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Grassroots Campaigning from Trump Supporters Rising Up

Trump store in Pigeon forge TN

As America decides in November in this year 2020, we at the Right Wire Report we wondered how the campaigning at the grassroots level for the Trump campaign is going. In addition, what support for Joe Biden people see, and how COVID19 and potential voter fraud could affect the election process. In short, Trump’s support has been tremendously enthusiastic and infectious. Take a look at the feature photo from Pigeon Fork, Tennessee from one of the Right Wire Report reporters on the scene – awsome Trump store where campaign material is constantly challenging because of all the demand.

For Joe Biden, Trump said it best with his pen name of “Sleepy Joe.” No Biden enthusiasm at all – even in traditional Democratic strongholds. Perhaps the Democrats are too busy at Black Matter protests/riots tearing down the country to notice? Trump campaign events are well attended, but not only that, grassroots events planned by local folks have as well.  Listen and watch in this audio-video clip of local grassroots Trump supporters. 

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 RWR original article syndication source.

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This is awesome! Just the morale boost I need as we face the uphill battle to the White House!
Love the video format with real people around the country!
Love the Trump stores!
Rally the patriots and onward to victory!


Thank you for that video! It’s one thing to hear these comments in the chatroom over time in the midst of many conversations, it’s another to hear them all together with the photos and locals identified. VERY powerful.

Bekah Lyons

Amazing great info and passion!

Awesome information! Love the fact that Trump is getting the support to WIN!

Gina Mckee

I heard there is a grassroots group of conservatives trying to delay Biden getting in to office. Where do I sign up and how do I help? Does anyone know?