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UNACCEPTABLE: A Group Mocked George Floyd’s Killing – How to Respond

Reenact George Floyd Killing

A video posted on social media shows a group of men, including a New Jersey state corrections officer, taunting and mocking protesters in Gloucester County Monday – with one kneeling on a man’s neck, reenacting the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. The officer has been suspended, officials said Tuesday. Online commentators and state employment records identify him as Joseph DeMarco.

A second person who participated in the taunting was fired from their job at FedEx, the company said. And late Tuesday, Gov. Phil Murphy condemned the incident, writing on Twitter, “Mocking George Floyd’s murder in an effort to belittle the calls for justice from our Black and Brown communities is repugnant. I condemn this behavior in the strongest terms possible. We won’t let the actions of a few distract from our progress toward dismantling systemic racism.”

Franklin Township police, who rode alongside protesters, were aware of the group of men taunting those in the march, with one officer telling protesters they would ride ahead and provide a physical buffer, according to a marcher named Russell, who is one of the people who recorded the reenactors. He declined to have his full name published. The property is owned by James and Toni Demarco, according to property records.

There is another video that shows the counter-protesters waiting for the protesters to make their way up the street. Once they were passing is when the two men took the position on the ground, with one of the men placing his knee on the neck of the other and screamed, “You don’t comply, that’s what happens right here, look. He didn’t comply. He didn’t comply. If he would’ve complied, it wouldn’t have happened.” There was also a sign mounted in front of where the counter-protesters gathered which read “All Lives Matter.”

The behavior depicted in these videos … is appalling and offensive. It should be condemned in the strongest manner. In no way should anyone support these kinds of protest no matter your political persuasion.

It was not just the two people involved with this reenactment protesters, but there were other supporters in this group protesting against the Black Lives Matters protesters as well. If you are a conservative and even a Trump supporter what would be the appropriate response here if you should see an incident like this? You first walk over to the two reenactment protesters and instruct them that this is totally unacceptable behavior, should be stopped immediately, and then leave immediately the scene. 

It appears that this story is real to the Right Wire Report, however, due to the extreme horror and stupidity of the people involved in this incident one does have to ask if this was a setup. We shall monitor to see if more information comes out on this story and report if available.

Enough said!

 RWR original article syndication source.

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