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A Serious Question for American Patriots – Will You Save The Republic? A Plan Of Action Now!

12/20/20 Update:

( The timeline of this plan has shifted and the important date is now Jan 6th when the Joint Session of Congress will take place for certification of state electors counts. The Electoral Count Act is now in play. So while continued pressure must still be applied to the state’s elected officials listed below to follow through with investigations, digital audits, and signature verification recounts- it is imperative that maximum pressure be applied to all US Representatives and Senators to challenge the certification process on Jan 6th. See complete contact numbers towards the end of the article.)

Concentrated targets :

Senator Rand Paul ( R-KY) (202) 224-4343
Senator Rob Portman ( R- OH) (202) 224-3353
Senator Marsha Blackburn ( R- TN) (202) 224-3344
Senator Tom Cotton ( R-AR) (202) 224-2353
Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) (202) 224-5922
Senator Chuck Grassley ( R-IA) (202) 224-3744
Senator Lindsey Graham ( R -SC) (202) 224-5972
Senator Josh Hawley ( R-MO) (202) 224-6154
Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith ( R-MS) (202) 224-5054
Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) (202) 224-5323
Senator John Kennedy ( R-LA) (202) 224-4623
Senator James Lankford ( R-OK) (202) 224-5754
Senator Mike Lee ( R-UT) (202) 224-5444
Senator Kelly Loeffler ( R- GA) 202) 224-3643
Senator David Purdue ( R-GA) (202) 224-3521
Senator Joe Manchin ( D-WV) (202) 224-3954
Senator Mitch McConnell ( R-KY) (202) 224-2541
Senator Rick Scott ( R-FL) (202) 224-5274
Senator Marco Rubio ( R-FL) (202) 224-3041

Congressman ( R- AL) Mo Brooks (202) 225-4801
Congressman Jim Jordan ( R-OH) (202) 225-2676
Congressman Paul Gosar ( R- AZ) (202) 225-2315
Congressman Andy Biggs ( R-AZ) (202) 225-2635
Congresswoman Debbie Lesko ( R-AZ) (202) 225-4576
Congressman Devin Nunez ( R-CA) (202) 225-2523
Congressman Kevin McCarthy ( R-CA) (202) 225-2915
Congressman Matt Gaetz ( R- FL) (202) 225-4136
Congressman Doug Collins ( R-GA) 202) 225-9893
Congressman Andy Barr ( R-KY) (202) 225-4706
Congressman Steve Scalise ( R-LA) (202) 225-3015
Congressman Mark Amodei ( R-NV) (202) 225-6155
Congressman Jeff Van Drew ( R-NJ) (202) 225-6572
Congresswoman Elise Stefanik ( R -NY) (202) 225-4611
Congressman Lousi Gohmert ( R-TX) (202) 225-3035
Congressman Dan Crenshaw ( R -TX) (202) 225-6565

Original Article

When used as an adjective, the word serious denotes demanding careful consideration and application on a matter. Freedom is a very pertinent matter to most. Our Republic functions through the representation and consent of the governed. Election integrity, free and fair implementation of Americans’ right to vote, is the only mechanism that secures all of our liberty. So I ask you seriously – has the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Judiciary, and elected party system fallen? As Americans, do we still have the right to cast our vote in free and fair elections?

I am an American and possess the adequate intellectual ability required to consider or dismiss a case’s merits based on information provided to me. This is what I know:

  • Leading up to the election, the Democrats pushed, under the guise of COVID-19, a mail-in ballot scheme.
  • Democrats prioritized this push by attempting to slip it into the CARES ACT.
  • Democrat fundraising arm ACT BLUE funneled BLM revenue to Biden Campaign – read here.
  • Democrat think tanks like the Transition Integrity Project commissioned studies on what would happen if the election was contested and eerily predicted this exact scenario at present, here.
  • A Massive number of mail-in ballots that had not been requested was sent to any address on file, providing an unending stream of blank ballots that could be curated and defrauded, read herehere, and here.
  • Key swing states (now contested) feverishly at the last minute changed election regulations,  against existing state statutes, many weakening chains of custody for ballot security and verification process for signatures, read here, here, here, and here.
  • Post-election, we have observed  Americans stepping forward to tell their stories about what they deem are profound election security irregularities, anomalies, and fraud issues in the Nov 3rd presidential election.
  • The scope of Americans, across six states, willing to provide affidavits (5000 plus) under threat of perjury is significant.
  • Post-election hearings have been held in contested states such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, where Trump’s legal team has provided witnesses who have given testimony. Wisconsin is planning a hearing.
  • There are thousands of more individuals who have completed affidavits, and the more significant of them should warrant full investigations.
  • To date, thousands of votes across several states have been found not counted for Trump originally or a “Glitch ” in the voting machines awarded vote for Trump to Biden, here and here.
  • Media spent months leading up to the election telling viewers that the race will look like Trump was victorious the night of the election, but days later, after all, votes were counted, it would secure a Biden Victory.
  • 48 hours before the election, the Democrat party released the “Red Mirage ” document warning of the illusion of a Trump win the night of the election, here.
  • Pollsters issued wildly inflated numbers, as much as 17 points up, pushing the Blue wave and Biden win in a landslide here and here.
  •  The Media has refused to investigate or to interview or report on all the witness testimony at hearings. Social media is censoring all of the Trump or GOP information. Media tell us emphatically there is no systemic election fraud and working overtime to mock and ridicule all that point out there was.
  • Serous threats and intimidation tactics are being used on witnesses who come forward.

Why are so many elected officials at the local, state, and federal levels turning a blind eye to credible reports from constituents seemingly aiding and abetting an enemy attack on our liberty?

Why does our Justice department seem missing in action?

Why, in the wake of all the reported malfeasance and a large number of irregularities are the elected Republican officials slinking away instead of standing shoulder to shoulder with President Trump demanding a full forensic audit and signature verifications?

Why did the media and both political parties tolerate the 37 days to resolve one state and a few precincts ballot issues, calling it democracy in action in 2000, yet within a day of this election, charge the President as acting unconstitutionally when he advocated for the same? Why is the media rushing Biden’s anointing, complete with signage from an office that does not exist – read here. These are serious questions that demand an answer.

So what is an American Patriot to do when both your instinctual gut and the information publicly available screams the obvious – The United States 2020 Election was defrauded and most likely with the coordination of a Foreign government or governments? What plan of action can one take as they watch the media ignore and refuse to inform the public, activist judges refuse to hear witness testimony, state officials refuse to secure voting machines and ballots with envelopes or complete legit recounts. Why does the Justice Department refuse to engage in the public eye?

This serious patriot has given these questions considerable deliberate thought and has determined only four options available to resolve this crisis:

  1. Constitutional means – through civil courts and SCOTUS and or criminal adjudication through the Justice Department.
  2. Extra-constitutional means – through the DoD, Martial Law, Military Justice, and National Security measures.
  3. “We the People” Plan A – through the lawful, peaceful gatherings to demand action from state legislatures and federal elected officials and holding the line until action is taken.
  4. “We the People” Plan B – populist uprising to arrest and “deliver justice” to all the “traitors.”

Before readers get the vapors over option 4,  I suggest using that triggered reaction to motivate yourself to engage fully in saving your Republic to avoid option 4. Thomas Jefferson and the four other framers of our Declaration Of Independence did not pen these words as some metaphorical exercise!

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness … it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

A reality statement – If the citizens of our country fail to stop this travesty unfolding through the first three options, eventually, option 4 will materialize. There is no future to secure if my vote and your vote can be manipulated and voided. There is no consent of the governed under that reality, no representation, only totalitarianism. Every life sacrificed, every soldier maimed to secure our freedoms would have died in vain. I am not willing to be part of that death spiral – are you?

I still have to believe you are not.

Presently, option 1 appears to be struggling against the resistance, and I have zero faith in the SCOTUS, who may choose to refuse to hear cases outright. My belief that the “Deep State, “global elite Reset ‘rs” or whatever name you wish to apply, have rendered the institutions designed to protect us the most -dormant and incompetent. Option 4 is organic and at a time of the collective consciousness choosing as a last resort. So option 3 it is!

We are now ten days away from the electors meeting on December 14th to certify which candidate receives their state’s electoral votes. “We the People” must rally now and act as time is of the essence. The goal is to apply maximum pressure through legal means on legislatures, US Senators, US Congress, Media, and other citizens to force certain contested state’s electors not to assign any votes to either candidate who would result in neither getting the required 270. This outcome would result in the election being decided by the House of Representatives, which favors Trump. To learn more about this strategy, read here.

Option 3 – Plan of Action

Information warfare is real. Arm yourself with knowledge so you can adequately inform others. Swarm social media with this knowledge using #StopTheSteal hashtag and linking to this short link “”. (“An Evidence Portal to the Alleged 2020 Election Fraud”). This is a summary of fraud allegations and witnesses’ testimonies at hearings to turn the tide and expose the false media narratives. Here is a sample text to copy and paste for your social media accounts to be sent out (make slight changes to the text [first line] to ensure you don’t get flagged as spam – also, be careful not to make too strong assertions or inappropriate language to get you banned or have your message censored):

State legislators MUST seat the true Electors in the Electoral College. Voters will remember your name next election. 

Where is the evidence of alleged election fraud? See here:

#StopTheSteal #Republicans #GOP

Note – try to target social media users of elected government officials and influencers accordingly (e.g., “@GaHouseHub”).

Concentrate on these states even if you do not reside. Shut down the switchboards, overwhelm email, web-page feedback comment sections, Facebook, and Twitter too. Demand that transparent full forensic audits with signature verification happen in recounts to validate the election results are valid. Demand electors refrain from certifying on the 14th in light of the chaos and irregularities reported.

Here is a contact list for you to take action (note: the contact information links provides clickable social media contact links):

Click here for help with a call script.


Governor Kemp  404-656-1776, Contact information to leave message

Secretary of State Raffensperger: 404-656-2881

Legislature: Contact information

                    Member Directory

                    Senate information

                    Senate member list


Governor Wolf: 717-787-2500, Contact information to leave message

Secretary of State Boockvar: 717-787-5280 and 717-787-6458

Legislature: Contact information

                    House contact information

                    Senate contact information


Governor Ducey: 602-542-4285, Contact form to leave message

Secretary of State Hobbs  602-542-4285, Contact information

Legislature: Contact information House

                    Contact information Senate


Governor Whitmer  517-373-3400 and 517-335-7858, Contact form to leave message

Secretary of State Benson: Contact information to leave message

Legislature: Contact information House

                    Contact information Senate


Governor Sisolak:  775-684-5670 and 702-486-2500, Contact information to leave message

Secretary of State Cegavske: 775-684-5708, Contact information to leave message

Legislature: Contact information Senate

                    Contact information House


Governor Evers: 608-266-1212 and 414-227-4344, Contact information to leave message

Secretary of State La Follette: 608-266-8888 (then press 3)

Legislature: Contact information Senate

                    Contact information House

Further notes:

Concentrate on Republican Senators and Congress. Shut down the switchboards, overwhelm email, webpage feedback comment sections, Facebook, and Twitter too. Demand that transparent full forensic audits with signature verification happen in recounts to validate the election results are valid. Demand Republicans to support Trump’s efforts to verify the election was legal. Other useful links:

Finally, suit up and show up! There were close to a million people in DC a few weeks ago to back #StopTheSteal. Close to 75 million cast a vote for Trump weeks ago. So what excuse is there not to be peacefully and lawfully gathering in mass numbers in front of state capitols, in local parks, and in Washington DC? Despite what the media tells you and how it feels – the greatest power still resides in ‘We the People.” Force them all to take stock in your presence and demands. Fight for the survival of this nation and the integrity of elections. If you live close enough to a contested state, travel to be part of their gatherings. Maximum pressure must be visible and felt.

We have ten days to save our Republic, so get your priorities in gear and stand for what is right and necessary before you become both a victim and witness to what was never necessary. The Founders knew this would come to pass and designed a pathway for citizens to hold their government accountable. Tyranny was never an acceptable path for those who birthed this Republic, and passive citizenship was not either.

Do your part now, so we do not all have to live and suffer through option 4.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Actually bekah you possess not only adequate intellect ,but also the not so common ability to see through bullshit and that is what Americans are being fed far more than our ration of .


This is an impressive layout of the events that have brought us to this dangerous critical point but it goes further and offers a realistic plan of action.
There is hope if we see the reality and tackle the problem.
Now is the time for action not hesitation.



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Direct Link to this page:
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TWITTER TWEET link for this article with intro message which links back to this page:

Direct Link to this page:
PATRIOT ACTION PLAN with LEGISLATURE contacts for all battleground states:


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Tom Lavin

I would have rated Bekah a 6 (Six) if she would have listed the possible (R) fence sitters or quiet Republicans, rather than listing those Reps. that have already joined with Mo Brooks in support of Donald Trump.