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Leftists “less Donald” and “more Greta” Educational Propaganda Coming to Our Schools?

Leftists use “less Donald” and “more Greta” in UK homework assignment Is this coming to a school near you stateside?

This last week CNN chose to host a Coronavirus townhall spotlighting Swedish teen Climate Activist, Greta Thunberg as a member of their expert panel. What followed was the predictable roasting on the absurdity of having a 17yr old, yet in high school graduate, lecture on “Coronavirus facts and fears.”

Thunberg seemed to emerge out of nowhere to be a keynote speaker at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in 2019. She provided the medicinal elixir for the Leftist “fevah” to penetrate apathy and promote the climate change agenda. Thunberg appeared messiah-like and delivered a rage-filled, doomsday scenario completely void of facts and teeming with emotion.

Oh, and every good Leftist catalyst must have an identified nemesis, and Greta did not disappoint – “Orange man bad” for saving the planet, fits nicely. Since her debut, the globalist elites and media have been exalting and applauding the global-scale exploitation of a child in need of therapeutic care. Check out her effect and mood regulation:

Now check out her expertise on Coronavirus which boiled down is truly just a gift of indoctrinating others, her message is emphatic, that we must all now listen to the experts on Climate change and Coronavirus. Which experts? Well, the ones she authoritatively tells you to listen to, of course.

This special needs girl has become the poster child for the anti-fossils, anti-capitalism, and the New Green Deal, movement. If one dares to fact check her, one is labeled a science denier and a bigot. This latest variation of Global Warming initiatives is specifically targeted to infiltrate and indoctrinate the youngest among us. COVID-19, like every negative event on our planet, according to the Left, proves Global warming and a need for extreme measures to combat it.

Indoctrination must start early, so the Left does not hesitate to incorporate propaganda into school curriculums. But recently, one mother in Kent, United Kingdom, whose daughter is in grammar school, was shocked to find this homework assignment during the lockdown.

England even has specific legislation that outlines the limits about political indoctrination read here and here.

Right Wire Report recognizes the USA education system has not been shy about including anti-Trump sentiments into homework assignments, examples here, and watch here.

The Left is highly skilled in marketing and using music, television, and movies to reinforce their narratives. The most recent example of this is a newly released Pearl Jam Music video on climate change, where Greta is prominently featured.

Children are highly susceptible to information delivered with passion and emotion. The Left has always used children as feeding grounds to infest the culture in one direction or another. After the CNN town hall, it is just a matter of time before American parents start observing the “be less Donald ” and “more Greta” propaganda in lockdown, homeschooling curriculum. Be on the lookout and speak up!

 RWR original article syndication source.

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WOW. SMH! Please pass this information on to your friends. This is a start of another new information to take down our Country. SMH! I hope parents are watching and teaching their children better!