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America Turns Into Fight Club

Fight Club

Americans are starting to take things into their own hands. These so-called “protesters,” really rioting ANTIFA members, all dressed in black head to toe, and non-surgical black masks faced angry Americans who have been watching their cities torn down and destroyed by these anarchists who have hijacked the George Floyd protests. Leaders in various cities have enacted curfews to help control the violence, which appears to now be working somewhat.

As the Alinsky plan is finally out of the closet and onto the street, as crime overwhelms the police forces, city and county resources, prison, and judicial systems, something has to give. And as you can see by the startling video above, the patriots of the land have clearly had enough. Since the police don’t have enough resources to quell this nationwide fight, looting and crime are rampant, and Americans have taken to a bare-knuckled fight in the streets and neighborhoods.

These ANTIFA guys aren’t doing too well,” as one person commented on the video, watching the socialist anarchists getting their clocks cleaned by angry American men. Even the Latin Kings are being forced to protect their turf.

The National Guard has been called out in several states including, Washington DC. President Trump even placed a portion of the 82nd Airborne military police on standby right outside the DC area. He did so as a precaution after three nights of violence that culminated in historical buildings being burned and vandalized, sixty plus Secret Service being injured, and even the Treasury building being broken into.

For the last week, America was turned into a civil war brawl. But really this had been going on for the last few years, in various places where ANTIFA has strongholds such as Oregon and the SF Bay area. Their intimidation tactics and protests have been seen before now:

In fact, in California, protesters in 2018 had squared off with ANTIFA in a clash that looks like a modern version of a street war. In this case, these so-called “protesters,” really nothing but ANTIFA members, all dressed in black head to toe, non-surgical black masks, faced angry Americans who refuse to take more socialist anti-American guff.

But for the George Floyd protest, they pulled out all the stops. Surely ANTIFA with its Clinton/Soros wealth supporting it had paid to place deadly weapons all over the country in flashpoint cities – pallets of bricks, clubs, sticks, baseball bats, even bottles of gasoline – in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and others. Costly weapons of war, $3,600 for every pile of bricks, for example, so obviously the money’s no object. Well, maybe a little bit of an object, since ANTIFA was angry they weren’t getting paid enough by George Soros. 

Speaking of money – since these people rioting and smashing up society aren’t Republicans, Joe Biden staffers are working hard to spring ANTIFA members out of jail, so they can go riot again. Hollywood celebrities are picking up the bail tabs, too. And as rioters are arrested and released with no bail at all, promoted by Governor Cuomo, to go fight again in the streets, when will this end? When everything is destroyed?

This is all after the family of George Floyd pleaded with the public to stop these so-called “protests” in his name. Did that work? In a word, no. Since the media didn’t carry that story with any prominence, it helped to continue fanning the flames of national strife.

This is why nothing works to make peace. The media’s agenda is clear and makes them complicit, especially when they refuse to cover and accurately report what our president is saying about his great sorrow and grief over this incident. The purpose of that is to make the people feel abandoned by their leader and make him appear to side with the perpetrators. The media even went so far as to lie to the American people on what Trump said about George Floyd was looking down happy, reporting it was related to job numbers when it was about addressing the inequalities and demanding equal justice under the judicial system.

When in reality, the president sent in the FBI to investigate, sympathized with protesters, the perpetrators were arrested, charged with murder, the whole nine yards. It didn’t matter. The protests escalated when they should have been resolved. Hence, the media is complicit in this violence and destruction.

As anarchists hijacked these protests, clearly, this wasn’t about George Floyd anymore at all. I wonder if it ever was. Now the result: Looting had been going on for a week, the riots tearing down and stealing almost every shred of commerce and culture left in LA, even hitting the richest place on Earth, Beverly Hills – the police force seemingly absent.

All this, after the worst pandemic in 100 years, in the nation’s largest and most prosperous cities. It is a systematic dismantling of American society. Malls burnt and looted, in major cities across America, from NY to LA, and it seems like all major points in-between.

The looters and destroyers that hit Santa Monica with widespread looting, Molotov cocktails, on the last day of May, hit a museum, where the owners stood helpless: “Almost everything inside was damaged or pilfered as the distraught owners looked on, and those who tried to defend the building had guns and other weapons pulled on them with no law enforcement to be found.” Even worse, stand down orders have been put in place in some Democrat cities, hobbling police from doing a thing. You have to start wondering, which side are these leaders on?

In some cases, the police shamefully ran away from criminals. In the absence of police, rioters were attacking anything or anyone who stood in their way, a woman in her wheelchair, even many minorities defending their businesses and homes. Worst of all, in a stunning act of pure irony, hypocrisy, and animal-like brutality, they killed a good black man, not a drug-addled criminal who would hurt anyone, but a retired police officer named David Dorn, 77-years old, who merely tried to help people save their business.

Even giving stand-down orders while watching the police station burn The craziness is so extreme that Minneapolis considered disbanding its police force entirely. I wonder what that would do to property values. Watch as Minneapolis Mayor Frey is booed and run out of his “town square” as BLM leader demands he submit to disbanding the police department. Like the Game of Thrones character, Cersei’s walk of shame, Frey is heckled with” Shame Shame, Shame, and Go home Jacob, Go Home.”

As if this video wasn’t enough of a lesson about needing more police, the leftists of Hollywood trot out their usual far-left liberal crazies to “Defund Police,” and after their precinct burns down, Minneapolis considered disbanding its police force entirely.

If that video of ANTIFA and patriots fighting isn’t enough proof for you that this is a war, readers need to realize that this agenda goes beyond our borders to the global cabal, as we are watching “George Floyd” protests go around the world. Notice that “Black Lives Matter” is foremost front and center, and we find BLM associated with some heavy hitters in the terrorist world:

“In a December 2015 speech to the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR, urged American Muslims to support the cause of Black Lives Matter, saying: “Black Lives Matter is our matter. Black Lives Matter is our campaign.”Black Lives Matter has also been found mingling with domestic terrorist group ANTIFA in the United States for this common cause of destruction.

ANTIFA in the United States is closely tied to ANTIFA in Europe. This is what they do. They get control through fear. This is to make you afraid. If you speak against ANTIFA in one of their towns, they’ll come in and break up your home with baseball bats. True story. That’s how they operate. And now, they have come to American shores, but have been seen keeping up their European connections.

ANTIFA is the ultimate fascist organization while pretending to be “anti” fascism. It’s the oldest ploy in the book, and straight out of the Alinsky playbook, to accuse your opponent of what you’re doing yourself. Communists have historically used this tactic. So really, “ANTI” “F.A.” means ANTI-FIRST-AMENDMENT. Anti-free speech. You will NOT speak out against them, or pay the price.

ANTIFA’S love for violence is leaving the Trump administration no choice, if this doesn’t end, to enact martial law, as helpless police turn to incompetent state leaders to end this escalating nightmare. Until then, ANTIFA is pushing the envelope to the breaking point, and clearly, many Americans feel there may be no other choice but to actively resist, to save their way of life.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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