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The Five Strategic Goals Trump Masterfully Achieved In The First Presidential Debate

To hear the media tell it, Americans had been waiting with bated breath for last night’s first Presidential Debate between President Trump and Democrat Nominee Joe Biden. Billed beforehand as “the most-watched debate in history,” we will have to wait for the ratings to determine how many tuned in to observe the showdown between the two most divisive candidates and campaigns in modern history. But do not kid yourself – President Trump had specific strategic goals for tonight’s debate, which he successfully met. We will elaborate more on those later.

The chosen ring for the two contenders to spar was Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace hosted the 90-minute verging on a barroom brawl, “debate”, which in the era of Coronavirus meant a limited audience, approximately 100 in attendance, and social distancing with no exchange of handshakes between gladiators. There was no traditional post-debate spin room, rather, media outlets had interviews with surrogates for the campaigns. We are relieved to report no blood was spilled, no building burned to the ground, and all three men on the debate stage were able to exit the hall independently and upright.

The “Summer of rage” advanced into fall as “protesters” made their presence and intent known leading up to the opening question kick-off. What does it say that our political process remains under such direct threat requiring the National Guard to control crowds? Even the Iconic Terminal Tower had been lit up with a massive Biden Harris graphic, unauthorized. There were a few arrests made before the start of the debate, but the heavy law enforcement presence seems to have daunted any significant violence planned.

Following a solid two hours lead-in on Fox with one after another talking head serving up harsh Trump critiques – Fox faded into a shameful video graphic to signify the start of the debate. The short video had scrolling flashes of words claiming the number of virus deaths under “Trump’s watch” juxtaposed to Biden’s calm, uplifting words about hope and fixing the pathogen spread. The opening teed up, claiming Trump was on the ropes after a tough summer as well. Then Wallace took a deep breath and proceeded to unravel from there. 

Predictably, the debate questions were too broad and vague, often asked with Wallace’s opinion and conclusions baked into them. The President reacted right out the gate by challenging and putting Biden on the defensive. Biden stayed on his heels the entire 90 minutes, justifying his political past and present positions. The president was forceful and, at times, relentless by pointing out when he felt Biden was not being truthful or obfuscating, which was constant! Here is a fact check summary on Biden’s statements with citations and put out by Trump Campaign.

Trump’s disruptions may have unintentionally provided cover for Biden’s documented history for rambling and getting confused the longer he speaks, resulting in word salad moments. There was no shortage of memorable moments or aggressive interruptions by both candidates. However, there was an exhaustive nature to viewing this unfold, and if a voter tuned in to gain substantial knowledge of the candidate’s views on the issues, the moderator inserting himself into the debate just watered down and obscured that quest.

The Right Wire Report expected Chris Wallace to live up to his reputation for being biased and snarky. But we did not foresee just how willing Wallace would be to expose his being in the tank for Team Biden throwing any veil of journalistic integrity out the window. No, really, it was blatant and horrific. Wallace became Trump’s opponent and proceeded to scold, chide, and debate the President in place of Biden. He never once put Biden on point about the disrespectful name-calling or interrupting, and even chortled with Biden at Trump’s behavior. Whenever Trump tried to use his two minutes to answer or rebut, it was Wallace who interrupted Trump and often. Wallace went so far over his skies that at one point, Trump responded, saying, “Well, first of all, I guess I’m debating you, not him. But that’s okay.” Please do not take our word for it. Read a summary of the reaction here and here.

Wallace had announced in advance the topics he chose for the debate: COVID-19 pandemic and responserace and violence in U.S. citiesThe Supreme Courtthe integrity of the election, Trump’s and Biden’s records, and the economy. Read a few good summaries of those exchanges on said topics here, here, and here.

The Right Wire Report highlights:

  • Biden refuses to say he will not support packing the courts or abolishing the Filibuster rule. Even VP Harris could not spin that for Joe positively.
  • Biden accuses Trump of being Unpresidential while simultaneously telling the President of the United States to “shut up man’, You are the worse president the United States ever had”. You are a clown”, You are a liar’, “You are racist,” and “Putin’s Puppy.”
  • Biden pushed conspiracy theories all night, none of which have been documented as verified: Russian Bounties on U.S. Soldiers, Charlottesville good people hoax, Trump did not push Xi to investigate what happened with the virus, Antifa does not exist as an organization, Trump disparaged military, and Hunter Biden’s financial issues raised in Senate report have all been debunked somehow. Read specifics here.
  • Joe Biden showed up to debate for 90 minutes, and while he did have a few gaffes, he did not exhibit alarming signs of cognitive decline as he has been showing on the campaign trail.
  • Biden would shut down the economy again as a response to the pandemic, raise taxes by $4 trillion and increase regulations, and support a mask mandate. Trump would not do all of the above.
  • Biden does not trust the vaccine the Trump administration delivers. Trump has developed Operation Warp Speed and worked with five major drug companies and scientists to deliver a safe vaccine alternative asap. His administration has the military on stand by to provide delivery and support logistics to the states for those who wish to be vaccinated when the vaccine comes online.
  • Biden declares, “I am the Democrat Party Right Now!” 
  • Biden does an about-face and denounces Medicare for all, defund the police, and the AOC’s Green Deal. Bernie’s Manifesto? Bueller?
  • Biden confirms no more coal or oil plants in America. Trump reaffirms all of the above, including renewable energy with clean water and air standards.
  • Biden’s Green energy plan will cost trillions and crush the economic engine.
  • Biden will enter U.S.back into the Paris Climate Accords.
  • Biden claimed a 1.4% GDP was leaving Trump a booming economy.
  • Biden did not know the actual number that violent crime dropped under his tenure as Vice President. He stated 15% and 17% when it was 9.7%. Or that prior to falling, the rate went up as high as 20% during their term. By 2018 violent crime rates had fallen dramatically since 2016 and continued to fall during Trump’s term until the Floyd Protests, Black Live Matters, and defund the police. Lawless mobs rioting and Democrat leadership in cities taking law enforcement resources and labeling police as enemies had resulted in huge spikes in crime.
  • Biden supports Critical Race Theory indoctrination. Wallace “confuses” CRT with sensitivity training, falsely claiming Trump has ended all sensitivity training.

It should also be noted that Chris Wallace perpetuated a vile lie against the president, which the complicit media have now pushed viral as truth.

The Claim: Trump refused to condemn White Supremacists. Verdict: False.

Wallace also was complicit in claiming President Trump said neo-Nazis were fine people in Charlottesville when Wallace himself had corrected guests on this issue on Fox News Sunday.

If you were not feeling uneasy watching tonight’s debate exchanges, then that speaks volumes about you. All three men exhibited poor behavior, and this was not a civil exchange in the arena of ideas. The constant interruptions raised voices talking over one another, combative, argumentative style, admonishing, mocking, and bitter disdainful words all three men engaged in was not a good look for any of them. Frankly, it was rude and disgusting. But war is by design unpalatable, painful and undesirable.

Yes, last night, and every day since Trump has been elected, he has had to battle, and both Biden and Wallace came to defeat him last evening. Make no mistake, the media and DNC already wrote the script declaring Biden the victor long before the two men’s feet touched the stage. President Trump understands the psyche of his enemy and often their intended battle-plan in advance, hence his strategy heading into last night’s war.

Three realities faced Trump that once grasped explains his choices during the debate.

  1. The debate was not designed to inform voters.
  2. There was no fair analysis that would follow.
  3. Wallace was an accomplice in the objective to shield Biden, advocate for media narrative Orange man bad and Biden good and descent, and above all, humiliate and shame Trump by censoring him in real-time. 

Consider that reality and ask yourself what strategy would be most effective against it? In war, you accept your opponent’s strengths and aim to find a weakness to outflank them. Often, that means utilizing their devious plotting and hubris back over on top of them, shocking them to make the wrong move. President Trump developed his approach, opened the flank, and took all the chess moves off the table. Here were his strategic goals:

  • Neutralize the only real threat to him on the stage – Chris Wallace. Trump knew Wallace planned to run interference whenever Biden got on the ropes, including playing the “that is not true sir” fact-checker on the spot. Wallace was to be Candy Crowley 2.0, but only a fool would make the mistake of thinking Trump was as daft and easily manipulated as Romney. It is personal for Wallace as he viscerally loathes Trump. The President’s immediate full-frontal charge at Biden forced Wallace early on to defend and placed him in a position of fending off Trump’s interruptions rather than deploy his stealth operation against Trump. Wallace, in the end, looked petty, biased, and an incompetent moderator. And Trump landed all his blows against a Biden without his protector to deflect.
  • Keep Biden on the defense the whole debate. Trump successfully kept Biden from filibustering, something Wallace would have tolerated, and made Joe retreat from answering direct specific questions. Biden struggled with rebuttals and rarely successfully pivoted. Trump was getting under his skin, and after a series of astounding name-calling and false accusations, Biden got exasperated and showed anger. If that debate had gone another 15 minutes, Biden would have blown sky-high.
  • Flush out and force Biden to alienate the progressive left. As described above, Trump thumped Biden so meticulously that he was abandoning his own platform (Bernie’s Marxist Manifesto). Of course, he is not going to be the one in the driver’s seat if elected, and so the progressive agenda is still an acute threat, but those progressive voters out there in America who were already nervous Biden was giving lip service will likely stay home as they did in 2016 after his betrayal. Trump totally exposed the weak “woke-ness” of Biden. And Biden’s team and the media elite’s reactions to the debate reveal they know it.
  • A brilliant general knows, in war, the alpha male is far more victorious than the beta. There can be no doubt who took control of that stage last evening. Suburban moms may feign repulsion, but most of them will have their DNA betray their virtue signaling. In the words of the character Nicholson played in the movie, “a few good men:”

    You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on that wall — you need me on that wall.”  

  • The recent uptick in violence and riots will walk into that voting booth in November, and women will vote Law and Order and alpha male. Trump also understands the Latino culture and how they respond to alpha males. Check out the Telemundo poll:

President Trump had a war strategy, and he achieved all of his strategic goals. You may not like the way he did it, but he is still standing and advanced the ball. We will be paying close attention to the polling in battleground states, especially Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Ohio. Before you fall for the media’s narrative of how many voters did Trump turn off in his debate performance, ask yourself how did Joe play in those states mentioned above.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Tom Williams

Great break down analysis. Biden threw the Progressives under the bus …..and told the same ole CNN lies. Examples: “injecting bleach” and the North Carolina white supremacist lie.


“Well, I guess I’m debating you, not him.” to Wallace. From that point on, debate watchers were on alert for further evidence of Wallace’s bias, which they certainly got in abundance. Wallace didn’t so much prevent a Trump win as cut Biden’s losses. I bet Tucker Carlson is just chomping at the bit to go after Wallace now, and I also bet he won’t. Sort of like a good honest brother protecting the sorry nasty loser brother by never criticizing him to outsiders? It is the “Fox family”, after all.

conway poppa

Well written analysis. Now if we can get the vote tabulations out of the hands of SCYTL and the Soros owned SGO Smartmatic which tabulates and reports the number of voters for each candidate. Neither of these sites are safe from hackers. Although Soros will do all the manipulating of numbers which is required to elect Biden. This ridiculous situation of all data going to Venezuela and then on to France or some other spot in Europe has to be addressed or we will assuredly become a socialist nation. Soros underestimated DJT’s political strength in 2016, but he won’t in… Read more »

Scott Lively

Good analysis


Spot on !!..
Biden gave nothing of substance,,, no policy ,, no platform .. just Lies,, and Wallace never called him on the lies.


From the link above: Unauthorized ‘Biden-Harris’ light projected on Terminal Tower by United Steelworkers union ahead of debate.
Why is a steel union supporting the Dems when Trump is resurrecting the steel industry?
What the heck?
Yes the unions are traditionally leftist and all for collectivized extortion…I mean “bargaining”.
But this is nuts!


Great breakdown and analysis of the debate!
This calibre of writing is what America needs right now – fearless, incisive, intelligent and honest.
It acknowledges the faults of both opponents as well as the “moderator” while presenting the most unbiased examination of events that I’ve seen in a long time.
And it convinces me that Trump won very solidly and that this will be translated into votes.


Very thorough and impartial comments on this highly charged debate.
The adherence to fact and the intelligent analysis raises the bar in news reporting.
Trump clearly came out the winner and best candidate for President.
If I want the REAL news and to stay informed I know I’m in the right place with the Right Wire Report.


“Frankly, it was rude and disgusting. But war is by design unpalatable, painful and undesirable”.
This comment told me I was in for the most impartial analysis you can find.
It was a verbal UFC fight with Trump outnumbered and with Biden going totally below the belt with the support of the umpire/moderator.
Yes, Trump was up against a ruthless, slippery, determined adversary who is not bound by decency, ethics, law or morals.
But Trump delivered his solid points and in my view clearly came out the winner despite the manner of delivery.

Donald Trump

Great article from a Russia bot from farm

Well written, Wake up America!!!!!!!!!!!!!