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Sidney Powell’s Last Chance to Release the Kraken is Coming

No matter what your opinion is about what happened in Washington D.C. on January 6th, there is an identifiable reason for the protest that’s as palpable as the pulse in your wrist, and its the valid public concern of voting irregularities. Regardless of how many times NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, or any other outlets demonized the crowds that assembled, they are avoiding it like one would avoid a Covid-19 patient coughing in an elevator. These dishonest news outlets have been conspicuously in Joe Biden’s corner from the beginning and did little to mask it, and the pandemic of dis-information spread like wildfire into the minds of millions who now call for Trump’s removal from office.

Fraud! Fraud! Fraud! This is what we’ve heard since the election. Donald Trump constantly waged the accusation, along with Sidney Powell and others. The claims included: Dominion voting machines with roots to Hugo Chavez and Venezuela; the statistical impossibilities of baskets of votes dropped in various states at the same time and video of poll workers rolling out boxes of ballots hidden beneath tables on election night after making the declaration that vote counting was over for the night, read more here. And, of course, there are election rules that only state legislatures have the power to change but courts stepped-in and defied the constitution while the legislatures fiddled and offered no protest. See more background information from the video below.

Well, the election is over now, and on January 20th we will have President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. She will most likely take his place at some point in the next four years due to the infirmities of a guy who wore a face covering and America barely saw on the campaign trail. His tenure as president will probably be so brief that years from now, people will say, “who was that masked man.”

What’s left to do? The only answer is Sidney Powell, and that’s a long shot at best. Dominion, the much-maligned voting machine owner, has brought a $1.3 billion lawsuit against Powell for defamation. Mrs. Powell has maintained she is in possession of robust evidence purporting fraud in various forms, but the courts would not allow “discovery.” 

Well, Sidney, the ball is in your court now. You will have your day in court with the ability to reveal the evidence in the “discovery process” you’ve been denied. The world has heard you speak of the “Kraken.”

I sincerely hope you have the mythical beast of proof and release it upon the court for all the world to witness because if not, legitimate instances of voting irregularities will go unaddressed and fade to fable like the Kraken of old Norse sagas.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Bekah Lyons

Now or never I agree.

Sarah Frann

Sydney Powell was right. I watched the vote counts until dawn of 11/4/2020 and then numbers went unbelievably weird.

Brad domo

We need her back. The world is in a mess now and she was the ray of hope after the cheating Democratic Party. Now she disappeared. Trump had disappeared. That can’t have given up! In god we still trust as ever.