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Predictions 2021, The Year of the Hockey Stick

2021 Hockey Stick

Certainly, 2020 has been a stomach-churning year. The Coronavirus “pandemic,” last summer’s Black Lives Matter/Antifa protests/riots, and an exhausting presidential election. Many say good riddance to 2020. Thoughts turn to what will happen in 2021. Will it be better and calmer, or is it just the beginning to even more staggering events? 

As of this post, the paths for a Trump electoral challenge to the Biden presidency are limited, as many believe there was massive voter fraud. There is still a little hope for the Trump supporters that Trump and his legal team can somehow claw back an election win via some massive exposing of a believed all-powerful deep state. Though one can not see how this could happen, it may not matter when looking at the trends for 2020. At the end of the day, Trump most likely will never admit defeat, making for many, Biden’s presidential election illegitimate. 

Mainstream media has coronated Biden as president, and Biden will most likely snatch the presidential crown from the electorate like Napolean snatched his crown from the Pope back in the 1800s. Trump may not even show up for Biden’s inauguration. There will be few inaugural celebrations because of Coronavirus – besides, few voted for Biden anyway – it was an anti-Trump vote. The same mail-in vote scheme could also win the Senate for the Democrats in Georgia’s special run-off election on January 6, 2020. This may give Democrats a clean sweep of the executive and legislative branches of government. Whether Biden can survive a full term is also in doubt due to health concerns.  A Kamala Harris presidency wouldn’t fair better – maybe worse.

Some feel for the first time since the last American civil war, another one may be brewing. Gun sales are off the charts. It is not just in America – the entire globe is sensing an unease of what the future may bring. Unrest continues in many major capitals around the globe for a variety of reasons. Draconian Coronavirus lockdowns are the state of play for many of the world’s citizens. China is emerging as a serious geopolitical threat to the West. It is with this backdrop we examine four trends that may happen in America for 2021. 

1.) The Culture War intensifies as the Black Lives Matter/Antifa protests/riots continue and intensify.

America was shocked by the protest/riots last summer that seem never to stop concerning Black Lives Matter and a host of other concerns. Much of this unrest was concerned about “defunding police” and erasing history via tearing down statutes we once thought foundational to the American Republic. They believe that America is fundamentally evil and must be erased. Add to this cultural chaos the ever-present, sometimes insane, “wokeness” being coerced in our culture via “cancel culture” tactics amplified by social media – censoring those that oppose.

Though the protest/riots have calmed down somewhat, they still are continuing – we just hear less about them on our controlled mainstream media. Facts won’t matter. It’s about creating chaos to achieve their desired change. Remember this story, where even Chicago’s Lori Mayor Lightfoot was not “woke” enough for Taylor Norwood, a Black Lives Matter movement leader? This story is emblematic of what we have and will continue to see in the future. The fuse of public unrest has been lit. It won’t be extinguished with the passing of a new president.

Many believe that if they can just get the “Orange Man” out of the White House, somehow things will blossom into a utopia, and all protests/riots will stop. However, prior to Coronavirus “pandemic,” President Trump’s policies significantly boosted the number of African American’s lot in life – Black and Hispanic unemployment were at record lows. This is about to change drastically, along with its associated consequences.

Once these folks figure out that Biden will not and can not deliver on their Progressive agenda, the riots will only intensify – they will become even angrier. Furthermore, since Biden has supported the Black Lives Matter agenda, he will have no mandate to stop them. Add to this the increase in crime rates via the release of many criminals from prison, the Ferguson Effect, and illegal immigration driving illicit human traffickers. This could become a dystopian nightmare in many communities across America.

The nature of Progressive policies is that the appetite for “free” government services and the imposition of their agenda can never be satisfied. With the ongoing “defund the police” policies and the encouragement of last summer’s success, they smell blood in the water. They will not stop. Why should they? They are winning. If you thought the events in 2020 were insane, prepare for even more insanity as the Culture War accelerates. It will spill over into street battles with no police to referee between roving gangs of ideology. Unfortunately, these actors will eventually be mere cannon fodder for bigger events yet to come. For now, the pitchforks are being sharpened.

2.) The Coronavirus “pandemic” mutates and continues with no end in sight, as a new Pandemic Management business sector takes root.

Nothing more defines 2020 than the Coronavirus “pandemic.” Globally, no one has escaped its consequences. Yes, people have tragically died – mostly the elderly. The world’s populations have experienced rolling lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, and the prospects of government control of border controls, contact tracing, and quarantines. For this first time in a long while, the Western world populations have experienced what the elimination of personal freedoms feels like. It has not gone well – just ask all the mask” Karens.”

And now the vaccines. Only 46% say they will take it – will you?  Normal flu shots are only about 40% effective due to the year’s current mix of the normal mutated flu viruses. We are being told that the COVID19 vaccine is 95% effective. Will not this virus mutate as well – and require updates? We are already being told that the virus is muting to even more dangerous levels. But never fear, governments and big business are here to save us. The point here is that we have now created a new business sector – Pandemic Management. The variety of products to combat the virus are extensive. Personal Protection Equipment, remedies, plexiglass barriers, vaccines, contact tracing software, … The list is endless. There is now built into our healthcare systems a revenue stream that won’t be stopped. Special interest will keep it alive as long as possible.

Whether any of this makes sense doesn’t matter. Currently, only about 0.1% of the population will die because of this “pandemic.” Nevertheless, we are being told that we need this new business sector. One wonders if we should also make war on sugar in our food and French fries. They probably kill more of us via diabetes and heart disease. The government response to this virus has been dubious at best. Let’s not even get started on its origins in China and its responsibilities – see here. Get ready to take your yearly COVID vaccine shots, wear your mask, and show your COVID passport. It will be imposed by your employer and will be the price to use public resources, including entry to various venues and using public and private transportation.

Joe Biden has warned that the “darkest days” of the Coronavirus “pandemic” is yet to come. The virus has been politicized and will be used as a lever for governments to control populations and make excuses for their mismanagement of society. A quote from David Rockefeller openly reveals the goals of the elites. In 1994, Rockefeller was quoted at a U.N. dinner as saying:

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

David Rockefeller wrote in his 2002 memoirs: “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” The Coronavirus “pandemic” has provided the elites this “major crisis.” It will continue to be exploited by government and business for years to come. 

3.) Geopolitical unrest reignites with a return of terrorism, and potential proxy wars with global powers erupt.

During the Trump administration, geopolitics has been fairly calm. But this could change. A Biden/Harris administration will be weak on national defense, subjugating America to a globalist policy, strengthened by the U.N. Biden has already made overtures on this idea. Biden would open doors in an effort to engage with the world, eliminating the “America First” policies of Trump. Biden believes this will buy world peace. Oddly enough, this weak on national defense policy does not mean Biden would not take America into another regional war. This weakness allows various interest groups and the military-industrial complex to engineer one. Biden would acquiescence and go along with it – he is a political opportunist and not an ideologue. 

The Biden immigration plan would grant citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants. This mirrors what Europe has already done and continues to do. Given that much of the West’s leading countries will not guard their borders, the already steady flow of immigrants from the rest of the world will continue to flow – even accelerate. Believe it or not, not all cultures are the same. The influx of immigrants has and will continue to destabilize Western countries.

Western countries will begin to lose their democratic forms of government in favor of faceless technocratic tyrannies. They will have a form of democracy, but in fact, they are not. Many new immigrants do not appreciate these democratic values in the same way as those who built them. Most have come from distressed areas where they have been ruled by broken regimes and simply do not fully understand the responsibilities of self-governance. The opportunistic and nefarious actors on the global stage will take advantage of this destabilizing situation. Given all the other factors that will be happening in 2021, conflict is inevitable. But conflict with who?

First up will be the return of Islamic terrorism. Though ISIS was defeated in the Trump administration, this movement will morph into even more instantiations that will return to their old tactics. Except for this time, they may become even more sophisticated with new types of terror technology. This new brand of terrorism will use the ongoing domestic unrest to hide among some of these groups. An unholy alliance will be created between groups, with each party using each other to further their agendas.  

Where other, more traditional conflicts occur may not matter. They will be mere regional proxy wars between the major powers on the geopolitical stage – China and Russia. They will use these conflicts to weaken America and divert attention from their domestic issues that will inevitably come. The list of flashpoints is already known. The list includes; North Korea, Taiwan, Philippines, Kashmir, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Turkish-Greece conflict, a western thrust by Russia, and various Africa regions. South and Central America will stay wallowed in drug wars where drug crime will be the state of play. You pick your favorite war. 

Like it or not, a strong America kept many of these regional conflicts in check. This may no longer be the case. Besides, the West will be consumed by its own domestic unrest. The settlement of old scores in these regional conflicts is inevitable. 

4.) Global currency debasement ushers in The Great Reset

As the new normal of “Pandemic Management” settles in, the consequences to our economy will begin to become a new reality in 2021. We have dubbed 2021 “the year of the hockey stick.” What do we mean by this? Events are rarely linear in terms of trends. They tend to be exponential – an arc – starting slow and accelerating to a crisis. This is true in many disciplines but is often seen in financial charts. The one economic indicator that has worried us for years has been currency debasement – the printing of endless money.

The various Coronavirus stimulus packages’ size is staggering – in excess of 7 trillion dollars now – but who’s counting. And the citizenry doesn’t seem to care – most likely, they don’t understand what it will mean to them in the future. It has been occurring for decades – but this time, it is different as we have reached this hockey stick moment. American’s are selling their future for a small morsel of bread.

As a way of explanation of currency debasement, consider the value of a currency. It can be stated as the following:

Value of Currency = GDP / Money Supply

Increasing the Money Supply without a counterbalance of GDP growth debases the currency. Congress used to throw around billions to placate their voters. Now it is trillions. To what level could this go to? This debasement has fueled our behemoth government over the past decades. It takes ever-increasing amounts of debt to maintain the system – it is exponential. It is much like a Ponzi scheme.

Why is it different in 2021? After the early 1970s, when we started the global fiat currency regimes’ journey, most were unaware that what we will see in 2021 was baked into the cake long ago. This phenomenon starts slowly. At a distance, it looks like a slightly rising chart – almost linear. There comes a moment when the chart goes from horizontal to vertical. The elbow of this chart resembles a hockey stick – it is an exponential formula. See this hockey stick effect, as shown below in Money Supply growth via Shadowstats. This chart is shocking. Some would say that this merely due to the Coronavirus “pandemic” and is transient. But this presumes that the events of 2020 are transient – what if they are not? 

What does this mean to the average person? Increasing and accelerating inflation. Inflation has always happened, but remember, we are now moving past the elbow of the hockey stick curve. To be clear for those of us on the ground, what this means is:

  • You will pay more for products and services but may not get the counterbalance of income. With these currency debasement rates, we may experience a shock of 10 to 50% increase in prices over the next one to five years.
  • If you are on a fixed income, such as Social Security, you may lose 20 to 50% of your standard of living over the next one to five years.
  • Those who have investment assets may be able to hedge this inflation effect somewhat, though the government will be choosing the winners and losers.

When these economic events occur, the masses will be angry. These angry folks will join in with the unrest already happening. It will turn into total insurrection. Do you think that we are the only ones that understand this potential horrific situation that is about to happen? No. Many elites around the world understand this, as well. This is why they must get ahead of this curve to maintain their status. Placate the poor while they maintain power. The middle class will be the losers, as the economy longer term could turn into an economic dark age.

This notion of getting ahead of the curve has spawned their idea of The Great Reset. Yes, it is a real thing – not a conspiracy. So real that it is being sponsored by the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this year – we strongly suggest you read more of its detail here from a different perspective than Wikipedia. This notion recently also has been getting a lot of media attention. After the fallout of what is about to occur, global elites want to ensure they are in place to pick up the pieces in their favor, certainly not the average person in the street. They will try to position themselves as the solution, and they will do all this on your behalf. Using Marxist ideologies to keep back public wrath, your individual liberties will be seized by the tyrannical technocratic state.

Catherine Austin Fitts is an American investment banker and former public official who served as managing director of Dillon, Read & Co., and as the United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the George H.W. Bush administration. In a must-watch video, she gives a spot on further explanation of what we are talking about. Please be aware that her exposure to these truths will soon get her “canceled” and labeled a conspiracy theorist.

YouTube removed the video, but click here to see it on Bitchut.

Will 2021 resolve our issues to make a better future? Hardly, the years beyond 2021 may hold even more dramatic events in the future. History does tend to repeat itself. We may be living in a period similar to the late 1920s. These events then did not happen in one year. It occurred over a period of time, though technology will make today’s events this time occur more rapidly.  

This all may seem frightening. For some, it will be. For those that can sense these trends, it may not be. When “blood is flowing in the streets,” there are opportunities. For sure, stocks and gold will do well over time – they have historically been good inflation hedges. So will selective investments in real-estate, though one will need to be careful not to be buying into the next American Detroit. At least for now, as it works in all currency debasement regimes, the rich get richer, and the poor will wallow in socialism looking for government saviors. None will be found – the poor are always mere political pawns. Only the nimblest of the middle class will be winners. The rest will join the poor looking for those government saviors.  

But life isn’t just about money. The events of the future in 2021 may shake our very faith in humanity. Perhaps the best advice would be to prepare your home, become prudent with your personal finances, develop your network of friends and family, and get right with your faith – if you have any by now. No one will escape the effects of the year of the hockey stick.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Great information. God Help Us!

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This is a well thought out crystal ball, unfortunately the near future is going to be a difficult one.