting, White Guilt Virtue Signalling
June 4, 2020 01:27 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Culture, Policy - As we watch the nation explode in protests/riots over the George Floyd killing by a police officer in Minneapolis and across the country, a discussion has erupted of the state of racial relations across America. Right Wire Report stumbled across a… Continue Reading
Paid Protest
The Organized Destruction of America
June 3, 2020 03:45 by L. M. McCormick, M.A. Posted in: Events - Our country is being torn apart by people who are being instructed to riot by "organized" violence because of the "grief" over George Floyd's killing at the hands of the Minneapolis police. It is not organic groups springing up out… Continue Reading
Report: Omaha Bar Owner Who Fatally Shot Protester Commits SuicideAn Omaha bar owner who fatally shot a protester in May has allegedly died by suicide after being indicted last week on chargesPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Breitbart - 4 days ago
Tucker Carlson Fails to See Trump Actions Over Nationwide Riots
June 2, 2020 09:53 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Media, Trump - Fox News, Carlson, of "Tucker Carlson Tonight", opened his show on Monday evening, delivering a tour de force on the riots consuming our country. For the record Right Wire Report generally likes Carlson even when we do not always agree with… Continue Reading
Poverty Crime
Does Poverty Cause Crime?
June 1, 2020 09:28 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Policy - As we watch the nation explode in protests/riots over the George Floyd killing by a police officer in Minneapolis and across the country, there is a narrative that goes well beyond the incident of George Floyd. The narrative says that… Continue Reading
Romney All In on SCOTUS Vote - Liberty NationLike crazed mathematicians, people and pundits have been puzzling over whether the Republican-led Senate can get a potential Associate Justice voted in before the political winds changePosted by: Tom Williams Source: Liberty Nation - 5 days ago
Lincoln Memorial Defaced
Do Americans No Longer Support the Emancipation of Slaves?
June 1, 2020 09:00 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Culture, Events, Military - CNN - Popular landmarks across Washington, DC, were defaced with graffiti during the second consecutive night of protests in the nation's capital over the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis who was pinned down by police. "In… Continue Reading
Sunday Thoughts: Do Genetics Predestine Our Behaviors? Can We Breed Civility?
May 31, 2020 09:16 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Policy - In Christian theology, predestination is the divine foreordaining of all that will happen, especially concerning the salvation of some and not others. It has been particularly associated with the teachings of St. Augustine of Hippo and of Calvin. But this… Continue Reading
UK shuts pubs early (10pm to 5am cerfew - potentially 6 months) to fight worrying coronavirus riseThe UK government on Tuesday tightened restrictions to stem a rising tide of coronavirus cases, ordering pubs in England to shut early and abandoning calls for people to return to the workplace to help kickstart the battered economyPosted by: Tom Williams Source: Yahoo News - 5 days ago
Van Jones
Van Jones: White Liberals Hillary Supporters are the Problem
May 30, 2020 09:26 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Events - In a stunning admission CNN's Van Jones, perhaps in a moment of weakness, came out with some truths. Specifically, Van Jones calls out White Liberals. Unfortunately, the headline might be correct, but not necessarily the rationale. "It's not the racist… Continue Reading
thugs obama calls rioters
Remember When President Obama Declared Baltimore Rioters Criminals and THUGS?
May 30, 2020 09:18 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Events, Trump - President Obama chose to inject his Marxist "Black Liberation theology" into the current crisis climate after the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis this last week. He chose to focus on dividing this country by pointing to… Continue Reading
Republicans to Publicize Gamechanging Report on Biden - The Conservative BriefOver the course of Joe Biden’s nearly five-decade political career, various scandals and controversies have found their way to him As the Democrat nominee seeks the presidency for the third time, it’s not a stretch to say that he wants all skeletons to remain the closet Republicans, however, are not going to let this happen […]Posted by: Fhz48 Source: The Conservative Brief - 5 days ago
Trump Executive Order Free Speech
Trump vs. Twitter, Social Media Companies Must Now Decide: Platform or Journalists
May 29, 2020 09:00 by Jefferson Thomas Posted in: Elections, Policy, Trump - President Trump recently accused Twitter of "stifling FREE SPEECH" and interfering in the 2020 election by fact-checking one of his tweets on the issue of voting by mail. The social media site placed a warning on two of Trump's tweets… Continue Reading
Minnesota Minneapolis Riots
Minneapolis Turns Ugly After George Floyd Wrongful Death – Correcting the Systematic Problem
May 28, 2020 16:48 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Policy - By now, we have all seen the shocking video of George Floyd, 46, who died Monday after being handcuffed and pinned to the ground by Minneapolis police officers. In one video taken by a bystander, Floyd could repeatedly be heard… Continue Reading
NYC’s restaurants fear 25% indoor cap means ‘Armageddon’Big Apple restaurateurs fought tooth and nail for indoor dining, and now that they’ve got their wish — sort of — they’re not so sure it’s going to help them survive Starting on Sept 30, New York …Posted by: Tom Williams Source: New York Post - 5 days ago
la la kathy
Online Threats Against the President – So Why No Arrest of Kathy Griffin?
May 28, 2020 08:59 by Bekah Lyons Posted in: Culture, Events, Trump - Comedian Kathy Griffin has a documented history of making threats against President Trump. Secret Service Agents interviewed Griffin, May 2017, for posting a video emulating the ISIS fighters who beheaded innocents with President Trump's bloody severed head in her photoshoot. … Continue Reading
Charlamagne tha God, Next Generation Al Sharpton?
May 27, 2020 09:37 by Tom Williams Posted in: Culture, Elections - Former Vice President Joe Biden told one of the hosts of "The Breakfast Club," a morning radio show popular in the black community, that he "ain't black" if he was considering not voting against Donald Trump in November. By now… Continue Reading
Stephanie Davis and the Supremes | The American Spectator | USA News and PoliticsMy best guess for who Donald Trump will nominate to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme CourtPosted by: Fhz48 Source: The American Spectator | USA News and Politics - 6 days ago