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Woke Crayons! Resist SJW’s Indoctrination and Choose “Peach” or “Brown”

Woke Crayons

Remember when coloring was simply playtime? Who can forget the seasonal outlines on paper that smelled of the Mimeograph machine ink combined with that fresh waxy wafting scent as you cracked open a new box of Crayola crayons? The most pressing problem you faced was staying inside the lines, and you could choose to make your Turkey purple, your Santa pink, your Fireman blue, and even a kaleidoscope of shades Easter Bunny – and Mom still prominently displayed your art center fridge.

Everyone recalls that one Crayola named “Peach,” which had been called” Flesh “up until 1962, and the Crayola named “Brown,” which was used as the shade for human skin tone. The truth is children chose every color in the box at one time or another to fill in the face or limbs showing on their masterpieces. The prerogative to be whimsical and imaginative used to be a standard quality of being a kid and generally fostered by adults. No longer!

This week the iconic Crayon brand Crayola revealed its latest box of colors named “Colors of the World,” twenty-four or thirty-two, expertly shaded forty skin tones, from rosy to swarthy, honey, browns and every variation in between. Whew! I will assume kids everywhere will finally feel less oppressed!

The CEO of Crayola, Rich Wuerthele, said the arts and crafts product was developed to “advance inclusion withing creativity” among kids.” Gosh, think back, any memory of children sitting out coloring time over feelings that the hues available were exclusive? Yeah, me neither.

“With the world growing more diverse than ever before, Crayola hopes our new Colors of the World crayons will increase representation and foster a greater sense of belonging and acceptance,” Wuerthele said. So multicultural colors are a thing now.

So is this latest example of Social Justice indoctrination of children just one more way to nudge our youth to view everything through a racial lens? Right Wire Report believes yes.

If everything that is taught to impressionable K-5 students is wrapped up in pushing the ideas of “equality,” “justice,” and “inclusion,” – then it is only fair to identify whose worldview of those concepts are we universally promoting? Crayola-age children are inoculated that equality, justice, and inclusion are good things. Therefore, how can anyone be against them? 

But equality and justice are not univocal terms! There is no universal meaning for every person and culture. One’s understanding and application of them depends upon one’s underlying worldview and the principles that form that worldview. For example, the term “white privilege” is not validated by all, nor should it be packaged for youth as such. Crayola’s virtue signaling, “Colors of the World,” promotes skin color differences in a way, as to say before the new box of colors, they had been excluding people of color and enabling “white privilege.”

Seemingly overnight, Progressives and the SJW warriors, have infiltrated all aspects of culture and forced their views to become mainstream. I say “forced,” to denote that majority views do not constitute mainstream, only the loudest voices and most visible. Film, Television, music, books, comics, cartoons, and schools have become reservoirs for proselytizing, a new catechism if it were.

The captive audience lack both the emotional and intellectual development at those ages to take in the characters and themes in other way than as real and true. Progressive propaganda is transferred, implanted, and watered as needed resulting in groupthink and intolerance of “others” views. Another way to explain this transformation is to say the forty Crayola skin shades ensure no individual shade is preferred over another but only chosen to represent the likeness of the child coloring. The messaging is by design influencing each child to stay within their own skin color as some empowerment choice, is this really inclusion? If a group of children coloring had one Asian child choose a rosy pink shade to represent herself, would that cause conflict?

The SJW’s defend against feelings of conflict by displaying rabid intolerance and calling that progress. Diversity and multiculturalism is code for conformity and submission. Free thought is not compatible. Crayola colors cannot just be tools to artistically express sovereign thoughts and feelings. And reading books as a child cannot be left for interpretive journeys.

Right Wire Report knows Progressives view themselves as moralists. The moralist cannot allow space for individual growth. They must insert the direction they wish you to grow. Progressive dogma dictates – if the Crayola box of world shades are not provided, if the SJW books do not indoctrinate activism, and so forth, then only one outcome is possible. Children will assimilate the values and biases of a racist, sexist, homophobic, nationalistic world. 

Right Wire Report “cheekily” says RESIST the inclusive skin tone palette and reach for “Peach” or “Brown” – and sometimes color outside the lines!  But most of all let a child be the organic, evolving, magical creature absent of SJW’s indoctrination. 

 RWR original article syndication source.

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Tom Williams

Inclusive colors … ? Maybe they should make both and see what the market says.

Please let the children just be kids! Stop the progressives from all the youth indoctrination. Parents please step up and do your job, BE PARENTS and let the kids be kids!