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Citizens Debate Between Republicans vs Democrats

Debate 2020 Header

The 2020 presidential debates are now complete. The elections are now only a few days away in this pivotal decision America will make. Education on the issues is critical for all to understand before making our decisions. In this light, the Right Wire Report participated in a citizens debate online from the Paltalk Democrat2020 chat room and the Right Wire Report chat room. There were three questions posed by the Republicans and three by the Democrats. Each side had two alternating attempts of two minutes per attempt for each question. Here are the audio-videos of the six questions posed (click here for a full six video playlist).

Question #1: Why do you think the mainstream media is “liberal”?

Note: A Democrat debater made an initial opening statement and was outside of the agreed debate rules. 

Question #2: In Biden’s four decades of service as both Senator and Vice President, what are his accomplishments that have benefited the American people, and qualifies him to be a president?

Question #3: Assuming Trump wins…what specifically is he going to do about getting the economy going and with the ACA being eliminated by SCOTUS, how are Republicans going to handle pre-existing conditions?

Question #4: Why are Socialist/Marxist policies, endorsed by the Biden/Harris team, better for the average American than the Capitalist System?

Question #5: There is a polarization of the mask-wearing. Many argue it is their “right” to not wear a mask while stores exercise their right to refuse service to anyone (such as no shoes, no shirt, no service). Many argue the refusal is an assault on other’s health and is dangerous to the public at large. What would you do to stop the polarization of mask usage and do you think it was right for Trump to downplay and undermine the wearing of masks?

Note: A Democrat debater jumped the mic queue, was outside of the agreed debate rules.

Question #6: What data justifies the BLM/Antifa social justice riots and how have these riots improved life for minority communities?

So who won the debate? Please leave your comments below and tell us your thoughts. We want to thank all participants on both sides of the political aisle for their participation. Please come into the Right Wire Report chat room to join in the debate next time.

Check out other videos from the Right Wire Reportclick here.

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Well done for the RWR team for staging this debate in the most polarized emotionally charged political climate in US history as we face the most critical election in US history. I feel that the Republican side presented the best data with valid sources and credible arguments on most points . Republicans clearly won on security and the economy with the Dems in total defensive mode and unable to impress. The Democrats did not convince me of the scientific justification for masks or the real benefits of ACA or why I should vote for Biden-Harris. The Dems used appeals to… Read more »