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Tucker Carlson Fails to See Trump Actions Over Nationwide Riots

Fox News, Carlson, of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, opened his show on Monday evening, delivering a tour de force on the riots consuming our country. For the record Right Wire Report generally likes Carlson even when we do not always agree with some of his analyses. But this was different, although he nailed the reports of violent rioting and set the tone about severity perfectly, oddly and rather disturbingly, he veered off course to falsely accuse the President, Vice President, and National Security Adviser on their responses to the crisis. Watch his opening:

Right Wire Report attempted to locate Vice President Pence’s scolding America for its racism and not addressing specific rioting. This is what we found. 

Do you hear the Vice President condoning the violence of rioters or clearly stating it will not be tolerated? Do you hear him scolding a nation about racism or saying America has no tolerance for racism or violence inspired by racism?

Then Tucker shifts to criticism of the National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien, showing an edited clip of his interview on ABC’s “This Week.” Tucker more than implied that O’Brien saw all as peaceful protesters and even questioned the validity that some gathering before nightfall had been peaceful redress. But the unedited interview reveals O’Brien went into significant detail about the violent rioters, even naming the Antifa and other radical groups, and further shot down Stephanopoulis’s deflection that right-wing supremacists were committing the violence.

Finally, Tucker raised the claim that President Trump was safe as the Fox News reporter was attacked covering the protests turned rioters, right across from the White House and his family were not. “Where was he in all of this?” Tucker asked, seeming to imply the President was negligent addressing the riots and could rely on his protected armed guards, which most Americans do not have. Tucker accused the President of not mentioning the rest of the nation “on fire” and under attack, “Trump seemed aware only of himself,” Tucker said.

The Right Wire Report watched in shock as Carlson proceeded to chide Trump supporters and lecture on “the first requirement of leadership” straight out, saying Trump failed to meet the minimum threshold of leading in this crisis to date. “If you cannot protect the people in your care or worse than that if you seem, you cannot be bothered with protecting them,” Tucker scolded. While pontificating, he even dragged up Emperor Nero’s name as being remembered for weakness juxtaposed to describing what he claimed was President Trump’s weak responses to this crisis. Awkwardly he rounds out his litany of hits on Trump by announcing an hour ago the President is responding as if he had not been saying for days that he would use the military if needed to stop the insurgency.  A cursory review of Trump’s statements reveals Tucker is either having an off night or blatantly intellectually dishonest.

On the same day, the above tweet took place, Twitter removed this tweet by the President: “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. I just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the military is with him all the way. Any difficulty, and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”

And hours before Tucker chose to misrepresent the President’s daily condemnation of violent rioters, and demands for state officials to stop them or he would respond with federal troops, Trump gave this speech. Additionally, he told Governors in a conference call to “dominate the criminal rioters or he would.”

Again, the Right Wire Report has no beef with Tucker Carlson. But does have to wonder what was going on in Tucker’s brain as he delivered those takedowns built on a false premise. Perhaps, he and his family living in the heart where the violence in DC took place, has him traumatized, and he is lashing out? Perhaps he was not served well by his producer and staff on this segment? Perhaps he has a beef with Trump? 

Carlson was particularly vicious, describing Jared Kushner’s contempt for Trump supporters. Yet he provided no evidence to support such a claim. He did, however, take a swipe at those same voters when describing advisers to the President. Tucker quipped, “Our voters aren’t going anywhere, the trailer parks are rock solid! What other choice do they have?” This was not presented as a direct quote from advisers, rather Tucker’s script. Perhaps another reason from above might be Tucker’s elitism?

But whatever the reason may be Right Wire Report knows there is no room for anything other than truth at this juncture. Our country is ripping apart and attempts to rip apart support for the President, especially when what you are claiming isn’t so, at a time when it is essential Americans unify behind him, and his efforts are not only counterproductive but dangerous for us all. The President is faced with Democratic leaders of states and cities refusing to uphold their duty to their citizens. He will be forced to use the Insurrection Act to send in federalized troops to quell this rebellion.

Tucker Carlson must recognize the huge buy-in most Americans must feel to support such a move, and last night’s disinformation only served to embolden those who are behind this insurgency with aims to bring down this President and fundamentally change America going forward for the worse.

 RWR original article syndication source.

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